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The OP spectacles / Cruikshank del.

The fumbler's clubb

1588. Deo trin-vni Britanniae bis ultori, In memoriam ...

Op't vernietegen van't genaemde Engels Parlement door Olivier Cromwel hun Generael

A contented cuckold in the new fashion

The Lilliputian Dancing School, or ... Monsr. Gravieulo Tottibone, French Dancing Master to the Temple Lawyers [dancing with] Dame Prucilla Quiddletet, Dancing Mistress to the Milkmaids against May Day

Mandarina Tottidumpa, original dancing mistress to the first Emperour of China [dancing with] Philobanter Suckbottle, Prime Dancing Minister to ye Ancient Noddificators of the famous city in the Land of Nod

The drunkard's coat of arms

[Robert Powel the Puppet Show man]

Missisippi of 't wydbefaamde Goudland door de inbeelding der Windnegotie

De inventeur der windnegotie, op zyn zegekar

De eklips der zuider zon doet veele in't duister zitten veroorzaakt door de onpolitike maan der brn...

A touch of the times

De verslagen actionist in de stoel met rinkels, overreeden geweest van't geLauwerd Paard van Troje

Mr. Alexander Pope

Enthusiasm display'd: or, the Moor Fields congregation

The Duke of N- - -tle and his cook

The Covt. Garden morning frolick. Gaillardise du Commun Jardin / invented & engraved by L.P. Boitard.

An apology to the town, for himself and the bottle, by J.* Nick-all, Bedford Coffee-House, Covent Garden, Feb. the 6th

Whipping John of Islington

Don Jumpedo in the character of Harlequin jumping down his own throat / T. F.


The prodigals nurse, or modern heir / M. Iackson, invt. ; Boitard sculpt.

To the tune of a cobler there was

The harlots nurse, or modern procuress / Boitard sculpt.

The dextrous trimmer or Pool Pill Garlick left in the suds / R. Houston, fecit.

The American moose-deer, or Away to the River Ohio

A new Dunciad done with a view of ye fluctuating ideas of taste, without preface or introduction

A club of artist's

A reply, for the present, to the unknown authors of Villany detected, &c., 1754

A sceene of sceenes. Elizabeth Cannings dream for ye good of her native country, which she dreamt soon after her arrival in America / J. June, sculp.

British resentment, or The French fairly coopt at Louisbourg / L. Boitard, invt. et delin. ; J. June, sculp.

Britain's Rights maintained; or French ambitions dismantled. Addrest to the Laudable Societys... / L. Boitard, invt..


The comparison French Folly opposed to British wisdom / June, sc. ; J. June, sculp.

The merry accident, or a print in the morning a chair, a chair, for the lady.

The Cato: of 1757. (No. 1) / L da Vinci, invt. et sculp.

We are all a comeing or Scotch coal for ever / Sawney McAdam, invt. et fect.

Wilkes, and Liberty--A New Song

The glorius minority in 1763, with the Head of the Majority Blason'd

Jonathan's Coffee House or An analysis of change alley with a group of characters from the Life- - -Inscrib'd to Jacob Henriques / H. O. Neal, delin. et fecit.

The queen's arms, a night's amusement / Maucourt invt. et fecit.

The tomb-stone

Antisejanus Drink deep, or taste not the Porterian Spring.

The great financier, or British economy for the years 1763, 1764, 1765

The statue, or the adoration of the wise-men of the west

Common-wealth - the colossus

The new country dance, as danced at C****, July the 30th 1766

The triumph of America

A political, anatomical, satirical, lecture on heads and no heads; as exhibited at St. J--ms's 1766

[The repeal or the funeral of Miss Ame=Stamp]

The north star

The Scots triumph, or a peep behind the curtain

High life at midnight

Frontispiece to the Middlesex Petition

High life at noon

High life at five in the morning

Brentford Sweepstakes. All coursers the first heat with Vigour Run. But 'tis with whip & spur the race is won

The ever-memorable peace-makers settling their accounts

The conference

An abridgment of Mr. Pope's Essay on Man / Invented, drawn & engrav'd by Val Green.

The machine to go without asses

The city carriers

The Chevalier D'--n producing his evidence against certain persons

The Female frizzler

Political electricity; or, an historical & prophetical print in the year 1770 / Bute & Wilkes invent. ; Mercurius & Appeles fect.

Jefferies, in the character of Atropos, cutting the thread of English Liberty

[A tarred and feathered man standing on hands and feet with a rope attached to upper thighs and held by a man standing at left; the man on all fours looks back at a wild-eyed devil standing behind him]

The courtiers assembled, on hearing the news of the death of the Rt. Honble. Wm. Beckford

The fate of city Rem- - -ces

A council

The pleasures of the married state / W. Proud del. et sculp.

The convention makers

The cub's frolic at Holland-House or The pig basted

Venison & Claret, or Sr. Humpy. Haunch, Bart. of Glutton Hall

[Hibernia in distress]

A macaroni French cook

Roast beef & port or Bully Bramble Esqr., Justice of Peace in Wasp Town

Shah Allum in distress

To be sold to the best bidder / E. T., invt. [E. Topham].

A new method of macarony making, as practised at Boston

The Parlmt. dissolved, or, the Devil turn'd fortune teller / design'd & engrav'd by G. Terry, Paternoster Row.

The mitred minuet

The Whitehall pump

The dissolution of P[arliamen]t

Mutual accusation / Mr. Bunbury, del. ; Js. Bretherton, f.

A political lesson / J. Dixon invenit et fecit.

The congress or the necessary politicians

Ecce homo / B-b-y.

Virtual representation, 1775

A certain cabinet junto / P. Revere, sc.

The Scotch Butchery, Boston, 1775

The thistle reel

Take your choice

Miss shuttle-cock / R. S. [Monogram, i.e. 'Richard Sneer'].

The vis a vis bisected or The ladies coop / [M. Darly?].

A Scotch reel

Bunkers Hill or America's head dress

The wise men of Gotham and their goose

The blessed effects of venality