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Ford Motor Co., new medical center parking lot

[An illustration of the Ptolemaic concept of the universe showing the earth in the center]

[Title page of De revolutionibus orbium coelstium, with statement that the sun, and not the earth, is the center of our universe]

[Landscape, with urn in center, three figures to left making offering]

[Perspective view of Broad Street in Charleston, South Carolina, with St. Michaels Church at right center]

[View of the city of Charleston, S.C., with a mansion, the Nathaniel Rusell House on Meeting Street at center, surrounded by smaller residences and First Scots Presbyterian Church at right]

[View of the city of Charleston, South Carolina, with homes and outbuildings at left and right, and a long row of brick building, perhaps barracks, at center]

[Plan of the Center Market and surrounding squares, Washington D.C.].

[Partial cadastral map of the district around the Center Market, N.W. Washington D.C.].

[Interior view of the Crystal Palace during the Great Industrial Exhibition of 1851 showing statues on the sides, fountain at center with a large tree in the background, and crowds of spectators]

[Government Hospital for the Insane (Saint Elizabeths Hospital), Washington, D.C. Center Building. Section showing heat flues ("No. 2 of first section")] / S. T. G. Morsell, Builder, July 29th, 1853.

[Three unidentified men, all nearly full figures: man on left with side whiskers, standing, turned to the right, holding a piece of paper; center figure, standing, three-quarters to the left, one hand on hip; man on right, seated, in profile to the right, holding a pencil over a large print which, with two books, lies on a small table with tablecloth]

[Design drawing for stained glass window with floral/round composition with Holy Spirit at center, fish, and architectural/arcade gate as unifying element; Charlotte, North Carolina]

[Design drawing for stained glass partial tympanum rose window at top center]

[Design drawing for mural with Sage Chapel, Young Manhood, Education, The Sciences (Astronomy, center), Philosophy, The Arts (Literature, Architecture, Music), and Young Womanhood for Sage Chapel, Cornell University in Ithaca, New York]

[Design drawing for mural with saint and girl at center of Bible and lamp for St. Elizabeth's School]

[Community adjacent to the fur trading post at Fort Victoria on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, showing cluster of buildings and possibly the fort just left of center]

[Interior scene showing a birthday party with women preparing tea at left, a group of women on raised platform at center, and children with elders under the Chinese character representing longevity on the right]

[Innsbruck. View of the Maria-Theresienstrasse with the Annasäule in center of street]

[Map of part of Pennsylvania Avenue and the Washington Canal in the vicinity of the Center Market, N.W. Washington D.C.].

[Summer scene with an elderly man resting against a tree on the left, a group of children playing with frogs at center, and a man sitting on a rock with a child on the right]

[Gen. John A. Rawlins, left, Gen. U.S. Grant, center, and an unidentified officer]

Bull Run, Virginia. Robinson's house near center of battlefield

Elk Mountain, Maryland. Lts. Edward C. Pearce, John C. Babcock and Rockwell (center)

Cedar Mountain, Virginia. Panoramic view from center of battlefield of Cedar Mountain

Attack on the center. Chickamauga

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Confederate soldiers as they fell near the center of the battlefield

The battle of Gettysburg. The gateway of the cemetery, the center of the Union position, First and Eleventh Corps

Confederate soldiers as they fell near the center of the battlefield of Gettysburg

[Four cameos with portraits inset over the letter M, in the center are Emperor Maximilian and Empress Carlota of Mexico, then clockwise are: Tomás Mejía, Ramon Mendez, and Miguel Miramón; a coat of arms or emblem above the M]

[Another view of iceberg or ice formation with hole at center, off the coast of Labrador, with land visible in the background]

The Rebel position at Mine Run [Arnold's Battery at left, Roe's farm in center and Pa. Batteries F and G in foreground]

[Iceberg or ice formation with hole at center, off the coast of Labrador, with land visible in the background]

[Another view of iceberg or ice formation with hole at center, off the coast of Labrador, with land visible in the background]

[Five cameo portraits with Empress Carlota in center, then clockwise from top: Emperor Maximilian, Miguel Miramon, Ramon Mendez, and Tomás Mejía]

[Five cameo portraits with Empress Carlota in center, then clockwise from top: Emperor Maximilian, Miguel Miramón, Ramon Mendez and Tomás Mejía]

[Group portrait of officers with Admiral David G. Farragut seated, center]

William Howard Taft (seated center) and classmates at the Woodward High School

[Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. Section thru center of reading room]

[Design drawings for circular coins with square hole in center]

[Production center in İzmit]

Front of operating room in which are arranged parallel with track, 24 cameras at a distance of 12 inches from the center of each lens, and an electro-shutter in front of each

[Alexander Graham Bell and family with a nurse (center) on a picnic at House Island]

[Large group of Union veterans of the Civil War. including William Tecumseh Sherman (front row, center), posed]

[Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. Section on west and east center axis, A series]

Thos. E. Waggaman and Jno. Ridout, trustees', addition to the city of Washington, formerly called "Woodley Park" : lots extended to center of avenues /

[Trocadéro Palace with the Pont d'Iena in center and the Byzantine house at right, Paris Exposition, 1889]

Townsend Center, Mass. /

[Aerial view of Paris, France, from a balloon, showing the Seine River and the Eiffel Tower at center, and buildings of the Exposition universelle]

[Aerial view of Paris, France, from balloon, showing the Eiffel Tower in center foreground, taken during the Paris Exposition of 1889]

[Aerial view of Paris, France, from balloon, showing the Arc de Triomphe at left center]

[Pavilion of Bolivia, left, and the Pavilion of Brazil, center, Paris Exposition, 1889]

[Horse-drawn wagons in front of the Center Market, Washington, D.C.]

[John M. Harlan seated in the center of a large group of men posed for a portrait]

Prairie Center Sod school house, District #57, in Custer County, Nebraska.

[World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago. Southwest(?) view over Manufacturer's(?) Building in left foreground, Administration Building in center background, and Transportation Building in right background]

Vladivostok - panoramic view from harbor (center part of 3 parts)

[Samuel Francis Smith, 1808-1895, full-length portrait, seated at a table in his study, facing right, and exterior view of "The Homestead" at Newton Center, Massachusetts]

Barclay's from across square-ladder to high lamppost in center of sq

[Jerusalem with the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer and two domes of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher at center]

Panorama of Denver Colo.: center section

The Albert M. Bender Room, reading and administrative center for the Division of Special Collections ... Warren W. Ferris scripsit.

[Interior of St. Marks church, Washington, D.C. - view down center aisle toward altar]

Wampum: To -ta-da-ho belt - diamonds in center said to be a covenant chain signifying alliance of towns

Taking a government load to Copper Center

Panning gold in a shovel at Pioneer Mine - Frank G. Carpenter in center, J. Lindeberg at right

[Frances Benjamin Johnston having tea with Elbert Hubbard (far right) and an unidentified man (center) at her studio in Washington, D.C.]

[Group portrait of Theodore Roosevelt, seated in front row, left center, with group of men and women]

Road Commission camp near Copper Center

Dr. Sun Yat Sen, front center of group

[Three head-and-shoulders photographs of Ramon Reyes Lala, two facing left, one (center) facing front]

[Mrs. Weston, standing in center, and friends at the beach in Jaffa with an American flag waving in background]

[Center Congregational Church, the Green, New Haven, Conn.]

[Center Blue Lodge Room, Masonic temple, Detroit]

Taking a government load to Copper Center

[Young man standing in center of room looking down at older man, seated]

No. 33 Center St. [Street], Detroit, Mich.

[Calloway residence, interior, chair in center, Mamaroneck, N.Y.]

[Center Congregational Church on the Green, New Haven, Conn.]

Eskimo boy in center who went with Mr. Lapp [i.e. Mr. William Thomas Lopp] on relief expedition in 1898, and now has 1,600 deer worth possibly $40,000 at $25 a deer

Paul Greenoug, Yale Center

[N.Y. - Buffalo - Pan American Expo. - panoramic view, with Electric Tower in center]

In Madison Square, New York's famous center

Elm Tree Inn, Keene Center, Adirondack Mountains

Farm scene southeast of Prairie Center, Buffalo County, Nebraska

[Maryland - Baltimore - harbor and waterfront from Federal Hall (or Hill?), left center of panorama]

[Distant view of the Wright airplane just after landing, taken from the starting point, with wing-rest in center of picture and launching rail at right. This flight, the fourth and final of December 17, 1903, was the longest: 852 feet covered in 59 seconds.]

Keene Center, Adirondack Mountains

Jumbled roofs of Seoul, capital of the "Hermit Kingdom" - N.W. from a tower near center of city, Korea

Centre [i.e. Center] Street, Rutland, Vt.

[Theodore Roosevelt standing in center of a group of men outside a porch draped with American flags]

Plaza St. Louis N. E. from the center of Grand Basin, World's Fair, St. Louis, 1904.

Beautifully carved marble pagoda, on the site of an old Buddhist monastery in the center of Seoul, Korea

Plaza St. Louis N. E. from the center of Grand Basin, World's Fair, St. Louis, 1904

Festival Hall and Central Cascade from the center of the Grand Basin, World's Fair, St. Louis, 1904

Hamlin, Mitchell & Fields present Bird center a comedy by Glen MacDonough ; based on cartoons by John T. McCutcheon.

[Center Street, Rutland, Vt.]

[Large banquet hall filled with people at tables, fountain in center]

[Bird's-eye view of industrial section of Manchester, New Hampshire. Lumber yard in foreground; swift plant in center]

[Portraits of envoys at the Portsmouth Peace Conference, Baron Komura and Kogoro Takahira (left), M. Witte and Baron Rosen (right), and President Theodore Roosevelt (center). Written at bottom of card "We are fighters for peace"]

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