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[Map showing Caribbean coast of Central America from Yucatan to Honduras].

[Map showing Caribbean coast of Central America from Belize to Nicaragua].

[Map showing Caribbean coast of Central America from Belize to Honduras].

[Map showing Caribbean coast of Central America from Belize to Nicaragua].

To all farmers and tradesmen, who want good settlements for themselves and families, especially those lately arrived, or that may yet come, from Scotland or Ireland [Recommending Central New York] Philadelphia: Printed by John Dunlap, at the New

[Map showing Caribbean coast of Central America from Yucatan to Nicaragua] /

Wilson Cary Nicholas, October 18, 1816, Central College Appointment

Grand lodge of the District of Columbia. At the annual communication of the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia, held at the Central Masonic Hall, in the City of Washington, on Tuesday, the 3d day of November, A. L. 5829, A. D. 1829 the foll

Constitution of the Central Tippecanoe Club of Harford County [1840?].

Nashville, July 6, 1844. Dear Sir:--- The Democracy of Tennessee, acting through the Central Committee appointed by their State convention, propose to hold a mass meeting at this place on the 15th of August next ....

Sir. The late Whig convention of Indiana at the suggestion of the Whig Central Committee of Tippecanoe, deemed it advisable to hold "another Whig Convention upon the Tippecanoe Battle ground" ... invite you to be present and assist at the Conven

The Central colored Presbyterian church of Philadelphia, worshipping at the present time in Einghth near Carpenter Street, respectfully appeal to a generous public for aid, in erecting a house of worship ... Philadelphia, November 14, 1844.

Daily line to the South! Sundays excepted, Carrying the Great Central U. S. Mail. Schedule ... T. Shepperd, Agent. Baltimore, August 25, 1847. Murphy Printer, 178 Market Street, Baltimore.

A discourse on dancing, delivered in the Central Presbyterian Church, Cincinnati.

Map & profiles of the Vt. Central and Vt. and Canada Railroads /

Map of the United States of America, the British Provinces, Mexico, the West Indies and Central America, with part of New Granada and Venezuela /

Map of Central America including the states of Guatemala, Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua & Costa Rica, the territories of Belise & Mosquito, with parts of Mexico, Yucatan & New Granada : shewing the proposed routes between the Atlantic & Pacific Oceans by way of Tehuantepeque, Nicaragua & Panama /

[Fountain surrounded by benches in the Alameda Central park, Mexico City, Mexico]

A map of a part of the southern & western states showing the contemplated route of the New Orleans & Ohio Railroad and the Central Railroad of Illinois, also the route of the Mobile & Ohio Railroad representing the most central, direct and practicable route for a great national and commercial highway between the Gulf of Mexico and the Great Northern Lakes, and by various branches and intersections with other Railways connecting with all the principal cities of the United States.

Map of the Reading & Columbia Rail Road connecting New York via the Jersey Central, Reading and Columbia, with Baltimore and Washington, together with Western R.R. connections to Wheeling and Pittsburg [sic]; compiled by S. P. Kase.

[Medieval costumes of Central Europe: fig. 1 Queen Clotilda; fig. 2 Maid of honor; fig. 3 Frankish leader; fig. 4 Frankish warriors; fig. 5 King Clovis; fig. 6, Charlemagne; fig. 7, 8 Prince & Princess; fig. 9, 10 Noble & wife; fig. 11 Leader under Charlemagne; fig. 12 Warriors; fig. 13 Bishop; fig. 14 common people; fig. 15-18 Frankish royal family; fig. 19, 20 Plebendary & nun; fig. 21 Citizen; fig. 22, 23 Norman king & queen; fig. 24-26 Norman nobles; fig. 27, 28 Norman citizen]

Map of the Virginia Central R.R. and its proposed connections.

Map of the Virginia Central Rail Road showing the connection between tide water Virginia, and the Ohio River at Big Sandy, Guyandotte and Point Pleasant; made by W. Vaisz Top. Eng.

A correct map of the Pennsylvania Central Rail Road with its branches & connections, the shortest & quickest route between the east & west.

Central Academy, Washington City ... This institution has been in successful operation for nearly six years, and is permanently located in the building formerly known at the Medical College, corner of E. and 10th streets ... [Washington] H. Polk

International rail road guide of the Great Central Route.

Resumption of the fast express train Through to Pittsburg in 13 hours. Summer arrangement over the great Penna. Central rail road, for Pittsburg ... Thos. Moore. Agent. Pennsylvania railroad company. May 1856. New York Booth & M'Naughton, Steam

Examination of the Lowell High School. Monday, July 21, 1856 ... Daily Courier Steam Press, 27 Central Street.

Map of the Great Central Route and its connections, the most central, attractive, direct and reliable thoroughfare between the eastern and western states.

Maps of Nicaragua, North and Central America : population and square miles of Nicaragua, United States, Mexico, British and Central America, with routes and distances; portraits of Gen. Walker, Col. Kinney, Parker H. French, and views of the Battle of New-Orleans and Bunker Hill.

Map of the Iowa Central Air Line Rail Road and its connections.

[Loss of the Central America--Two illustrations: Mrs. Ellis and her four children in the berth, known as the "birdsnest"; the rescued female passengers of the Central America in the cabin of the brig Marine]

Pittsburgh, Ft. Wayne, and Chicago R. R. in direct connection with the Pennsylvania Central railroad, the only road running west from Pittsburgh. Chicago St. Louis and Cincinnati ... Shortest, quickest and most reliable route ... New York. Booth

New and reliable fast freight line to the west! Time guaranteed, delivery certain. The Pennsylvania R. R. Co. have concluded arrangements with responsible parties in the West for the establishment of fast freight lines over the Great Central Rou

The Central America engulphed in the ocean, about eight the ship began to settle rapidly, when she momentarily righted and went down stern foremost

The final rescue of Tice, Grant and Dawson by the bark Mary, after their unparalleled sufferings in the life boat of the Central America

[Three portraits of men rescued from the Central America, by the bark Mary: John Tice, Alexander Grant and George W. Dawson; and portrait of Capt. Hiram Burt, of the Boston brig Marine, who rescued the women and children on board the Central America]

Loss of the Central America

[Illustrations of 2 women on board the brig MARINE, after the sinking of the CENTRAL AMERICA: 1. Mrs. H-t, unintentionally on her part, turned into a pretty Mexican, wearing serape; 2. Mrs. M-n as she appeared when disguised as a boy, that she might help to bail out the ship]

Loss of the Central America

Great Eastern & Southern lines. Vermont Central Railroad

Loss of the Central America

The raft or part of the hurricane deck of the Central America--The living, the dead, and the dying--Dawson reaches the raft, but is not permitted to get upon it

Central academy, Corner of E. and 10th street, Washington City, D. C. A select school for boys ... [Washington, D. C.] Polkinhorn's steam job press [1858?].

No.34 Central Street, Boston, May 23,1859. Dear Sir. Allow me to call your attention to a fine brand of genuine Havana cigars just received be me call the Second Battalion ... Charles C. Fuller.

Map of the United States, Canada, Mexico, West Indies and Central America.

Boston, Feb'y 19, 1859. I desire to call your attention to my removal from 26 Central Wharf, to No 2 Broad St., Cor of State, and shall be happy to receive a business or social all, at my new Counting Room, at your earliest convenience ... B. F.

Central Park Skate Emporium. Skates to suit everybody, from 50 cents to $25

Ohio Republican Central Committee to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, October 17, 1860 (Congratulations)

One nation, one country, one government, one flag ... U. S. Journal Central Committee, Bos. 1056, Philadelphia, Pa. [186-].

A map of the Virginia Central Railroad, west of the Blue Ridge, and the preliminary surveys, with a profile of the grades.

[Map of Albemarle County, north of the Virginia Central Railroad, and a portion of Augusta County along the south fork of the Shenandoah River].

Ohio Republican State Central Committee, March 1860 (Printed Circular regarding publication of Lincoln-Douglas Debates)

New York Central railroad company's express freight line! Boston to the western & S. western states and Canadas, via Buffalo, susp'n bridge & Lewiston ... Boston. Fred Rogers, printer. [1860].

... Pleasure seekers' and tourists routes for summer travel ... New York Central R. R. 69 Washington Street Boston. Abraham Skith, passenger agent. Boston, July 1, 1860.

The Young Men's Republican Union, organized in 1856 as the Young Men's Fremont and Dayton Central Union, have leased the old head quarters.

Ohio Republican Central Committee to Abraham Lincoln, Monday, October 15, 1860 (Printed Circular Letter)

To western and north and south western travelers. Great national route! Baltimore & Ohio, Central Ohio and Little Miami railroads, via Wheeling & Columbus ... Washington H. Polkinhorn, printer. 1861.

Condensed time table. Westward of the Indiana Central, Terre Haute & St. Louis, and Baltimore and Ohio railways. Through Columbus, Dayton & Indianapolis ... Indianapolis Journal Print. 1861.

Goldthwait's map of the United States, British Provinces, Mexico, Central America, W. India Is. &c., exhibiting the railroads with their distances, single and double tracks and width of gauge.

Central (i.e. Circular) Church, Charleston, S.C.

Central (i.e. Circular) Church, Charleston, S.C.

Ruins of Central Church

Ruins of Central Church

New York Republican Central Committee, November 1862 (Printed Circular)

Dear Sir: You are cordially invited to attend the Republican Union festival, in commemoration of Washington's birthday, to be given under the auspices of the Republican Central committees, at Irving Hall, on Saturday Evening, the 22d instant, at

Central Virignia

Tourists' tickets to Niagara Falls, Rapids of the St. Lawrence, Thousand Islands, Saratoga, Hudson River, and other popular resorts; or Round trips including all the above, at prices to suit the times ... Vt. Central R, R. Line. [Boston] Fred Ro

The voice of the clergy. Among the extraordinary incidents of the times is the fact that the Democratic State Central Committee has circulated through Pennsylvania, as a campaign document, the letter of Bishop Hopkins ... in which he maintained

View of cavalliere [i.e., cavalier] taken from Central Gap, Port Hudson, La.

William A. Darling, et al. to Abraham Lincoln, Monday, February 02, 1863 (Send resolution of Republican Central Committee in New York)

H. C. Townley and George Clapp, Thursday, September 24, 1863 (Resolutions of the Hudson River Central Baptist Association)

Lecture on Cuba, for the Great Central fair. Applications for tickets should be made as early as possible to either of the following committee ... May 13, 1864.

Sir: The purpose of the Great Central fair, as set forth in the circular herewith, is one which so eminently commends itself to our sympathies and affections, as to require no argment or appear to secure the co-operation of all who may be able t

Sufferings in a snowstorm on the Michigan Central [Railroad]

How shall soldiers vote? ... Published by the New York State Central Committee of the "Boys in Blue." New York Printed at the office of the "Soldiers Friend" [1864].

Central Virginia /

Central Virginia /

Atlanta, GA, 1864. Destruction of Hood's Ordnance train, Georgia Central Railroad

Parlor entertainments for the Great Central fair at the Soldiers' reading room ... On Tuesday evening, May 17th, 1864. Constant Guillou's lecture on the Island of Cuba ... [Philadelphia] King & Baird printers [1864].

At any time within twelve months from the date hereof, [blank] promise to deliver to the order of D. Rodney King, Chairman of the Committee on Florists and Horticulture of the Great Central Fair … 1864.

The soldiers' vote. To the friends of "Lincoln and Johnson" in Pennsylvania ... Simon Cameron. Chairman Union State Central Committee. [1864].

The donation to the Great Central Fair of [blank] by [blank] is hereby thankfully acknowledged by the committee on [blank] chairman, Philadelphia [blank] 1864.

Buildings of the Great Central Fair, in aid of the U.S. Sanitary Commission, Logan Square, Philadelphia, June 1864 / drawn from nature & on stone by James Queen ; printed in oil colors by P.S. Duval & Son, Philad.

Central Virginia /

Great Central Fair for the Sanitary Commis[sion]

Central Virginia showing Lieut. Gen'l. U.S. Grant's Campaign and marches of the armies under his command in 1864-65

Washington, District of Columbia. Central office of the Sanitary Commission

Rebel telegraph operator near Egypt, on the Mississippi Central R.R.

Central [Virginia] showing Maj. Gen'l P. H. Sherida[n's campaigns] and marches of the cavalry under his [command] in 1864-65

The Union forever! The members of the National Union party are hereby called upon to meet in their respective districts on Saturday, 14th of October ... George H. Richardson. Chairman Union State Central Committee for Worcester County, September

Central Office of Sanitary Commission, Washington, D.C.

Ruins of Central and Secession Hall, and St. Philips church in the centre of the picture, Charleston, S.C.

Castle Peak. Head waters of the Yuba River - 10,000 feet above the sea - Central Pacific Railroad

Central Pacific Railroad Company - Freight Engine.

Main Street, Cisco, Placer County. Central Pacific Railroad

Central Pacific Railroad, Bloomer Cut, near Auburn, Placer County

Evening View, Southern Shore, Donner Lake - Central Pacific Railroad

Passenger Depot at Colfax - Central Pacific Railroad

American Central Railway, 1866.