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[Trees with medicinal virtues, growing naturally and cultivated in pots]

[Plantain shown with snake and scorpion to indicate plant is antidote for their bites and stings; and surrounding text]

Acorus calamus

Cucumis sativus vulgaris, cucumern

[Male and female mandrake roots]

Hiacinthus indicus tuberosa & bulbosa radice, odoratissimus; anemone maxima polientos calchedoni

[Cellular structure of cork plant and cells of a honeycomb, with cork plant branch below]

[Plant tissue, drawn from microscope view, including, at lower right, an oleander leaf]

[Microscope studies of structure of different types of seeds: tulip, stramonium, anagallis, coded arsmart, and azarum]

A Garden bean in one lobe of wch. the seminal root is layed bare, the radical cut transversly, [and] a piece of ye true skin

Lycopersicon, apples of love

[Three trees undergoing plant physiology experiments, including demonstration that suction of roots can overcome the force of gravity] / S.G.

[Portrait of Joseph Pitton de Tournefort, M.D. above scroll of his classes of plants] / Hopwood, sculpt.

Dandelion / par P.J. Redouté.

The Sexual system as represented by modern authors / Edwards, del.; Mazel, sculp.

Rosa centifolia bullata = rosier a feuilles de laitue / P.J. Redouté, pinx.

Poinsettia pulcherrima Holden delt. ; Smith sc

Poisonous mushrooms ; Irritating poisons / By G. Spratt, surgeon, fellow of the Medico-Botanical Society of London, and one of the editors of the Flora medica ; Lithographed by G.E. Madeley, 3 Wellington St[ree]t, Strand.

Narcotic poisons / G.E. Madeley, lithog., Wellington St[ree]t, Strand.

[Print speciman of botanical illustrations for Aethusa Cynapium, an herb, and Agaricus Muscarius, a mushroom] / Lithy. of A. Kollner, Phila.

[Douglasia laevigata] / M.S. del., C. Fitch, lith. ; Vincent Brooks Day & Son imp.

[Reproduction of print showing Red bryony]

[Reproduction of a botanical drawing]

[Reproduction of print showing Scorpion plant]

[Reproduction of print showing Plantago plant]

[Reproduction of illustration showing a dragon, cypress, and blossoming tree]

[Reproduction of print showing Basil-thyme and red bryony]

[Reproduction of print showing Flowers]

[Reproduction of illustration showing a carnation]

[Reproduction of print showing Red bryony]

[Reproduction of print showing Queen Anne's lace (Daucus carota)]

[Reproduction of print showing Basil-thyme]

[Reproduction of print showing Basil-thyme]

Der grosse Krieg, [von] Hanns von Zobeltitz, mit zahlreichen Abbildungen und Karten ... / Ludwig Hohlwein, München.

Tulip, Tulipa ; Woodruff, Asperula arvensis ; Horned poppy, Roemeria ; Small poppy, Papaver / G.S.W.

Thorny burnet, Poterium Spinosum / G.S. Whiting.

Pallenis spinosa ; Passion Everlasting, Helichchrysum sanguineum / G.S. Whiting.

Syrian thistle, Notobasis syriaca cass. / G .S. Whiting.

[Watercolor drawing of nasturtium flowers and leaves from the Holy Land area (Israel and Palestine)]

[Watercolor drawing of nasturtium flowers and leaves from the Holy Land area (Israel and Palestine)]

Naturhistorische abbildungen der saeugethiere