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An east view of Fort Royal in the Island of Guadaloupe Vue du Fort Royal, dans l'Isle de Guadaloupe, du Cote de l'Est / / drawn on the spot by Lieut. Arch. Campbell Engineer ; engraved by Peter Mazell.

George Washington, Esq'r. - general and commander in chief of the Continental Army in America / done from an original, drawn from the life by Alex'r. Campbell, of Williamsburgh in Virginia ; Ioh. Martin Will excud. Aug. Vind.

... An act for the relief of David Cook and Thomas Campbell. [Philadelphia: Printed by Francis Childs and John Swaine, 1791.].

Gilbert Christian to Arthur Campbell, August 8, 1792

James Campbell, September 6, 1792, Fine

Thomas Jefferson to Archibald Campbell, August 18, 1793

Thomas Jefferson to David Campbell, March 14, 1800

Thomas Jefferson to David Campbell, June 9, 1802

Thomas Jefferson to David Campbell, September 19, 1803

Thomas Jefferson to John Campbell White, January 27, 1803

Josef Yznardi to Hugh S. Campbell, 1806, Incomplete Copy

Josef Yznardi to Hugh S. Campbell, August 7, 1806, Copy

[Map of the camp of Lt. Col. John R. Campbell on the bank of the Mississinewa River, December 18, 1812 with details of attack by indians.]

Extract from the proceedings of the President and selectmen of the city of Natchez, at their meeting on the 4th April, 1815 ... A. Campbell, City Clerk. [Natchez] J M'Curdy Pr. [1815].

Thomas Jefferson to Benjamin J. Campbell, March 26, 1816

David Campbell to Andrew Jackson, April 16, 1817

James Madison to MacKay & Campbell, October, 1821.

Thomas Jefferson to John Campbell, November 10, 1822

George Washington Campbell to Alfred Balch, February 12, 1828

Campbell Patrick White to Andrew Jackson, May 24, 1833

Andrew Jackson to Allan D. Campbell, April 8, 1833

Archibald Campbell, marquis of Argyll, d. 1661

Felix Grundy to John Campbell, July 27, 1836


[Ben Campbell, steamship at landing]

Hon. Thompson Campbell

Hon. Wm. Campbell Preston of S.C.

Hon. Thompson Campbell of Ill

French left attack, Kamiesch in the distance - tents of Sir John Campbell in the foreground

Lieutenant General Sir John Campbell & Captain Hume, his aide-de-camp, the general sitting

Judge John A. Campbell

Lieutenant-General Sir John Campbell & group of officers

Captain Hume on the staff of Sir John Campbell & his brother

Hon. Wm. Campbell Preston of S.C.

Judge John A. Campbell

Hon. Thompson Campbell

Sir Colin Campbell

Judge John A. Campbell

1857 Summer arrangement. 1857. Fare $ 1 less than by any other route. Morning line from Whitehall, Lake George and Saratoga, to New York! via Renss. & Saratoga, Albany, Vt. & Canada, and Harlem railroad ... W. J. Campbell, Supt.

[L.D. Campbell, Representative from Ohio, Thirty-fifth Congress, half-length portrait]

Acting Asst. Surg. Campbell, U.S.N.

Map of Campbell Co. /

Surg. J. Campbell

Acting Asst. Surg. Campbell, U.S.N.

Surg. J. Campbell

Campbell, Hon. James Hepburn of Pa. Appointed Minister to Sweden by Lincoln, 1864-1867

Hon. J.A. Campbell

George Washington Campbell, secretary of the treasury, 1814


Hon. J.A. Campbell

Surg. J. Campbell

Campbell Hospital, Washington, D.C.

James H. Campbell to Abraham Lincoln, Saturday, February 16, 1861 (Introduction)

Harewood (i.e. Campbell) Hospital, Washington, D.C.

[Boundary monument at Point Roberts - Archibald Campbell, U.S. Comm.]

Philip Dorsheimer, R. Campbell, and Robert Denniston to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, January 25, 1861 (Recommend Chase for cabinet)

Carver (i.e. Campbell) Hospital, Washington, D.C.

James H. Campbell to Abraham Lincoln, Monday, January 21, 1861 (Recommends Colfax for cabinet)

[Brig. General Archibald Campbell Godwin, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing slightly left]

Thomas H. Campbell to John G. Nicolay, Wednesday, October 29, 1862 (Cover letter)

Robert Campbell and Wayman Crow to Leonard Swett, Monday, February 10, 1862 (Cover letter)

Hugh Campbell to Edwin M. Stanton, Wednesday, March 26, 1862 (Telegram declining appointment)

William B. Campbell and Jordan Stokes to Emerson Etheridge, Tuesday, December 16, 1862 (Sends petition concerning Emancipation Proclamation)

James A. McDougall and James H. Campbell to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, July 15, 1862 (Gauge for Pacific Railroad)

Map of Hertford and part of Northampton and Bertie counties, N.C. : surveyed under the direction of A.H. Campbell, Capt. of Engineers & Ch'f. Topog'l Dep't N.D. Va.

John Hay to Julian R. Campbell, Monday, June 15, 1863 (Acknowledgment of his June 10 letter to Lincoln)

Montgomery C. Meigs to Thomas Swords, Wednesday, July 08, 1863 (Assignment for James Campbell)

Charles Harrod Campbell, 1863 (Docket)

Map of Campbell Co.

Map of Campbell Co. /

Map of Campbell Co. /

Map of Amelia Co., Virginia : made under the direction of A.H. Campbell, Capt. P.E. & in charge of Topog. Dept. D.N.V.

Map of the vicinity of Petersburg : made under the direction of A.H. Campbell, Captain, P.E., C.S.A., in charge Topl. dept., D.N.V.

Parts of Fulton, Fayette, Clayton, and Campbell counties, Georgia /

Map of Brunswick County, Virginia : Surveyed Top. Dept. under the direction of Capt. A.H. Campbell, in charge D.N.V.,

Map of Dinwiddie County, Va. : surveyed under the direction of A.H. Campbell, Capt. Engrs. P.A.C.S. in ch'ge Top'l Dept. D.N. Va.

Map of Albemarle : Made under the direction of Maj. A.H. Campbell Capt. Engs. in charge of Top. Dept. D.N.V. from surveys and reconnaissances /

Map of Cumberland Co., Virginia : surveyed and drawn under direction of Capt. A.H. Campbell Chf. Topogl. Dept. Div. No. Va.

Berry, Hon. Campbell P. Rep of CAL.

View on the Appomattox River, near Campbell's Bridge, Petersburg, Va. / negative by T.H. O'Sullivan, positive by A. Gardner.

Campbell, Hon. Jacob Miller of PA (Engaged in steamboating on the lower Mississippi River 1841-1847) (Col of 54th Regiment Pa Inf)

Campbell, Hon. Alexander of Ill. Was called the "Father of the Greenback Party"

J.A. Campbell

[Lewis B. Campbell, head-and-shoulders portrait ] / Engr. by H.B. Hall & Sons, 62 Fulton St., N.Y.

Judge John A. Campbell

[Mrs. Campbell Praed, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing left]

The galley slave Bartley Campbell's picturesqe [sic] drama.

[Charles O. Campbell, half-length portrait, standing behind pulpit, facing front, in church, Richmond, (Va.)?]

Now Campbell will run

The dawn of peace. Morning of the surrender of Yorktown / designed & engraved by A. Gilchrist Campbell.

Major Campbell arguing with Pontiac

W.W. Campbell

George D. Wilson, from a photograph ten years before the war William Campbell, from a war-time photograph.

Campbell's Ledge, on the Susquehanna near Pittston, Pa.

[Castle Campbell, Dollar, Scotland]

[Leoindas Campbell Houk, representative from Tennessee, half-length portrait, facing left]

Battle of Chaffin's Farm, Sept. 29th 1864 : topography of 1894 : roads, houses, trees, etc. of 1864 from Campbell and Chambliss maps : positions and routes assumed from descriptions in official records.

James E. Campbell

The new Siberia by Bartley Campbell.

Grand Opera House, Paris / Alfred S. Campbell.