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Sublime and beautiful reflections on the French revolution, or the man in the moon at large

Characters & caricaturas / W. Hogarth fecit.

[Caricature of musician or actor dancing, with a cat at his feet]

[Caricature of a woman dancing]

[Caricature of a dancer]

An old fox tarr'd and feather'd

Prattle / MD.

[Italian composer in England]

General Oglethorpe

The Shell--born Jess-t / Ignatius Loyola invt. ; K.

--Cater ... an amateur of music well known at the Queen's Arms concert in Newgate Street / J.N. 1784 ; etched by J. Nixon.

Reform and no reform, or the lovely pair's gentle fracas

Il faut rendre à César ce qui est à César et a la nation ce qui est à la nation

Beauties of fashion & c. ("Belzebub Blacklegs")

L'assembleé des aristocrates

Il faut donc mourir puis qu'il n'i a plus de son

Don Dismallo running the literary gantlet

Frontispiece to Reflections on the French revolution

Smelling out a rat; or the atheistical-revolutionist disturbed in his midnight "calculations"

Eh bien, J-- F--, dira-tu encore vive la noblesse?

Marche du Dom Quichotte moderne pour la deffence du Moulin des Abus

L'entreé-franche - je me suis ruine pour l'en gresser - la fin du compte je ne sait pu én faire

[Madame d'Eon alias Chevalier D'Eon]

A voluptuary under the horrors of digestion / Js. Gy. design et fecit.

Modern hospitality, or A friendly party in high life

Défaite des contre révolutionnaires, commandés par le petit Condé

Sir Thomas Bond Bart

A modern belle going to the rooms at Bath

New morality; or The promis'd installment of the high-priest of the Theophilanthropes, with the homage of Leviathan and his suite / Js. Gillray, inv. & fect.

The rival managers

Familiar ghosts. Sketch 1. Ghost of a village lawyer

Mistaken abilities / Woodward del.

General Monkey and General Wolfe!!

Buonaparté pie / Woodward delin.

L'assemblée nationale: - or - grand co-operation meeting at St. Ann's Hill. Respectfully dedicated to the admirers of "A Broad-Bottom'd Administration" / Js. Gillray, invt. & fect.

Very slippy-weather / etch'd by Js. Gillray.

Love and beauty--Sartjee the Hottentot Venus


Col. Pluck

Le pierrot je ne sais pas ... Mais la pierrette, pour etre la femme c'est la femme et c'est une canaille. C'est a toi a voir si la vieux cogner ou filer. Moi je cognesais ...

Ishibashi yama

Boston minstrels. The celebrated Ethiopian melodies ...

The crow quadrilles--Arranged for the pianoforte by Robt. Ashley, Esq. / lith. of Endicott.

Hyōshigi o utsu bushi

McLean's Monthly Sheet of Caricatures No. 19 or The Looking Glass

The gridiron "The honorable member solemnly declared in writing that when this country returned to cash payments he would suffer himself to be broiled upon a gridiron, now the country has returned to cash payments and I think the hon. member bound to undergo the consequences." Substance of C of Exchequer's speech upon bank charter / / H.B. ; A. Ducotes lithogy., 70 St. Martin's Lane.

Zip coon

H.R. Robinson, 52 Courtland St. Caricatures & prints

The crow quadrilles. Piano forte by John H. Hewitt / N. Currier's lith., N.Y.

Scene in Washington. Sunday Feby. 25. 1838

The globe-man after hearing of the vote on the Sub-Treasury bill

The globe man listening to Webster's speech, on the specie circular

Loco Foco persecution, or custom house, versus caricatures

Scene in Washington. In which the Presidental candidate of all the decency or respectable Webb "Whig" Party . . .

Symptoms of a duel

An interesting family

The salamander safe. A millerite preparing for the 23rd of April

Bal masqué

Les Grands et les petites / T.F(...?) ; R.G.T.(?)

Histoire de la Sainte Russie

Histoire de la Sainte Russie

Gen. Mitchell, Oregon

T. Nast & Frank Leslie

Col Strang

Strong's dime caricatures. No. 4, "The schoolmaster abroad" at last

[Civil War envelope showing caricatures of Winfield Scott and Jefferson Davis as dogs and Washington, D.C., as a cut of meat, with message "Why don't you take it?"]

The Famous jackass "New York City" preparing for another two years' journey

Strong's dime caricatures. No. 2, Little Bo-Peep and her foolish sheep

Strong's dime caricatures. No. 1, Domestic troubles

Mr. J. Ross Browne, our artist "correspondent at large" The iron-clad "Montauk" engaging the rebel Fort M'Allister, in the Ogeechee River, 28th January, 1863 / / sketched by an officer of the "Da[...]

The food question down south

The Emancipation Proclamation

Départ du Marquis de le Guillois / A. Bonnard.

L'intrépide Nadar

"As if he had been in a bottle strongly corked" / W.H.T.

Nadar / And. Gill.

The ladies' gallery in the Senate chamber, Washington, D.C. The gentlemen's gallery in the Senate chamber, Washington, D.C. / / Bgms [or Brgms], from a sketch by E. Jump.

[Two black women talking]

Fabrica de Tabacos ... manufactured expressly for John L. Denham, Havana

Léon Gambetta / Yves & Barret, sc. ; And. Gill.

Seven dollars fo' one hat!!!! : come right out of dis!!! : is you crazy

Sarony, N.Y., photographing me

New York City--A hot day in Wall Street

Ascension de Madame Garnerin, le 28 mars 1802

The cradle of liberty in danger / Th. Nast.

Les auteurs de la belle Bourbonnaise / G. LaFosse.

Caricatures of popular songs

Lo the poor Indian Oh why does the White man follow my path!

Thiers et Barthélemy St Hilaire

"Bill passed providing for two new military posts" by the generous Democratic house / Th. Nast.

A lʹhippodrome - l'equilibre dans l'air / Lefman, sc.

Notre drapeau / Alfred Le Petit.

Beecher and his regiment in Canada--celebrating the Queen's birthday / Keppler.

The pride of Iowa -- cold water and Wheeler -- 'till death

An acquisitive reformer


An unexpected blow / J. Keppler.

-- The watchdog of the Treasury

Three little (old) maids from school

[Shaw crowning a bust of Shaw]

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