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The only booth in the fair - Portland & Co., late Shelburne / I. Boyne invt & exct, London.

[James Curtis Booth, half-length portrait, seated with arm resting on table]

Miss Mary Booth

[Junius Brutus Booth, Jr.]

[Junius Brutus Booth, Jr.]

Rev. R.R. Booth

Rev. R.R. Booth

Edwin Booth

Rev. R.R. Booth

Resumption of the fast express train Through to Pittsburg in 13 hours. Summer arrangement over the great Penna. Central rail road, for Pittsburg ... Thos. Moore. Agent. Pennsylvania railroad company. May 1856. New York Booth & M'Naughton, Steam

Reduced. The great central Pennsylvania rail road route to the west ... Rates of fare ... New-York. Booth & Norton, Steam Job printers, 28 Frankfort street. August, 1857.

1857 Pennsylvania central railroad, in direct connection with the Pittsburgh, Ft. Wayne & Chicago railroad for Cincinnati, Chicago, St. Louis, St. Paul. [etc.] ... New York. Booth & Norton, Steam Job printers. August 1857.

Pittsburgh, Ft. Wayne, and Chicago R. R. in direct connection with the Pennsylvania Central railroad, the only road running west from Pittsburgh. Chicago St. Louis and Cincinnati ... Shortest, quickest and most reliable route ... New York. Booth

Fare reduced! The great central Pennsylvania rail road route to the west ... rates of fare ... New York, August, 1857. New York. Booth & Norton, Steam Job printers, 27 Frankfort street.

Edwin Booth

[Ezra Booth Taylor, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing right]

[Puppet show operated by a man standing on the left, with spectators in front, two sitting on a bench and two standing, and another man is standing on the right side of the booth]

Edwin Booth to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, January 04, 1861 (Cameron)

[John Wilkes Booth seated, with cane in hand] / Silsbee, Case & Co., photographic artists, 299-1/2 Washington Street, Boston. Case & Getchell, from Dec. 3, 1862.

$30,000 reward. Description of John Wilkes Booth! who assassinated the President on the evening of April 14th, 1865 ... Description of the person who attempted to assassinate Hon. W. H. Seward, Secretary of state ... The Common council of

Terry's panorama of the war! Assassination of Lincoln! and Secretary Seward! Life-size portrait of Booth, the assassin! At On Eve., 1865. Everything new, moral, interesting and instructive! Unprecedented wonder and novelty! This stupendous work

Coffin containing the remains of President Lincoln; Small doors leading to the President's box, Ford's theatre...; Murder of President Lincoln; Mr. Lincoln carried from the theatre to Petersen's house, opposite; Booth's stable ...; Rear of Ford's theatre ... showing door by which Booth made his escape

The assassin's end. Final disposition of the body of John Wilkes Booth

Daily Monitor Extra. Special dispatches, arrest of Booth, [Newspaper].

Seisure and death of the murderer Wilkie Booth.

The Assassin, John Wilkes Booth.

[Grand Review of the Armies, Washington, D.C.; Jefferson Davis' cell at Fort Monroe; portrait of David E. Herold, accomplice of John Wilkes Booth]

Payne, alias Wood, alias Hall. Arrested as an associate of Booth in the conspiracy / Alexander Gardner.

The killing of Booth, the assassin - the dying murderer drawn from the barn where he head taken refuge, on Garrett's farm, near Port Royal, Va., April 26, 1865

Interior of Chief Detective Col. Baker's office, opposite Willard's Hotel, Washington, D.C. - Col. Baker laying down the plan of Booth's capture to his chief subordinates

The Murderers doom. Miserable death of J. Wilkes Booth, the assassin of President Lincoln. Shot through the head by Sergeant Boston Corbett in a barn on Garrett's Farm near the Rappahannock, April 25, 1865.

Telegram extra. Assassination of Abraham Lincoln. J. Wilkie Booth the assassin. Secy Seward and his son Frederick wounded ... War department, 1.30 A. M. April 15th, 1865.

Payne, alias Wood, alias Hall. Arrested as an associate of Booth in the conspiracy / Alexander Gardner.

Satan tempting Booth to the murder of the President, [Magee Portrait of Booth].

Booth's new theatre, Twenty-third Street and Sixth Avenue

[Edwin Booth as Richelieu, Act 5, Scene 2]

[Edwin Booth as Hamlet, Act 5, Scene 1]

[Edwin Booth as Iago, full-length portrait, standing, facing left]

Booth Cotton Mills

[Edwin Booth as Iago in Othello, "let us be conjunct"]

[Portrait of Edwin Booth as Hamlet]

[Edwin Booth as Richelieu, Act 4]

Booth, Hon. Newton of Cal

Booth's Theatre, two weeks, commencing Monday, Feb. 6, every ev'ng and Saturday matinee with the ideal opera company

The massacre of the Chinese at Rock Springs, Wyoming / drawn by T. de Thulstrup from photographs by Lieutenant C.A. Booth, Seventh United States Infantry.

[Ballington Booth, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing left, wearing Salvation Army uniform] / Fredricks, New York.

View in Denver. "Refreshment booth near where the 'Healer' was treating"

[Art exhibit booth with framed pictures, paintings, and small ceramics]

[Booth in Turkish bazaar, World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, Illinois]

Booth Tarkington

Westchester Co. Fair - Midway [booth of Wild Rose and Rattlesnake Joe, New York]

W. Bramwell Booth & wife

Bramwell Booth

Eva Booth

W. Bramwell Booth & wife

Edwin Booth

Wilkes Booth

[George Gough Booth residence, Detroit, Mich.]

Comdr. F. Booth - Tucker

Ballington Booth

Ballington Booth

[George Gough Booth residence, Detroit, Mich.]

[George Gough Booth residence, Detroit, Mich.]

Mr. Bramwell Booth

Edwin Booth

Eva Booth

General Bramwell Booth at Yokohama

Brig. Gen. John E. Smith, Com. Henry Mapp, Gen. W. Bramwell Booth, & Adm. Wycliff Booth

Ballington Booth and daughter, on street

Geo. Harvey, Booth Tarkington, Hewett Howland, F.A. Duneka

Eva Booth

Mrs. Ballington Booth

Eva Booth

Maud Ballington Booth

Letter from Alexander Graham Bell to Mr. Booth, December 14, 1901

Mrs. Maud Ballington Booth lecture to Geneva Political Equality Club

[Mrs. Ballington Booth]

Mrs. Maud Ballington Booth and her work in State prisons

[Maud Ballington Booth, half-length portrait, standing behind chair, facing front]

County fair, tintype booth of Miss. F.B. Johnston, May 1903

Rob't B. Mantell assisted by Miss Marie Booth Russell and a company of players in classic and romantic productions.

Rob't B. Mantell assisted by Miss Marie Booth Russell and a company of players in classic and romantic productions


[Evangeline Cory Booth, 1865-1950, full length, standing, holding several toys, facing slightly left, girl with arm around boy in front of her; posed "poverty" photo for Salvation Army?]

[William Booth, half-length portrait, facing front; head resting on right hand; wearing Salvation Army uniform]

[Evangeline Cory Booth, 1865-1950, standing, in Salvation Army dress, facing front; with 2 children]

Geneva Political Equality Club works booth at county fair

Gen. Wm. Booth

Maud Charlesworth (Mrs. Ballington) Booth, photomechanical print

Mrs. Booth Tarkington

Gen. Booth

Funeral of Gen. Wm. Booth, London - Funeral Car

Korea - Seoul - telephone booth [low brick building]

Evangeline Booth

Booth at State Fair, Where Richmond Women are Telling Visitors About Great Suffrage Movement

Eva Booth

Bramwell Booth at Gen. Wm. Booth's Funeral

Gen. Booth, D.C.L. of Oxford / D.C.L. of Oxford

Gen. Booth

Gen. B. Booth

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