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King Louis the Fourteenth of France and the Battle of Vigo Bay

Relation. Ferdinandvs III Rex Vngariae et Boemiae, paternarvm copiarvm archistrategvs victoriosissimvs

La folie des deux partis, où vue politique de l'etat et de la nation Anglaise, avec les senateurs en personnes

Elevation of a truck-carriage [and] plan of a truck carriage

Elevation of a sling cart [and] plan of a sling cart

Amunition waggon

Elevation of a powder cart [and] plan of a powder cart

Pontoon carriage

Chute prochaine de la fille a Target

Vue de la montagne elevée au champ de la reunion

Ashley's grass[?] piece wagon on this side of tree

Sugar estate - Negros cutting cane

Hagoita to takarabune

Newburgh / painted by W.G. Wall ; engraved by I. Hill.

[Illustration showing men pulling cart with barrel, with surrounding text]

[Illustration showing man standing next to oxen hitched to cart loaded with stones, with text]

Das allegrösste Bilder ABC. K lith. Anst. v. Winckelmann & Söhne in Berlin

Buenos Aires J. Daufresne ; lit. de Ibarra

Recoba vieja J.D

Parada en el campo J.D


Recoleta J.D

Jefferson City E. Sachse del

Monolith for columns, Capitol extension

Ryūkō kuruma zukushi

The nearest way in summer time

[Market Square, Cleburne, Texas]

Philadelphia fire company mobile steam driven water pump

Abm. Miller manufacturer of portable furnaces, cylinders, fire bricks & tile, dentist furnaces, muffles &c. superior earthenware &c. Callowhill below Broad St. Philadelphia on stone by R.F. Reynolds no. 75 Dock St. Phila. ; Wagner & McGuigan's steam lith. pr

Brooklyn, L.I., as seen from Trinity Church, New York / painted by J.W. Hill ; Smith, Brors. del.

Rough sketch of a gathering in the woods with carts and wagons and many cabins or tents beneath the trees

Lewis wagon / J.S. Vernam del. ; Compton, Gibson & Co., Buffalo.

Granite palatial store of Messrs. Cope & Co., Market Street, Philadelphia Devereux del. et sc

Takanawa ushimachi

Takanawa ushimachi

N.E. cor. 2nd & Race Sts., Philad., taken 1860

Tolèdo. Charretier excitant son attelage de boeufs (d'après nature)

[Unknown location. Wagons and camera of Sam A. Cooley, U.S. photographer, Department of the South]

Clarks Station nr. Pilkins. U.S.M.R.R

Chatham Square

[Troops on the road]

Unknown location. Wagons and camera of Sam A. Cooley, U.S. photographer, Department of the South

The street cars

Wrecked wagon

Moving headquarters

Market Square, Washington, Ga.

[Soldier pushing against a stuck wagon wheel]

[Supply wagon, probably in a Civil War military facility]

View at City Point headquarters, hospital, with old school houses, barns &c

[Sling for heavy artillery. Drewry's Bluff, Virginia]

[Man sitting in a horse drawn cart]

[Two wheeled cart to be drawn by a horse]

Sam. A. Cooley, photographer Tenth Army Corps

[Civil War envelope for Manchester Light Battery showing team of four horses pulling a limber and cannon]

Roachs Mills. 4 mile run Va.

Quartermasters moving, Cedar run, Va

Sketch in the Road in front of Hookers division scene of the Battle on Wednesday nr Fair Oaks

Negro slaves 1862 Edisto Island, S.C. (plantation of James Hopkinson)

On the Potomac nr. Williamsport. Rebel crossing ; Rebel Pontoons at Falling Waters

Contrabands coming into camp in consequence of the proclamation / drawn by Mr. A.R. Waud.

The mess cart. Aug. 6, 1863

[Portraits of Japanese officers in a tea house, an ox cart, people playing cards, and three women]

Dumfries, Va., June 1863

Wagon park, Brandy Station, Virginia / negative by T.H. O'Sullivan, positive by A. Gardner.

Gate of Andersonville

Wagon park, Brandy Station, Va., May 1864

Camps at Stevenson Ala. March 4-1864

Field telegraph battery wagon / negative by David Knox, positive by A. Gardner.

Pontoon boat, Brandy Station, Virginia / negative by T.H. O'Sullivan, positive by A. Gardner.

Turkestanskii krai. Prival na nochleg karavanov

Syr-dar'inskaia oblast'. G. Aulie-Ata. Pochtovaia ulitsa

Syr-dar'inskaia oblast'. G. Tashkend. Moskovskaia ulitsa

View in the Arsenal Yard, Charleston, S.C. Captured Blakely Guns in the foreground

Syr-dar'inskaia oblast'. G. Chimkend i ego ulichnye tipy. [no caption]

Arbianoe proizvodstvo (arba sazi) . Obtachivanie stupitsy

South Battery, Charleston, S.C., looking N.E. Ruins of Blakely Gun in the foreground

The Vulcan Iron Works, Cumberland St., Charleston, S.C.

Zaravshanskii okrug. Bukharskaia arba (arabai dzhaidar)

Arbianoe proizvodstvo (arba sazi) . Dolblenie gniezd dlia spits

Gen'l Sherman's Campaign - crossing the Little Salkahatchie after the bridge was built

Zaravshanskii okrug. Sostavnyia chasti bukharskoi arby

Zaravshanskii okrug. Kokanskaia arba (arabai-kokani)

Sailors [sic] Creek 2nd Corps

Syr-dar'inskaia oblast'. G. Dizag [sic] i ego bazarnyia tipy. Rynok (bazar)

The ruins of the 600 lb. Blakely Gun, Frazier's Wharf, Charleston, S.C., exploded by the rebels at the time of the evacuation.

Kokanskoe khanstvo. G. Kokan. Medrese Maadali Khana

Pochtovaia gon'ba v turkestanskom kraie

Syr-dar'inskaia oblast'. Perevoz cherez r. Syr dar'iu

Arbianoe proizvodstvo (arba sazi) . Sborka arby

Zaravshanskii okrug. Arbianoi dvor (araba khane) v g. Samarkandie

Arbianoe proizvodstvo (arba sazi) . Vydielka stupitsy v chernie

Pochtovaia gon'ba v turkestanskom kraie

Houses of Parliament, from Lambeth Bridge / By Valentine Blanchard.

Arrested rag-pickers in City Hall Park, New York / sketched by C.G. Bush.

Ox team, early Negro life

The peddler's wagon / drawn by C.G. Bush.

Reception of the Japanese Embassy at the Battery

Trasporto al partibolo

Philadelphia brewery

The Rag-picker