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[The Buffalo]

Amusement for John Bull & his cousin Paddy, or, the gambols of the American buffalo, in St. James's Street

[Indian on horseback, two buffalo]

The buffalo hunt

Lewis wagon / J.S. Vernam del. ; Compton, Gibson & Co., Buffalo.

1854. Buffalo, Brantford & Goderich railway. Freight tariff ... Buffalo, 12th January 1854.

Geraldine song

Great western & south-western mail route to Cleveland Pittsburg, Columbus, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Louisville, Terre Haute, Lafayette, St. Louis and all points south and west The following lines and magnificent low pressure steamers form a nig

International despatch! from New York and Philadelphia to the west and southwest via Buffalo. Freight by this despatch is forwarded over the New York and Erie, Buffalo and Lake Huron, G. W. Mich. Cent., &c. railroads ... New York, August 1, 1857

New York Central railroad company's express freight line! Boston to the western & S. western states and Canadas, via Buffalo, susp'n bridge & Lewiston ... Boston. Fred Rogers, printer. [1860].

St. Paul's Cathedral from T.D. Tooker's Gallery of Photographic Art, Genesee Street, Avon, N.Y

Main Street north from South Division Street published by G. M. Manning, Buffalo, N.Y

Main Street south from Erie Street published by G. M. Manning, Buffalo, N.Y

Main Street south from Genesee Street published by G. M. Manning, Buffalo, N.Y

American block published by G. M. Manning, Buffalo, N.Y

Skating at the rink, skates at S.O. Barnum, Son & Co., No. 265 Main Street

F. A. Allberger to Abraham Lincoln, Saturday, February 16, 1861 (Lincoln's visit to Buffalo)

3 illus.: 1. The Presidential journey - Reception of President Lincoln in New York, on the arrival of the special trains at the Hudson River R. depot, Thirtieth Street, Thursday, Feb. 19, 1861; 2. Reception of President Lincoln at Cleveland, Ohio; 3. President Lincoln in Buffalo, N.Y.

Buffalo New York German Residents to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, April 10, 1861 (Recommendation)

+ John. By the grace of God, and the authority of the Holy See, Bishop of Buffalo. To the dearly beloved faithful laity of the diocese, health and benediction ... we beg of you, for Christ's sake, and for the sake of all that you love in heaven

Standing Buffalo, Winnebago

The silent sorrow of the enfranchised slave.

The heroes' memorial. A memorial to perpetuate the remembrance of the heroes of the Empire State, who fell fighting for the Union, or died in rebel prisons, in military hospitals or at their homes in the years 1861, '62, '63, '64, '65 / Clay, Cosack & Co., Buffalo, N.Y.

Standing Buffalo. A celebrated dancer. Winnebago / photograph by W.H. Illingworth.

Buffalo Smoking Tobacco

[Standing Buffalo, Winnebago man, reclining on ground, rifle accross leg]

The bloomer and the buffalo. A prospective result of the completion of the U.P.R.R.

[View of Tifft House, a Buffalo, New York, hotel]

[Young buffalo calves near fence]

First Presbyterian Church, Buffalo, N.Y.

[Young buffalo calves near fence] / W.H. Jackson, photo.

[Interior of Sagamore Hill with fireplace, water buffalo head and two antelope heads]

Bird's-eye view of Buffalo, N.Y., from scaffolding of St. Paul's Cathedral tower, 1870

[Young buffalo calves near fence]

Buffalo Bill / Monsch, Bros., Cin., O.

The celebrated trotting mare "Goldsmith Maid" driven by Budd Doble Trotting in harness at Buffalo, August 11th, 1871, mile heats best 3 in 5, time 2:19 3/4, 2:19 1/4, 2:19, beating "Lucy" and "American Girl."

The far west - shooting buffalo on the line of the Kansas-Pacific Railroad / Bghs.

View of Buffalo, N.Y. Ansicht von Buffalo, N.Y. / / gez. & lith. v. R. Buerger ; print. R. Buerger.

The Grand Duke Alexis on the plains - the buffalo hunt as it really was [caricature]

Millions of acres. Iowa and Nebraska. Land for sale on 10 years credit by the Burlington & Missouri River R. R. Co. at 6 per ct interest and low prices ... Buffalo. N. Y. Commercial advertiser printing house [1872].

Our book bulletin- No. 11. Immense success of Buffalo land. Sixth thousand already in press! ... A word to our army of agents. E. Hannaford & Co., Publishers of first-class subscription books. Cincinnati, June 28, 1872.

[Half-length portrait of Bishop Stephen Vincent Ryan, Diocese of Buffalo]

The celebrated trotting horse Camors, by the Gen. Knox, dam by Black Hawk: Won the first two heats in the contest for the $7,500 purse, at Buffalo, N.Y. August 7, 1874

Head of the family, try Atmore's mince meat and genuine English plum pudding / Clay, Cosack & Co., Buffalo, N.Y.

[Water buffalo in the Kaǧithane River]

The city of Buffalo, N.Y. 1880.

[Water buffalo in the Kaǧithane River]

Laundry starch - Gilbert S. Graves, manufacturer, Buffalo, N.Y.

Birds eye view of Kearney, Buffalo County, Neb. 1881 /

Map showing the Pittsburg [sic], Bradford, and Buffalo Railway and its connections, W. R. Bergholz, chief engineer, New York, Feb. 15, 1882.

Buffalo, N.Y. - the harbor - instantaneous Geo. Barker, photographer, Niagara Falls, N.Y

New York. Grand ovation to Governor Cleveland in the city of Buffalo, October 2d. Scene on Main Street / From sketches by C. Upham.

International baking powder. Manufactured by Queen City Chemical Co., Buffalo, N.Y.

Battle of Shiloh - April 6th 1862 / Cosack & Co. Lith. Buffalo & Chicago.

Buffalo Bill's Wild West

George W. Heaselgrave, Amherst, Buffalo County, Nebraska

Threshing in Buffalo County.

All roads will lead to Buffalo in September.

Col. Kilgore, Riverdale, Buffalo County, Nebraska.

Ike Buck crew threshing in the Platte Valley near Gibbon, Buffalo County, Nebraska

Threshing in Buffalo County.

O.G. Smith, Kearney, Buffalo County, Nebraska

Shelton Lake at Shelton, Buffalo County, Nebraska,

Perspective map of the city of Kearney, Neb. county seat of Buffalo Co. 1889.

Shelton Lake at Shelton, Buffalo County, Nebraska,

Eastern elevator, Buffalo, N.Y.

U.S.S. Buffalo

Buffalo, N.Y., Main Street

Winter quarters, Northern S.S. Co., Buffalo

[Buffalo, N.Y., Main Street]

City ship canal, Buffalo

C & B Line--Cleveland, Buffalo and Toledo / R.B. Lawrence.

Buffalo, N.Y., bridge in park

[Buffalo, N.Y., bridge in park]

Unloading whaleback, Buffalo

Unloading whaleback, Buffalo

U.S.S. Buffalo, ship's company

[Eastern elevator, Buffalo, N.Y.]

U.S.S. Buffalo, officers

U.S.S. Buffalo

The Echo Extra. Buffalo, Wyoming. November 22, 1890. [Negative photostat.].

Capt. Geo Sword, chief of police with Buffalo Bill's Indians, Pine Ridge Agency, S.D. / W.R. Cross, portrait & view photographer, ... Hot Springs, S. Dak.

Erie County Savings Bank published by G. M. Manning, Buffalo, N.Y

Buffalo dance /

Women's edition (Buffalo) Courier / ARG ; the Courier Litho. Co., Buffalo, N.Y.

Herd of water buffalo beside water

Bank officers of Buffalo, N.Y., 1895

[Thornberger hoist unloading ore, Lackawanna ore docks, Buffalo, N.Y.]

Tuticorin - water buffalo & large cart before old Portugese house

S.V. Ryan, Bp. of Buffalo

Thornberger hoist unloading ore, Lackawanna ore docks, Buffalo, N.Y.

[Labor Day parade, Main Street, Buffalo, N.Y.]

Herd of water buffalo

Buffalo Bill--peaux rouges /

Buffalo, N.Y.

The Nation's Heroes in review before the nation's Chief Grand Army Reunion, Buffalo, N.Y., U.S.A., Aug. 25, 1897

Group of Buffalo, Dott Island, Yellowstone Lake

Buffalo police on parade /

The Lucky buffalo hunter

Buffalo Fire Department in action /