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Ruins of City Hall, [1906 earthquake, San Francisco, Calif.]

Woman working on an airplane motor at North American Aviation, Inc., plant in Calif.

Carefully trained women inspectors check and inspect cargo transport innerwings before they are assembled on the fuselage, Douglas Aircraft Company, Long Beach, Calif.

American mothers and sisters, like these women at the Douglas Aircraft Company, give important help in producing dependable planes for their men at the front, Long Beach, Calif. Most important of the many types of aircraft made at this plant are the B-17F ("Flying Fortress") heavy bomber, the A-20 ("Havoc") assault bomber and the C-47 heavy transport plane for the carrying of troops and cargo

The Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, San Francisco, California

Memorial Church on the Stanford University campus in Palo Alto, California

[Map of California shown as an island].

A new & exact map of the coast, countries and islands within ye limits of ye South Sea Company, from ye river Aranoca to Terra del Fuego, and from thence through ye South Sea, to ye north part of California &c. with a view of the general and coasting trade-winds and perticular draughts of the most important bays, ports &c.

La Californie ou Nouvelle Caroline : teatro de los trabajos, Apostolicos de la Compa. e Jesus en la America Septe. /

La Californie ou Nouvelle Caroline : teatro de los trabajos, Apostolicos de la Compa. e Jesus en la America Septe. /

An exact-plan of George-Town so named by Patrick Graham, Esqr., President of the Province of Georgia, in honr. to His Royal Highness George, Prince of Wales, &ca.

Plano del puerto de Acapulco situado en la latitud de 16⁰47ʹ y en la longd. de 133⁰30[ʹ] segun el meridiano de Sn. Bernardino en Filipinas : este puerto esta en la Mar Pacífica sobre la costa meridional de California.

[Map of Pacific Ocean between the coast of California and Mexico and Japan, Philippines, and the coast of China].

Carta que contiene parte de la costa de la California.

Presidential tally, Presented by the Firemans fund insurance company of California. [s. l.]

Map of the western & middle portions of North America : to illustrate the history of California, Oregon, and the other countries on the north-west coast of America /

Dance of the Indians of the Mission of St. Joseph in New California / engraved by Letitia & Elizh. Byrne.

Jeu des habitans de Californie

4 Polkas - San Francisco, The Balloon, The Pleasure Train, The Storm

Carta esférica de la costa de la Alta California : comprendida entre los paralelos de 32° y 38° norte.

Veduta di Ross stabilimento Russo vicino alla Bodega

Gold mines of California!! W. R. Andrews, having just returned from California, after having spent several months in the mines and mountains of that interesting country will deliver a lecture at on day of 1849, upon the gold mines of California

A new map of Texas, Oregon and California.

Ultimatum on the Oregon question

California guard / Kellogs & Thayer ; E.B. & E.C. Kellog ; D. Needham.

Map of Upper & Lower California showing the military stations and distribution of troops.

Charge of Captain Reid, at Sacramento

California quick step

Mapa de los Estados Unidos de Méjico, California &c. : segun lo organizado y definido por las varias actas del congreso de dicha Républica y construido por las mejores autoridades.

Topographical sketch of the gold & quicksilver district of California.

Map of Oregon and upper California from the surveys of John Charles Frémont and other authorities /

[El Dorado, California. View of scattered log cabins]

Map of Oregon and upper California from the surveys of John Charles Frémont and other authorities /

Official map of San Francisco.

Map without title showing the railroad route to Santa Fe and San Diego; the central route through South Pass and on to San Francisco and "Puget's Sound," and connecting railroads east of the Mississippi.

Grand patent India-rubber air line railway to California: competition defied

Mr. Golightly, bound to California

Iron Store-House for California - sent to San Francisco

Monterey - Capitol of California

Sunday morning ; Log cabin / / Lith. & published by Britton & Rey, San Francisco, Cal.

[View near San Francisco, Upper California]

Defense of the California Bank

We, the undersigned, citizens of the United States, being about to leave our homes for California, for the purpose of mining and digging gold ... have agreed to unite together and form an association ... [Philadelphia 1849].

Flume ; Elevating water wheel / / Lith. & published by Britton & Rey, San Francisco, Cal.

The place we hear about

Map of the emigrant road from Independence Mo. to St. Francisco, California /

Map of the gold regions of California.

A prospecting party / Lith. & Pubd. by Britton & Rey, San Francisco.

Things as they are

A bill to admit California into the Union of the United States of North America. [1850].

View of the procession in celebration of the admission of California, Oct. 19th, 1850. Crossing the Plaza of San Francisco. / Lith. of Zakreski & Hartman. On stone by Coquardon. J. Prednergast, del.

The mining business in four pictures : Going in to it, making something, making nothing, going out of it / / Lith. & published by Quirot & Co., corner of Montgomery & California Sts., S.F.

Map of the mining district of California.

Sketch of General Riley's route through the mining districts [of California] : July and Aug. 1849 /

Regular line of clipper ships for San Francisco. Elegant California Clipper ship!! ... Cornelius Comstock & Co ... New York [185-?].

Mariposa City / Lith. & published by Britton & Rey, corner of California & Montgomery Sts., S. Francisco.

Een waterplaats in Neder Californie

Emigrant party on the road to California

Sundry amusements in the mines ; A Sundays amusements ; A daily pleasure ; Occupation for rainy days ; A pleasant surprise / / Lith. & published by Britton & Rey, cornr. Montgomery & California Sts., S. Francisco.

Life in the gold mines, California ; / Lithographed from a photograph by Fishbourne & Gow, San Francisco.

Mission Dolores / Lith. & publ. by Quirot & Co., corner California and Montgomery Sts., S. Francisco.

[Miners panning for gold ; entering a mine shaft ; miners with equipment ; and miners cooking at camp] / Lith. of Britton & Rey, California St. corn. Montgomery St., S. Francisco.

City hall, San-Francisco, Cal. / Lith. & publ. by Quirot & Co., corner California and Montgomery Sts., S. Francisco.

Col. Fremont's nondescript from California. This animal captured by Col. Fremont and his party, near the River Gila, New Mexico, after a chase of three days, has arrived in this city on its way to Europe, and is to be seen alive at 290 broadway,

James Marshall, discoverer of gold, at Sutter's Mill

Een serenade in Uppen Californie

San Francisco, 1850 / P.S. Duval's Steam Lith. Press, Philada.

For San Francisco with certain dispatch. the splendid, first class clipper ship George Green ... Cornelius Comstock & Co ... New York [185-?].

Post office, San Francisco, California / H.F. Cox del. ; lith. of Wm. Endicott & Co., N. York.

[P. J. Espenscheid store, Nevada City, California]

A map illustrative of the route of the proposed railroad : from St. Louis to the Bay of San Francisco /

Proposed plan of a building for Custom House, Post Office and United States Court at San Francisco, California

San Francisco, upper California / Lith., Britton & Rey.

The sad parting between two old friends

[San Francisco, 1851, from Rincon Hill]

James Stuart hung by the vigilance committee on Market St. wharf on the 11th of July 1851 ; Immense multitude present - 500 of the vigilance committee on duty at the execution / / Publ. & lith. by Justh Quirot & Co., Calif. corn. Montg. Sts. S.F.

Route of the Pacific and Atlantic Rail Road between San Francisco, & San Jose, as located by Wm. J. Lewis, Chief Engineer, in Sept. Oct. & Nov. 1851.

Sacramento ; First frame house erected Jany. 1st, 1849, by S. Brannan ; Present population estimated at 20,000, June 17, 1852 / / J. Britton del ; Lith. & published by Cooke & LeCount, San Francisco.

Stockton ; June 1st, 1852 / / Lith. & publd. by Britton & Rey, corn. Montgry. & Cala. Sts., San Francisco.

Map of San Francisco...for Banker's City Directory

Gold in California - "El Dorado," in Sacramento

Map of passes in the Sierra Nevada from Walker's Pass to the Coast Range : from explorations and surveys /

New map of California, Oregon, Washington, Utah and New Mexico /

Disasters of 60 days : Wreck of Steamship Tennessee, Indian Cove, March 6th, 1853 ; Wreck & burning of the steamer Independence on the island of Margarita, Feby. 16th, 1853. 150 lives lost ; Collapse of flue on board Jenny Lind off San Francisquito, April 11th, 1853, 50 lives lost ; Wreck of propellor steamship S.S. Lewis, Duxburg Reef, April 9th, 1853 / / Lith. & pubh. by Britton & Rey, cr. California & Montgomery St., San Francisco.

Sonora Jany. 1853 / / George H. Goddard, del. ; Lith. by Britton & Rey, San Francisco.

Map and profile of the Tejon Pass : from explorations and surveys /

The Greenhorn

Springfield, Tuolumne County / G. H. Goddard, del., lith. Britton & Rey, San Francisco.

General map of explorations and surveys in California /

Map and profile of the Cañada de las Uvas : from explorations and surveys /

Sonora from the north / G. H. Goddard, del. Lith. Britton & Rey, San Francisco.

[Outline map of the United States showing proposed railroad routes to the Pacific].

[Notion Company's Works, California]

Map showing the location of Sacramento Valley Railroad, Cal. Sacramento, Septr., 1854; T.D. Judah, Chief Engineer.

General map of a survey in California : in connection with examinations for railroad routes to the Pacific Ocean /

Hon. David C. Broderick of Cal.

Mountains near the entrance of the Canada de las Uvas / Chas. Koppel ; T. Sinclair's lith., Phila.

Hon. D.C. Broderick of Cal.

From the valley of the Mud Lakes to the Pacific Ocean.

San Francisco MDCCCLV