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[High school route boys. Adolescents. Some in back row have been newsboys for seven, eight and nine years.] Location: New Haven, Connecticut.

Frank F. Gibson, 1305 Linden St. Western Union Telegraph Co. Messenger No. 7. 14 years of age. 1 year in service. Visits houses of prostitution. Guides soldiers to segregated district. Smokes. Still at school and works from 8:30 P.M. to 12:30 A.M. Investigator, Edward F. Brown. Location: Wilmington, Delaware / Photo by Louis [i.e. Lewis] W. Hine, May, 1910.

[Silhouette of unidentified boy facing left]


Yatsushi kusakari sanro

Ueno no banshō

Robt. [Robert] Newell

A letter, from Tom Bowline, to his worthy messmates, the renowned Sons of Neptune, belonging to the Port of New-York. My dear boys. As the time is approching, in which the ship, with the East India company's tea may be expected to arrive, and be


Small talk for the benefit of the Wells / designed by Shortskirts ; executed by Boys.


Kintarō no yatsushi kusakari sanro[?]

Yuri o motsu yamauba to kintarō

[Two men carrying banners and two boys, one blowing into a shell, the other carrying a shell on a staff, in a procession]

Kinuta no tamagawa

Yamauba no kami o tsukamu kintaro

Yamauba no chichi o suh kintaro


Ide no tamagawa

Hatsu ishō o kiru kodomo

[Title p. of a Christmas book for little boys, a collection of conversations; the 3rd Virginia children's book; illus. with boy and woman seated and evidently conversing]

Hagoita to takarabune

[Silhouette of young boy holding a riding crop, facing left]

[Study for bank-note vignette: three youths]

[Study for bank-note vignette: Agriculture, Commerce/Navigation, and Industry as little boys]

English and classical seminary, for boys und 14 years of age ... Albert G. Stubbs. Mount Lebanon, August 13, 1838.

Harrisonians attend! The Tippecanoe boys of the City of Alton, are requested to meet in the Old Court room, (Riley's building,) this evening, Saturday, August 29th, at 7 o'clock, on business of importance. A general and full attendance of the fr

[The boys that run with the engine -- ]

Harrison! and reform!! To the Log cabin boys. You are, one and all, invited to attend a meeting of the friends of Harrison & reform, at the Old court room, (Riley's building,) on Saturday evening next, at half past seven, to perfect the arrangem

We were boys together, a ballad

Entry to the Strand from Charing Cross / T.S. Boys, del. et lith.

Guildhall / T.S. Boys, del. et lithog.

Piccadilly, looking towards the city / T.S. Boys, del. et lith.

Mansion House, Cheapside &c. / T. Shotter Boys, del. et lith.

Imawakamaru to ushiwakamaru

Plantation melodies / J.H. Bufford's lith., Boston.

The Diadem 1847 / Rev. W.H. Furness ; John Sartain.

[William Cassiday Cattell, holding large Bible, with five page boys]

[Unidentified boys, half-length portraits, probably George F. Becker and Alexander Rudolph Becker as children]

Apprentices' library / A. Anderson sc.

Franklin academy ... A select school for boys. number strictly limited to twenty-four ... Washington. Polkinhorn, Pr. D St. bet. 6th & 7th Street. [1851?].

[Sculpture of two boys]

The Western academy, corner seventeenth and I streets, Washington, D. C. A select school will be opened on the first Monday in September for boys. Number of pupils limited to twenty-five ... Washington, July 26 [1855?] [Washington, D. C.] Polkin

[Four scenes from the riot in the Sixth Ward, New York City between the "Bowery Boys" and the "Dead Rabbits" showing: women and men throwing brickbats down on the police, a "Dead Rabbit," a "Bowery Boy," and a "Dead Rabbit," falling at the feet of policeman Shangles]

The Fireman. No. 4, At a fire. What boys may expect when they get in Firemen's way

Central academy, Corner of E. and 10th street, Washington City, D. C. A select school for boys ... [Washington, D. C.] Polkinhorn's steam job press [1858?].

[Boy, seated, frontal]

[Two Chinese boys playing with spinning tops]

William H. Shippen, 3 1/2 years old

[Boy, half-length]

[Boy, bust portrait]

Hold on Abraham! Uncle Sam's boys are coming right along.

[Boy, bust portrait]

[Unidentified young boy with cased photograph] / Rees.

[Two boys, one seated, one standing]

[Full-length portrait two boys, the older one carrying the younger on his back]

Abes Boys to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, November 09, 1860 (Congratulations from school boys)

[Civil War envelope showing Union sailor with American flag, with message "Our brave gun boat boys"]

[Unidentified woman, possibly Mrs. James Shields, in mourning dress and brooch showing Confederate soldier and holding young boy wearing kepi]

[Unidentified soldier in Union uniform and kepi with unidentified young boy, probably father and son]

[Unidentified boy in Union uniform with drum]

[Unidentified young boy with Confederate kepi]

[Unidentified young boy wearing secession badge and holding a rifle]

[Civil War envelope showing drummer boy in front of American flag]

[Unidentified soldier in Union uniform and unidentified boy, probably brothers]

View from the breastworks of Fort Sedgwick, called by the rebel soldiers "Fort Hell"

[Unidentified boy holding cased photograph of soldier in Confederate uniform atop a Bible] / Rees.

[Unidentified soldier in Union officer's uniform and young African American boy]

[Civil War envelope showing angel holding American flag watching over sleeping children with broken doll on floor; also two boys sparring, one with Union flag and the other with Confederate flag; with messages "As it is," "God watches over them," and "As it will be"]

Swearing in of Capt. Smith's artillery boys at Camp Smith

[Unidentified boy in Union zouave uniform with drum]

Uncle Sam, "Go ahead, boys, I'll take care of the wives and babies - God bless you!" / J.M.

Free evening schools. The Chambers Street Chapel Evening Schools will begin on Monday evening, October 13th, at 7 o'clock, for men and boys; and on Wednesday, Oct. 15 at 7 o'clock for girls and women ... Boston, Oct. 9, 1862.

[Unidentified boy in zouave-style shirt with engineer's cap]

[Unidentified boy, possibly related to Nicholas G. Wilson] / Mumper.

Gen. Grant's boys. By James D. Gay, the Celebrated Army Song Publisher and Vocalist, No. 300 North 20th Street, Philadelphia, Pa

How shall soldiers vote? ... Published by the New York State Central Committee of the "Boys in Blue." New York Printed at the office of the "Soldiers Friend" [1864].

[LeRoy Wiley Gresham]

Gen. Grant's boys. 300 No. 20th Street, Philadelphia, Pa

[California National Union ticket]. Rally round the [flag] boys!

Making clothes for the boys in the army

Tipy narodnostei turkestanskago kraia. Tsygane (Mazang). Khaidar-bai

Musul'manskaia shkola Uroki chistopisaniia

Musul'manskaia shkola Shkol'nyi obriad (aliamnashra)

Obshchestvennyia uveseleniia Sredneaziiatsev

Obshchestvennyia uveseleniia Sredneaziiatsev

Obshchestvennyia uveseleniia Sredneaziiatsev. Pliaska batchei mal'chikov (bazm)

Obshchestvennyia uveseleniia Sredneaziiatsev. Pliaska batchei mal'chikov (bazm)

Obshchestvennyia uveseleniia Sredneaziiatsev

Trupa muzykantov. Batcha

Musul'manskaia shkola Vyslushivanie uroka

Obshchestvennyia uveseleniia Sredneaziiatsev

Musul'manskaia shkola Shkola (mekteb-khane)

Anthony's stereoscopic views. No. 1471, Three drummer boys (now at Ft. Hamilton) who have been in 9 battles of the rebellion

"The First Cigar" / after J.G. Brown by John Gast.

[Full-length portrait of a boy dressed in soldier(?) costume holding a rifle]

[African American boy, full-length portrait, standing]

[Two men and nineteen boys in front of church]

[African American boy, full-length portrait, standing]

George Washington in his boyhood