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[Knights, some on horseback, in hand-to-hand combat]

[Title page to The arte of warre by Niccolò Machiavelli]

The battle of Zama

[L'assaut général des Anglois à la citadelle]

The figure of the Indians' fort or palizado in New England and the manner of the destroying it by Captayne Underhill and Captayne Mason / RH.

Der K:M: von Schweden und dero armee wǔnderbarer zǔg zwölff Meilen über das gefrorne Meer nemlich aǔβJüttland in Fühnen und Seeland

[Battle scene during Second Punic war, showing hand-to-hand combat] / I. Lamorlet(?) fec.

Der kayserlichen residenz - stadt Wien / von Leonhard Loschge, buchhændlern in Nürnberg.

Mort de Montcalm / Desfontaines, del; Moret, sculp.

A View of the taking of Quebeck by the English forces commanded by Gen. Wolfe, Sep: 13th, 1759

Perspective view of entring the breach of the Moro Castle, by storm the 30th of July 1762, ... / Serres pinx ; Canot sculp.

A view of the fall of Montmorenci and the attack made by General Wolfe, on the French intrenchments near Beauport, with the Grenadiers of the army, July 31 1759 Vue de la chûte ou Saût de Montmorenci et de l'attaque des retrenchments Francois près de Beauport, par le Général Wolfe avec le Grenadiers de l'armée le 31 Juillet 1759 / / drawn on the spot by Capt. Hervey Smyth ; engraved by Wm. Elliot.

A view of Miramichi, a French settlement in the Gulf of St. Laurence, destroyed by Brigadier Murray detached by General Wolfe for that purpose, from the Bay of Gaspe Vue de Miramichi establissement Francois dans le Golfe de St. Laurent, détruit par le Brigadier Murray, détaché a cet effet de la Baye de Gaspé, par le Général Wolfe / / drawn on the spot by Capt. Hervey Smyth ; etch'd by Paul Sandby ; retouched by P. Benazech.

[The surprise attack on Maestreicht(?)] / H.B.

The death of Warren / M inv. ; Norman sc.

The attack on the fort on Sulivan's Island the 28 June 1776 / painted by Henry Gray.

Bunkers Hill or America's head dress

The taking of Miss Mud I'land

Der Siegende Engelan̈der und der Streitende Americaner Welches sich den 19. Sept: Anno. 1777 ... / J.M.P. sc. ; J.M. Probst exc. A.P.

The siege of Rhode Island, taken from Mr. Brindley's house on the 25th of August, 1778

View of the British fortress at Stoney-Point, stormed and carried by a party of the light corps of the American army, under the command of Gen. Wayne, on the morning of the 16th of July last

Carte du théatre dela guerre actuel entre les Anglais et les Trieze Colonies Unies de l'Amerique Septentrionale / dressée par J. B. Eliot, aide de camp du Général Washington ...

The town of Falmouth, burnt, by Captain Moet, Octbr. 18th 1775

St. Lucia in the West Indies taken possession of by Admiral Barrington Monsieur de Micoud and the inhabitants having capitulated the 30th of December, 1778, being the day after Count d'Estaign left the island much disconcerted / Hamilton delin. ; Thornton sculp.

A British sailor offering a sword to an unarmed Spanish officer to defend himself, at the attack of Fort Omoa, which was taken by escalade, on the 20 of Octr. 1779, under the command of Captn. Dalrymmple and Commodore Lutterell / Hamilton delin. ; Thornton sculp.

Haut tapfer zu auf diesen Hund ... / J.M. Will, excud. A.V.

View of the attack on Bunker's Hill, with the burning of Charles Town, June 17, 1775 / drawn by Mr. Millar ; engraved by Lodge.

Das erste Bürger Blut, zu Gründung der Americanischen Freyheit, vergossen bey Lexington am 19ten April 1775 / D. Chodowiecki inv. et del. ; D. Berger sculpsit 1784.

[Prise de Pensacola]

Prise de Pensacola / dessiné par Lausan. Berteaux, aqua. ; gravé par N. Ponce, graveur de Mgr. Comte d'Artois.

Attaque de Brimstomhill / dessiné par le Paon peintre de S. a S. Mgr. le Prince de Condé ; gravé par N. Ponce graveur de Mgr. Comte d'Artois.

Siege du Fort S. Philippe / dessiné par le Paon peintre de S.A.S. Mgr. le Prince de Conde ; gravé par Godefroy de l'Académie Impèriale et Royale de Vienne &c.

[Journée de Lexington]

Journée de Lexington / dessiné et gravé par F. Godefroy de l'Académie Imple. et Rle. de Vienne &c.

Prise de Tabago / dessiné par William ; gravé par N. Ponce, graveur de Mgr. Comte d'Artois.

Prise de l'isle de la Grenade / dessiné par le Paon peintre de S.A.S. Mgr. le Prince de Condé ; gravé par Godefroy de l'Académie Impèriale et Royale de Vienne &c.

Précis de cette guerre / N. Ponce inv. et sculp.

Prise de la Dominique / gravé par Godefroy de l'Académie Imple. et Royale de Vienne &c.

Suprise de St. Eustace / dessiné par P.C. Marillier ; gravé par N. Ponce, graveur de Mgr. le Comte d'Artois.

Précis du traité de paix, signé à Versailles le 3 Septembre 1783 / N. Ponce, inv. et sculpsit.

Gallant behavior of an English sailor in offering a sword to an unarmed Spaniard to defend himself, at the taking of Fort Omoa, in the Bay of Honduras, October 20th 1779 / Metz delin. ; Record sculp.

A view of a saw mill and block house upon Fort Anne Creek ...which on Gen. Burgoyne's army advancing was set fire to by the Americans

Lafayette au Champ de Mars, ordonne de tirer sur le peuple / Ary Scheffer, del. ; Pollet, sc.

General Wolfe killed at the siege of Quebec, September 14,1759

Attaque de la convention nationale ; journée mémorable du 13 vendémiaire - an 4eme de la république française / Girardet inv. & del. ; Berthault sculp.

The bloody massacre perpetrated in King Street Boston on March 5th 1770 by a party of the 29th Regt. / engrav'd, printed & sold by Paul Revere, Boston.

The washing-tub expedition

Attaque de Nantes par les Vendéens, le 29 Juin 1793, ou 11 Messidor an 1er de la République / Swebach Desfontaines, inv. & del. ; Bertault, sculp.

Fête des victoires, combat des jeunes élèves au Champ de Mars. Le 21 Octobre 1794, ou 30 Vendémiaire An 4eme de la République / Swebach Desfontaines inv. & del. ; Malapeau sculp.

Cloture de la salle des Jacobins, dans la nuit du 27 au 28 Juillet 1794, ou du 9 au 10 Thermidor, an 2. de la République / Duplessi-Bertaux, inv. & del. ; duplessi, Bertaux, aqua forti ; Malapeau, sculp.

Attaque de la Convention Nationale ; journée mémorable du 13 Vendémiaire. An 4eme de la République Française / Girardet inv. & del. ; Berthault sculp.

Consular games - the game of brag - the game of hazard / Woodward del. ; etch'd by Roberts.

First view of the battle of Patapsco Neck dedicated to those who lost their friends in defence of their country, Septr. 12, 1814

Battle of Niagara from a sketch by Major Riddle / Strickland sc.

[View of the battle near Chalmettes plantation, Jan. 8, 1815]

Com. MacDonough's victory on Lake Champlain Sept. 11th 1814 / M. Cornè p. ; W. Hoogland sc.

Battle of New Orleans and defeat of the British under the command of Sir Edward Packenham [sic] by Genl. Andrew Jackson 8th Jany. 1815 / drawn by S. Seymour ; engraved by J. W. Steel.

Washington. [A] representation of the capture of the city of Washington, by the British forces under the command of Major Genl. Ross and Rear Adml. Sir I. Cockburn, August 24th 1814, wherein are shown, the fort and the flotilla

Le Cesar de 1815 - je suis venu, j'ai vu, ... j'ai fui

Battle of Plattsburg / Read sc.

Battle of New Orleans and death of Major General Packenham [sic] on the 8th of January 1815 / West del. ; J. Yeager sc.

The heroe of New Orleans battle of the memorable 8th January 1815 - composed ... by P. Laroque

Passage of the Delaware, in Dec. 25th, 1776, by the American troops under the command of General Washington

Battle of New Orleans, Jan. 8th 1814 [i.e., 1815]

Napoleon defeating the Mamelukes, at the battle of the pyramids, near Cairo / engraved by Mr. George Cruikshank from the design of Swebach, originally published at Paris, and dedicated to the Grand Army.

Peter Francisco's gallant action with nine of Tarleton's cavalry in sight of a troop of four hundred men

Washington crossing the Delaware

The battle at Bunker's Hill near Boston. June 17, 1775 / John Trumbull delt. ; Archer & Boilly sc.

Massacre of the Whites by the Indians and Blacks in Florida

[Napoleon at the battle of the pyramids, July 21, 1798] / peint par Gros ; gravé par Vallot.

[Revolutionary War battle scene]

Wayne's defeat of the Indians / Lossing-Barritt.

The Tippecanoe quick step / J.B.N. ; John Bufford's Lith. Boston.

Prise de Yorktown = The taking of Yorktown / Lith. de Turgis à Paris.

[War of 1812 battle scene with soldiers and Indians]

[Battle scene with line of bayonets]

[The battle of Bunker's Hill, June 17th 1775] / [painted by J. Trumbull ; on stone by A. Hoffy]

[Revolutionary War battle between civilians and British soldiers]

Battle of New Orleans / Robt. Hinshelwood ; Smillie & Hinshelwood.

[Battle scene]

[Battle scene with charging cavalry and artillery]

[Bunker Hill]

Battle of New Orleans - January 8, 1815 / desd. on the field of battle by Hthe. Laclotte ; drawn on stone by A. Hoffy ; P.S. Duval lith. Phila.

Marion's brigade crossing the Pedee River, S.C.. 1778. On their way to attack the British force under Tarleton

Death of Tecumseh. Battle of the Thames, Oct. 5th, 1813 / J. L. McGee, del et lith.

Washington crossing the Delaware / Painted by T. Sully; Engraved by J.N. Gimbrede.

Saga gorō mitsutoki

The Battle of Palo Alto--Which was fought by the American & Mexican armies, on the 8th May ... / lith. & pub. by Sarony & Major.

The brilliant charge of Capt. May--At the Battle of Resaca de la Palma (Palm Ravine) 9th of May 1846 [...]

Washington at Princeton, January 3rd, 1777 / Lith. & Pub. by N. Currier.

Battle of Resaca de la Palma, May 9th 1846 Battle of Palo Alto, May 8th 1846 / / Lith. by Klauprech & Menzel [...] Cincinnati.

The capture of General Vega (In the act of discharging a canon) by the gallant Capt. May, of the U.S. Army, during the engagement of the 9th May / / Lith. & pub. by Sarony & Major, 117 Fulton St. N.Y.

Flight of the Mexican Army at the Battle of Buena Vista, Feb. 23, 1847

Jackson at New Orleans / Lossing - Barritt.

Marion crossing the Pedee / Painted by W. Raney; Engraved by C. Burt.

Battle of Hermannstadt / sketched by Capt. Ed. Scheifele ; drawn on stone & lith by Schaerff & Bro. 71 Market Str. St. Louis.

Battle of New Orleans - from a painting by Merritt

[Panel details from bronze doors for the east portico of the Senate wing, U.S. Capitoll]

The interior of the Redan taken from its left face, looking towards the salient angle, looking south / / W. Simpson del. ; E. Walker lith. ; Day & Son, Lithrs. to the Queen.

Second charge of the guards - when they retook the two gun battery at the battle of Inkermann / W. Simpson del. ; E. Morin lith.