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Taft Parade, Admiral Coghlan in auto, New York

Mrs. Phil Riley, St.Clair car

Ford Motor Co. Marine Car at Dist. Bldg., 9/14/26

Ford Motor Co., new medical center parking lot

[Early steam locomotive with toothed "propelling wheel" which gripped a ribbed rail while other wheels rode on a smooth rail, and two coal cars]

[Rear and side view of George Stephenson's steam locomotive and railroad cars of the Stockton and Darlington Railway]

Behold! The President of the United States is expected in the 11 o'clock train of cars to-day. The Procession of Democratic citizens will meet in front of the President's Square at 8 o'clock this morning, preparatory to moving towards the railro

Townsend House. Nos. 369 & 371 Broadway, Albany. This new and spacious house, containing one hundred rooms, fourteen of which are parlors, with bed-rooms off, is located about equidistant between the boats and cars, and within three minutes walk

Southern travellers. Look out for monopoly! Great reduction of fare!! The eagle line of new and splendid coaches leave Baltimore daily, on the arrival of the Philadelphia cars, for the following places, viz.: Washington City, Richmond, Petersbur

The seventh regiment New York State militia in the cars en route for Washington / from a sketch by our own artist.

[View of Atlanta, Georgia, with railroad cars in left foreground]

A band of rebels firing into the [railroad] cars near Tunstall's Station, Virginia, June 13, 1862

Reception of the wounded soldiers by the national authorities at Fortress Monroe, Va. - the cars conveying them to the hospital - surgeons dressing their wounds

People's picnic and grand excursion to Highland Grove, Friday, July 18th, 1862 ... Special trains of cars will leave the Maine Railroad Depot, Haymarket Square, at 8 30 A.M., 12 M. and 2 30 P.M ... Boston. I. G. Blanchard, printer.

Placer Mining--Columbia, Tuolumne Co., loading the cars

Lessons for the uninitiated - pickpockets at work on the city railroad cars, New York / F. Beard del.

[Ruins at Union Depot, after the great fire of Oct. 1871, Chicago, showing wall and railroad cars]

Utah - trains of cars of the Union Pacific Railroad snow-bound in a drift near Ogden / from a sketch by J.B. Schultz.

The Devastation of Railroad Equipment, Cars, and Locomotives during Railroad Riots

Photographic view of the wreck of the bridge and train of cars crossing Big Walnut near Sunbury, Ohio

The Cars as they will be on the Brooklyn Bridge / drawn by Harry Ogden. At the dog pound - the rescue of a pet / drawn by W.A. Rogers

View of the great railroad wreck The most appalling railroad disaster on the Continent, on the T. P. & W.R.R. near Chatsworth, Illinois, of the Niagara Excursion Train, at midnight, August 10th, 1887 ; From north side, looking east, showing distinctively a portion of the nine cars which were piled in a space 40 x 60 feet / / Harlan Holferty, view artist.

Telescoped cars of Mud Run disaster, October 10, 1888

Loading cars with asphalt, Pitch Lake, Trinidad, W.I.

Mexico - Sonora, Yaqui Indians, enlisted in the Mexican Army, being transported by box cars

[Frances Benjamin Johnston seated with three other people in automobile]

[Passenger cars of the Southwestern Limited, New York-St. Louis]

Three men in an automobile in the business area of Callaway, Custer County, Nebraska.

Charles E. Duryea in his third automobile (1893-4), winner of the Chicago contest of 1894

WTC [i.e. World Transportation Commission] on two special cars, East Bengal Railway

WTC [i.e. World Transportation Commission] on section cars coasting down from Newera [i.e. Nuwara] Eliya at 6,000 ft. elevation

WTC [i.e. World Transportation Commission] on section cars coasting dow rom Newera [i.e. Nuwara] Eliya at 6,000 ft. elevation

Section cars on the mountain railway - tunnel 19

WTC [i.e. World Transportation Commission] on two special cars, East Bengal Railway

[Trolley cars near Boston Commons, Boston, Massachusetts]

Unloading Dodge auto at Jaffa

10th U.S. Infantry, 2nd Battalion, leaving cars /

[No[r]thern Mfg. Co., detail of an automobile wheel]

Hupp Motor Car Co.

[Northern Manufacturing Company touring car, three-quarter view]

[Hudson automobile, possibly in Hudson Motor Car Co., Detroit, Michigan]

Tramps fighting between railroad cars

U.S. Mail Wagon Automobile

[Man posed with automobile halfway out of garage]

Mary Spencer, driving auto, Newport

Tracks and train cars in Chicago freight tunnel

Express train on S. Manchurian R.R., view of engine and cars on track

Railroad cars on 11th Ave., New York City

[Seeing Chicago, auto at Monroe near State, Chicago, Ill.]

M.L. Sullivan & wife in auto

German automobile, with gun for fighting, Photogr. Anstalt der Rhein-Metallw., Mashinenfabrik, Dusseldorf / Ansalt der

[Two-seater automobile in front of industrial building]

[Street with automobile and Moesta's store]

Haynes auto, built in 1876, now in Smithsonian Institute

[Automobile on road by waterfront]

Auto extension pipe, Fire Department, N.Y.

Wilson Women's Campaign Auto.

Frau Papp driving taximaster auto, Berlin

[Unidentified man and woman riding in back of car]

Bow of ZR-1 (showing engine cars)

[Packard automobile and tented entrance to club or dwelling, Mich.]

Mrs. Alice H. Ramsey, standing beside her auto

[Northern Manufacturing Company automobile, rear-quarter view]

Christie [racing automobile]

[Three-story house with side porch and automobile in front, possibly Detroit, Mich.]

G.G. Bain in auto in front of restaurant #32 (#34 Japan Paper Co.)

[Model T's coming off the assembly line at the Highland Park plant]

[Ford Motor Company plant, Highland Park, Detroit, Michigan]

[Northern Manufacturing Company car]

[Northern Manufacturing Company car]

[Northern Manufacturing Company car]

[ ? Car racer]

[Packard automobile, Packard Motor Car Company]

Loading railway express car

New cars, Merchants Despatch Transportation Co.

German Baghdad Railway, 190_. Alexandretta to the main Baghdad line; 2 locomotives pulling open cars

Speaking on the cars

Colt gun on auto, Ohio strike

Briarcliff Auto Race - F.W. Leland in his auto "Stearns"

Women's Wilson Auto - Mrs. G. Evans

Auto repairs, Los Angeles

[Three-story house with side porch and automobile in front, possibly Detroit, Michigan]

[Automobile on town street]

Robt. Grosvenor & Miss Andrews (in auto)

N.Y. Fire Department. Auto Extension Pipe

Bryan, in auto, refusing to speak on Sunday, Minnesota

Chamlee [looking at motor of auto]

Strikers' auto wrecked, Pittsburgh

Traffic Squad Parade, Mayor Mc Clellan alighting from auto, New York

Railroad cars on 11th Ave., New York City

[Northern Manufacturing Company car]

New York - Paris race - G.B. St. Chaffray, Dedion car

Housewives' League car

King and Queen of Italy in a car

Cadillaqua auto parade, 1912, women's suffrage section

Chamlee [in automobile]

[Automobile on town street]

Troops in war game, gun mounted on auto truck

[Northern Manufacturing Company automobile, front-quarter view with top]

Auto insurance patrol

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