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To his excellency William Burnet, esqr., this plan of Boston in New England is humbly dedicated by his excellencys most obedient and humble servant Will Burgiss /

[Bird's-eye view of Boston, Massachusetts, with two vignettes of Natives hunting] / J. Turner, Boston, sculpt.

A new plan of ye great town of Boston in New England in America with the many additionall buildings & new streets to the year 1743.

[View of Boston] / J. Turner.

A view of the City of Boston the capital of New England, in North America / drawn on the spot by his excellency Governor Pownal.

Grundriss von der Stadt Boston und ihren Gegenden.

Plan de la ville et du port de Boston; capitale de la Nouvelle Angleterre.

A new plan of ye great town of Boston in New England in America with the many additionall buildings & new streets, to the year, 1769.

[Boston Harbour, with the surroundings, &c.

A prospective view of the town of Boston, the capital of New-England - and the landing of --- troops in the year 1768, in consequence of letters from Gov. Bernard, the commissioners, &c. to the British ministry / P. Revere.

Major Genl. Howe's encampment on Bunkers Hill at Charles T., June 1775.

Exact plan of General Gage's lines on Boston Neck in America.

Boston, S. West part. No. 25.

Plan of Charles Town, with the intrenchments, and encampment of His Majesty's troops, after the action of the 17th. June 1775.

A Map of forty miles north, thirty miles west, and twentyfive miles south of Boston, including an accurate draft of the harbour and town.

A view of the lines thrown up, on Boston Neck, by the Ministerial Army / B. Romans.

Map of the environs of Boston.

Boston, its environs and harbour, with the rebels works raised against that town in 1775,

A Plan oe [i.e. of] the British lines on Boston Neck in August 1775.

A draught of the towns of Boston and Charles Town and the circumjacent country shewing the works thrown up by His Majesty's troops, and also those by the rebels, during the campaign: 1775.

[Plan of the Neck and environs.

A view of Boston from Dorchester Neck / Wm. Pierre delin.

[Plan of the "Neck" and fortifications] Delivd. to H.E. Gl. Gage, June 30th. 1775.--J.M.

Plan of the peninsula of Charles Town shewing the three posts that His Majesty's troops have kept and fortified with buildings therein for guard rooms, Boston, 3th. [sic] Decr. 1775. To His Excellency Major General Howe, Commander in Chief of His Majesty's forces, &c.

The Seat of war in New England, by an American volunteer, with the marches of the several corps sent by the Colonies towards Boston, with the attack on Bunkers-Hill.

Plan of Boston & vicinity.

A new and correct plan of the town of Boston, and provincial camp.

Plan of the heights of Charles Town, &c.

Boston from Willis Creek / Wm. Pierre delin.

A plan of Boston, and its environs, shewing the true situation of His Majesty's army, and also those of the rebels. Drawn by an engineer at Boston, Octr. 1775. The principal part of this plan was survey'd by Richard Williams, Lieutenant at Boston ...

Carte von dem Hafen und der Stadt Boston mit den umliegenden Gegenden und der Lägern sowohl der Americaner als auch des Engländer,

Fort on the first hill in Dorc̃ester. Fort on the second hill in Dorc̃ester.

Fort on Noddles Island.

[Rough draught of Boston and harbour.

Fort on Dorc̃ester Point.

Richtige ubbildung der bon den Americanischen probinzialisten belagerten und wiedereroberten Hauptstadt und festung Boston in America

A plan of the town of Boston and its environs, with the lines, batteries, and incampments of the British and American armies.

Carte du port et havre de Boston avec les côtes adjacentes, dans laquel on a tracée les camps et les retranchemens occupé, tant par les Anglois que par les Américains.

Fort on Charlestown Point.

Fort on Fort Hill in Boston.

A plan of the town of Boston with the intrenchments &ca. of His Majesty's forces in 1775, from the observations of Lieut. Page of His Majesty's Corps of Engineers, and from those of other gentlemen.

A plan of Boston in New England with its environs, including Milton, Dorchester, Roxbury, Brooklin, Cambridge, Medford, Charlestown, parts of Malden and Chelsea with the military works constructed in those places in the years 1775 and 1776.

A plan of the town of Boston, with the intrenchments &c. of His Majestys forces in 1775: From the observations of Lieut. Page of His Majesty's Corps of Engineers; and from the plans of other gentlemen.

Boston, its environs and harbour, with the rebels works raised against that town in 1775,

A Temporary project for a star redout [sic] to contain 150 men.

Plan of the town with the attack on Bunkers-Hill in the peninsula of Charlestown, the 17th. of June 1775.

S.E. prospect from an eminence near the common, Boston / del. & engrav'd by S. Hill.

View of the triumphal arch and colonnade, erected in Boston / engrav'd by S. Hill.

View of Bunker's Hill - from a drawing in possession of the Revd. Mr Elderton, Feby. 1790

The bloody massacre perpetrated in King Street Boston on March 5th 1770 by a party of the 29th Regt. / engrav'd, printed & sold by Paul Revere, Boston.

A plan of Boston : from actual survey /

Map of Boston in the state of Massachusetts : 1814 /

Reply to bobalition of slavery

Grand bobalition, or "Great anniversary fussible"

Grand celebrashun ob de bobalition ob African slaver!!!

Dreadful Riot on Negro Hill!

Bobalition of slavery

Massachusetts and Rhode Island /

The grand national caravan moving east. / drawn by Hassan Straightshanks, under the immediate Superintendence of Maj. Jack Downing.

The decapitation of a great block head by the mysterious agency of the claret coloured coat

The town of Boston in New England

The American Marseillaise, or voice of the people

Approaching Boston U.S. July 17th 1846

Approaching Boston U.S. July 17th 1846

Vicinity of Boston, from Bunker Hill monument, 1853 / engraved by James Smillie.

Sketch of a house in the streets at Boston Mass: being raised from its foundations for the purpsoe of permanent elevation

Colton's map of Boston and adjacent cities.

City & county map of New-York : Brooklyn, Williamsburgh, Jersey City & the adjacent waters

Honor to Washington. A national ode

Coliseum - interior / John P. Soule, 199 Washington St., Boston.

Empty hall looking in the opposite direction

Coliseum filled with crowd

Interior of Coliseum with curtains - no people

Big crowd in decorated room

Bird's-eye view of Boston, United States.

View of Boston, July 4th 1870.

World's Peace Jubilee, 1872 -- Boston Coliseum

The city of Boston.

Beers' fire insurance district map of the city of Boston

The city of Boston 1879.

Boston bird's-eye view from the north.

The political pot in Boston : who will get the pork?

AntiMasonic Convention in Valdimor [on the] corner-stone march

View of Boston, Massachusetts 1880.

Map of Boston for 1883

Boston Highlands, Massachusetts. Wards 19, 20, 21 & 22 of Boston.

Map of Boston, 1888, published expressly for the Boston directory

The great Boston fire Nov. 9th 1872--Loss about $150,000,000

Map of the city of Boston and vicinity

Boston 1899.

Map of Boston and adjacent country showing that city to be the geographical as well as intellectual and moral centre of one half of the globe /

Indexed map of Boston.

Bird's eye view of Boston.

Tremont Street, Boston Mass.

Bunker Hill Monument, Boston, Mass.

The lake & bridge, public gardens, Boston, Mass.

Harvard Bridge, Boston, Mass.

The State House, Boston, Mass.

Copley Square looking east, Boston, Mass.

The Common from Beacon Hill, Boston, Mass.