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An apology to the town, for himself and the bottle, by J.* Nick-all, Bedford Coffee-House, Covent Garden, Feb. the 6th

The Cato: of 1757. (No. 1) / L da Vinci, invt. et sculp.

The Female frizzler

The Commissioners / M Darly.

The V- - - [Victualling] committee framing a report

The state vintners

A certain Dutchess kissing old Swelter-in-Grease the butcher for his vote / R. Lyford, sculp.

La physique confond l'ignorance Dedié aux souscripteurs.

The night mare

The hambug or An attempt at tragedy, with the Jordan [struck through and replaced by] Joram Upsett

An escape a la Francois!

Cut and come again / S. Collings, delin. ; JT, sc., 1790.

The C- -m- -rs Rellish at Greasy Hall / Edmonton, fecit.

A strolling player. Comedy / [I. Cruikshank].

The modern atlass

A lying in visit; or a short sighted mistake

The heroic Charlotte la Cordé, upon her trial,... / Js. Gy., desn. et fect.

The prophet of the Hebrews, the prince of peace conducting the Jews to the Promis'd-Land / Js Gy, des. et fec.

Enter cowslip with a bowl of cream. Vide Brandenburg Theatricals / Js. Gy., desn. et fect.

The Grand-signior retiring / Js Gy, d. et f.

Loyal souls; or A peep into the mess-room, at St. James's / Js Gy, d. & fect.

Billy's Raree-Show or John Bull en lighten'd

Contemplations upon a coronet ; / Js Gy, inv. & ft.

[Sister Jane]

Ecclesiastical scrutiny or The Durham inquest on duty

Consequences of a successful French invasion / Sir John Dalrymple, inv.; Js Gillray, fecit.

Pizzaro a new play or The Drury-Lane masquerade

Familiar ghosts. Sketch 1. Ghost of a village lawyer

Familiar ghosts. Sketch 2. Ghost of the vicar!!

A pretty copy

The Farmers toast

John Bull and his piece

Mr. Braham in the character of Orlando / Drawn, etchd. & pubd. by Dighton.

Dilettanti-theatricals:--or--a peep at the Green Room.--vide, Pic-Nic-Orgies-- / Js. Gillray, inv. & fect.

The theatrical Caesar! or Cassius and Casca, in debate / J. B.

Charming-well again

Theatrical amusement or Tossing - up for the young Roscius !

Matrimonial harmonics

Billy in the salt box / [Williams].

Pacific -overtures,--or-a flight from St. Cloud's--"over the water to Charley,"--a new dramatic peace now rehearsing / Js. Gillray, fect.

News from Worthing. In a letter from a beast of burden to her brother Jack / [I. Cruikshank ?].

Comedy in the country. Tragedy in London / Rowlandson, scul.

King Joe disposing of his Spanish crown !!!

A new drop scene for D. L. T. / Thaumaso Scrutiny, Esqr., delt. & sculp. ; [De Wilde].

Boney at Bayonne blowing a Spanish bubble

Boney bringing home the truth from Spain

A Spanish joke !!! / Cruikshank, del.

True reform of Parliament,--i.e.--patriots lighting a revolutionary-bonfire in new Palace Yard / Js. Gillray, inv. & fect.

Counsellor O. P.--defender of our theatric liberties / Js. Gillray, ft.

The house that Jack-built / I Spy I, delt.

Wonders! Wonders!! Wonders!!! / Woodward, del. ; Rowlandson, scul.

A new cock wanted. Or work for the plumber / [Rowlandson].

Secret influence or a peep-behind the screen / [Williams].

The gig shop or kicking up a breeze at Nell Hammiltons hop / Rowlandson, del.

Jew---[king] depreciating bank notes / [Williams].

Jack in a white squall, amongst breakers--on the lee shore of St. Catherines / By XYZ ; [W. Elmes, f.].

The gay Lothario the great and celebrated amatuer of fashion / E---s [Elmes], scult.

Preparing John Bull for general congress / G. Cruikshank, fect.

A Curiosity in Ireland / C.W.

Hodges explanation of a hundred magistrates / Rowlandson, del.

Royal Methodists in Kent & Sussex---or the dissenters too powerful for the established church / [G. Cruikshank].

Dos a dos or rumpti iddito ido natural accidents in practising quadrille dancing. No. 1 / [Williams].

The king's friend boarded at sea, or the wife defeating her enemies

Cross examination of a witness in a case of crim con

The Hombourg waltz, with characteristic sketches of family dancing / Knahskiurc, fect.

The freedom of election or hunt-ing for popularity and plumpers for Maxwell / [I. R.] Cruikshank, delt. & fect.

The Massacre of Peterloo! Or a specimen of English liberty, August 16th, 1819 / / Marks, fect.

High life below stairs! / I R C, fecit.

Ah! Sure such a pair was never seen so justly form'd to meet by nature---Old Sherry--- / Broom [Brougham] invt. ; G. Cruikshank, fect.

The secrets of Troppeau

The sailor's description of a chase & capture / J Sherm, invt. [Lieut. John Sheringham, R. N.] ; G Cruikshank, fect.

Monday after the "Great St. Leger." or Heroes of the turf paying & recieving [sic] at Tattersalls / drawn & engraved by R. Cruikshank.

Wolves triumphant or A fig for public opinion / R C [Cruikshank].

Reminiscences of Saint Mark!!

Paul Pry's peep into chancery

Select vestry comforts / Thos Jones, fect.

O'Connell and the Minister at the bar of the (Crown) and (Anchor) trying to settle a knotty point over a drop of Irish whiskey

How to spell Harrowgate / Shortshanks, fecit.

Le pierrot je ne sais pas ... Mais la pierrette, pour etre la femme c'est la femme et c'est une canaille. C'est a toi a voir si la vieux cogner ou filer. Moi je cognesais ...

Slavery. Freedom

Comme je te trouvé engraisse depuis que tu veux mourir

Le souper. Ou les mauvaises maniéres des gens bien élevś

A row in a city kitchen / JL.

One of the news-b'hoys / Lith. of Sarony & Major.

Mr. Golightly, bound to California

The question settled

The Governor of Bognor. 1872

Comment vous ne vous arretez pas ... Vous ne máimez plus. Je commence a en avoir assez, je ne fais plus que passer

A female suffrage fancy / J. Keppler.

Adelina Patti, the everlasting prima-donna / J. Keppler.

"Sic 'em!" / J. Keppler.

A grand Shakesperian [sic] revival / J. Keppler.

Escaping from the old shell / J. Keppler.

Broken banks - defaulting cashiers - negligent directors - who is responsible? / J. Keppler.

Gone to meet John Kelly

An end to all disagreement / F. Opper.

Cut-throat business in Wall Street. How the inexperienced lose their heads / J. Keppler.

Unwelcome passengers / J.A. Wales.

Quixotic tilting / Stur.

A way out of President Arthur's dilemma / Gillam.