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Advertisement. The members of the Association of the Sons of Liberty, are requested to meet at the City-Hall, at one o'clock, to-morrow (being Friday) on business of the utmost importance;--and every other friend to the liberties, and trade of A

New York, May 11, 1774. The mechanicks of this city are requested to meet, this evening, at 7 o'clock, at the house of David Philipse, in Horse and Cart street, on business of the utmost importance. [New York: Printed by John Holt, 1774].

Remarks upon the resolves of the new committee. I consider it as a great misfortune, that before I entered upon this business, I had no opportunity of consulting the gentleman, who was the author of the truly elegant and learned criticisms on th

Orders. Thursday, July 27, 1775. The Light Infantry company to the Third Battalion are desired to meet at the Carpenters Hall, next Saturday Morning, at Seven o'clock, on business of importance. George Morgan.

To the public. Being informed that many of out Fellow-Citizens entertain apprehensions that we may continue as usual to transact trade and business in this city, by which means they fear there will be continual infractions of the association: we

To the public. Many citizens being desirous of seeing the motion, made in Committee on the 6th instant, by Mr. Henry Remsen, it is now published by their consideration [Copy of motion] Mistake not the business of next Wednesday; it is only wheth

The mechanicks in union, and their associates, are earnestly requested to attend the general committee of mechanicks in Union, at Mechanick Hall, on Monday evening next, to consult with them on business of importance. By order of the Committee.

For the information of persons transacting business with the bank. the following rules are made known ... Bank, December 1, 1784. [Philadelphia] Printed by Hall and Sellers [1784].

Articles of agreement for conducting the business respecting the land, called the Gore, granted by patent, to Jeremiah Halsey and Andrew Ward, Esquire. [Hartford, 1795].

The subscriber, by the liberality of his creditors, being in a situation to enter into new engagements, hereby gives hotice, that he means to transact business for the present, and until further notice, only upon commission ... W. B. Magruder. B

[Broadside]: Hat Manufactory. William H. Hamer respectfully informs..., that he has commenced the hatting business, ... Washington City, Dec. 17, 1810

Hat manufactory. William H. Hamer, respectfully informs his friends and the public that he has commenced his hatting business, in all its various branches, on Pennsylvania Avenue, two doors east of Davis's Hotel ... Washington City Dec. 17, 1810

Whereas his Excellency the Governor has this day prorogued the Legislature, while in the calm and deliberate exercise of their constitutional functions; and thereby interrupted the business of an important session; prevented the passage of many

Proposals, by Judah Delano, for publishing a directory for the City of Washington, showing the name, occupation, and residence, of each head of a family, and person in business. To which will be added, a complete city register ... Washington, Ju

U.S. Reports: Nicholls v. Webb, 21 U.S. (8 Wheat.) 326 (1823)

Washington City, March 2, 1831. Sir: The ordinary business of the Session has been greatly interrupted to the impeachment of Judge Peck ... William Hendricks.

Harrisonians attend! The Tippecanoe boys of the City of Alton, are requested to meet in the Old Court room, (Riley's building,) this evening, Saturday, August 29th, at 7 o'clock, on business of importance. A general and full attendance of the fr

Pioneer fire company attention!! An adjourned meeting of the ‘Pioneer fire company,' will be held at the New court room this evening!! at seven o'clock -- for the purpose of electing officers, and for the transaction of such other business as ma

Farmers ---- look here. Wool carding. The undersigned wishes to inform the public in general, that he is now establishing himself in the above business, in the town of Upper Alton ... J. A. Montgomery, April, 1841. Alton. Printed at the "Telegra

The undersigned informs his friends that he proposed to go to England by the Herman, on the 20th inst., for a brief business visit to London and Paris ... He will be happy to attend to any special commission ... New York. October 16th, 1848.

W.T. Chellares & Co to Stephen T. Logan and Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, April 11, 1849 (Legal Business; Introduction for Appointment)

William Chumasero to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, May 29, 1849 (Law business)

William Chumasero to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, May 22, 1849 (Law business)

William Goodrich & Co. to Abraham Lincoln and John T. Stuart, Friday, March 09, 1849 (Legal Business)

Lithographic establishment of Edward Weber & Co. Maps, title pages, plans, charts, business & visiting cards..., corner of Market & Light Streets, entrance in Light Street, Baltimore.

The mining business in four pictures : Going in to it, making something, making nothing, going out of it / / Lith. & published by Quirot & Co., corner of Montgomery & California Sts., S.F.

Three years in California 1846-1849

Sixteen months at the gold diggings

To the public. The undersigned, as is well known to the public generally, was, for a series of months, disabled from the pursuit of his business by a dangerous and almost fatal disease ... The object of this communication is principally to give

The Globe--- Extra. How some people live. A correspondent of the New York Daily Times, writing from Paris, mentions the calling or business by which some persons live there. We will copy a portion of his letter ... [Washington, D. C. 1853?].

Chart of illustrations for business purposes

California: its gold and its inhabitants

Incidents on land and water, or Four years on the Pacific coast. Being a narrative of the burning of the ships Nonantum, Humayoon and Fanchon, together with many startling and interesting adventures on sea and land

Life on the plains and among the diggings; being scenes and adventures of an overland journey to California: with particular incidents of the route, mistakes and sufferings of the emigrants, the Indian tribes, the present and future of the great West

Ramblings in California : containing a description of the country, life at the mines, state of society, &c. Interspersed with characteristic anecdotes, and sketches from life, being the five years' experience of a gold digger

Notice! to purchasers of carpets. The subscriber having determined to make a change in his business, has disposed of his entire stock to Messrs. Geo. W. Chipman & Co., Cor. Hanover & Union Sts. Boston ... Dudley Williams, 234 Washington Street.

Map of Huron County, Ohio : showing the farms & original lots in each township with names of proprietors, also plans of villages & business directory /

... Sir: This establishment has lately been re-opened under an entirely new management and strictly for the interest and accommodation of the Mercantile and business portion of the community ... Boston, June 20 '59.

U.S. Reports: Castle et al. v. Bullard, 64 U.S. (23 How.) 172 (1860)

Boston, Feb'y 19, 1859. I desire to call your attention to my removal from 26 Central Wharf, to No 2 Broad St., Cor of State, and shall be happy to receive a business or social all, at my new Counting Room, at your earliest convenience ... B. F.

The City milk business

David Davis to Abraham Lincoln, Sunday, July 29, 1860 (Legal business)

View of the famous levee of New Orleans, the capital of Louisiana, which commencing 43 miles below passes through the [c]ity forming its chief business depot, and extends 143 miles above, on the banks of the Mississippi / photographed by E.H. Nelson, Jun., N.O.

George E. White (formerly of the firm of Parker, White & Gannet, of Boston,) has taken the store No. 55. Cliff Street near the corner of Beekman Street, New York, for the purpose of transacting a general commission business ... [New York, 1860].

[Interior view showing two men being served tea by a young boy in a commercial establishment, possibly druing a business transaction]

H. M. Ruggles to George Denison, Saturday, April 20, 1861 (Business affairs)

W. C. Bryant Co. to H. M. Ruggles, Saturday, April 20, 1861 (Business affairs)

Volunteers!! The selectmen of Reading will be at their office on Thursday afternoon, of each week, for the purpose of paying aid to the families of volunteers, and transact any other business that may come before them ... Selectmen of Reading. S

In order to promote the recruiting of the Massachusetts quota, both of volunteers and of Militia, I respectfully recommend that throughout the Commonwealth ... business generally be suspended during the afternoon of the coming week, and that the

Boston, May 12, 1862. Sir:- We respectfully beg leave to inform you that we act as agents for those in want of help, and we furnish at short notice clerks in all departments of business, with the best of references ... J. K. Jones & Co ... Bosto

Now or never is the time to avoid the draft! Come one! Come all! To the meeting at Osgood's Hall, Ilion, this Monday evening, August 15, 1864. Important business will be transacted and every one interested in filling up the town quota should be

To the public. There having been a report put in circulation to the effect that all loyal merchants and business men will close their stores and places of business on Saturday the 15th inst., for the purpose of attending an aboliting meeting at

To whom it may concern. Big swindle. Whereas, certain self styled loyal merchants and business men of Little Falls, have determined to close their stores and places of business on Saturday the 15th inst., for the purpose of attending an abolitio

The recruiting business

No. 48 State Street. Boston, Sept. 11, 1865. Dear Sir: The undersigned have formed a copartnership for the transaction of a strictly commission business, in the purchase and sale of stocks, bonds, gold and government securities under the style o

Handel and Hayden Hall occupied by the Union Business College of Philadelphia

Map of Whitley County, Ind. and business directory /

Extra Wall Street Underwriter. Synopsis of the returns filed in the Massachusetts insurance dep't by the fire insurance companies of Massachusetts and other states, doing business in Massachusetts, having a specific capital, for the year ending

U.S. Reports: The Peterhoff, 72 U.S. (5 Wall.) 28 (1867)

U.S. Reports: Tome v. Dubois, 73 U.S. (6 Wall.) 548 (1868)

U.S. Reports: Selz v. Unna, 73 U.S. (6 Wall.) 327 (1868)

Political and business convention. Circular No. 1. Thursday morning Sept. 3d. 1868.

Stencils for business purposes and for marking clothing. Cheapest and best! at Metcalfs' 101 Union St. [1868].

... We have leased and improved the property No. 146 Tremont, near West St., for the purpose of carrying on the auction and commission business in all its branches ... Leonard, Bird & Co.

...The undersigned has been for the last ten years extensively engaged in the land and claim agency business ... J. H. H. Woodward. Late Lieut. 1st Reg. Cavalry. Louisville, Ky. Hart & Mapother, prs. [187-].

The sunset land; or, The great Pacific slope

Ed. H. Radcliffe's (Frankford, Pa.) business map of Bristol, Bordentown, Burlington, and Mount Holly.

Six months in California

President Grant's administration. Reduction of the national debt of the United States ... The foregoing is a correct statement of the public debt, as appears from the books and treasurer's returns in the Department at the close of business, Febr

California: for health, pleasure, and residence. A book for travellers and settlers

Men and memories of San Francisco, in the "spring of '50."

Early voyages to California ..

Watson's business man's county and railroad map of the United States and Dominion of Canada; compiled from latest official sources.

Indexed map of Rhode Island showing the railroads in the State, and the express company doing business over each, also counties, townships, lakes, rivers, islands, etc.

Business card of attorneys Horatio Gates Spafford, H. O. McDaid, & John P. Wilson, Chicago, Illinois

The Californians,

California notes

Indexed map of Oregon showing the railroads in the state and the express company doing business over each, also, counties, lakes & rivers.

Letters from California: its mountains, valleys, plains, lakes, rivers, climate and productions. Also its railroads, cities, towns and people, as seen in 1876

Californian pictures in prose and verse,

Notes of a voyage to California via Cape Horn : together with scenes in El Dorado, in the years of 1849-'50. With an appendix containing reminiscences ... together with the articles of association and roll of members of "The associated pioneers of the territorial days of California."

Indexed map of Colorado showing the railroads in the state, and the express company doing business over each, also counties and rivers.

Dottie and Lottie. Say, Lotty I was talking to a gentleman who's in the flying business ...

Ohio. The busy life of a president-elect of the United States--General Garfield at his home at Mentor. Gen. Garfield's business office

Travels with jottings. From midland to the Pacific

Recollections and opinions of an old pioneer

Reminiscences of a ranger; or, Early times in Southern California

A picture of pioneer times in California, illustrated with anecdotes and stories taken from real life

Cut-throat business in Wall Street. How the inexperienced lose their heads / J. Keppler.

Business wagon chart, 1881

Louisiana - the business boom in the South - a scene on the levee at New Orleans

Granite crags;

Crowding the cabinet-making business / J. Keppler.

Peace, but not business / Gillam.

U.S. Reports: Grant v. Parker, 115 U.S. 51 (1885)

U.S. Reports: Tua v. Carriere, 117 U.S. 201 (1886)

Reminiscences and incidents of "the early days" of San Francisco

A dray wagon hauling a new stove in front of the Broken Bow Business and Normal College

[Casselton, North Dakota, business district]

A dray wagon hauling a new stove in front of the Broken Bow Business and Normal College

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