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[Figure of a woman with raised hand, possibly Sybil in the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican]

[First sketch for the chapel of Bonaventura at Potenza (Italy), in (church) San Francesco]

Exhibition. The honour of company is requested at the exhibition in the College Chapel, on Wednesday the 31st instant, at one o'clock, P. M. Rhode-Island College. December 29 1794.

[Chapel doorway, Montresor]

[Surrey chapel (St. Georges Fields, England) and Independent Church (Baltimore, Md.). Transverse sectional elevations]

Anniversary of the Lowell Sabbath School Union, in the grove on Chapel Hill, July 4, 1838, 10 o'clock, A. M. Order of exercises.

Chapel of the Annunciation Nazareth April 28th 1839

Chapel of the Convent of St. Saba April 5th 1839 / D Roberts, R.A.

Chapel of the convent of Saint Catherine on Mount Sinai Feby 21st 1839 / David Roberts, R.A.

Chapel of Elijah on Mount Horeb Feby 20th 1839 / David Roberts, R.A.

[Trinity Chapel (New York). Altar. Front and end elevations and plan. Rendering] / Richd Upjohn & Co. Archts, Trinity Building, N.Y.

[Trinity Chapel (New York). Choir stalls. Elevations and plan. Rendering]

[Design drawing for architectural elements for proposed Chapel for Diocesan House in Washington, DC]

[Design drawing for stained glass window for Fort Monmouth Post Chapel in Ft. Monmouth, New Jersey, showing Lancet in rectangle with Prodigal Son and Good Shepherd. Also, Troop Command Patch to be added to bottom]

[Design drawing for stained glass Chapel window series with St. James, St. Peter; St. Andrew, and St. John for St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in Richmond, Virginia]

[Design drawing for woodwork for Chapel Altar and Reredos in Oak with Chiro, Alpha, Omega, and Lamb of God]

[Design drawing for a proposed skylight showing dove flying from seven-point star with text "The 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit" for Chapel St. Hyacinth in Glenhead, Long Island, New York]

[Design drawing for stained glass memorial window with symbols and text "Lo I Am With You Alway" [sic] for Bergen Church Chapel]

[Design drawing for metalwork for wrought iron gate for the Jennings Chapel, St. Stephen's Church in Sewickley, Pennsylvania]

[Design drawing for architectural elements in Gothic style with doves, for Chapel for Church of the Redeemer in Morristown, New Jersey]

[Design drawing for architectural elements for New Chapel with chairs, and stained glass]

[Design drawing for mural with Sage Chapel, Young Manhood, Education, The Sciences (Astronomy, center), Philosophy, The Arts (Literature, Architecture, Music), and Young Womanhood for Sage Chapel, Cornell University in Ithaca, New York]

Boston, Sept. 15, 1859. Dear Sir: Our attention has been called by the report of a Committee, appointed at a meeting recently held at the Old South Chapel, to the fact that the Indian tribes upon our western frontier, have just cause of complain

Practice Chapel Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria, Va.

War scenes - return of national foraging parties into camp near Annandale Chapel, Virginia

Soldiers' chapel

Free evening schools. The Chambers Street Chapel Evening Schools will begin on Monday evening, October 13th, at 7 o'clock, for men and boys; and on Wednesday, Oct. 15 at 7 o'clock for girls and women ... Boston, Oct. 9, 1862.

Chapel of Calvery i.e. Free Chapel of Calvary Church, Twenty-Third Street, between Second and Third Avenues Stacy 691 B'way

Hear us again for the wounded soldiers. They are suffering! They are dying!! Read what an earnest woman says! ... The chapel at the corner of Eighteenth and Spring Garden Streets is open every day from 8 A. M., until 10 P. M., to receive your of

Will you help our wounded soldiers? They are suffering! They are dying!! ... The chapel at the corner of Eighteenth and Spring Garden Streets, will be open, during the emergency ... [Philadelphia 1863].

Topographical sketch of the country adjacent to the turnpike between Nolensville and Chapel Hill, Tenn. /

The battle rages more fiercely than ever! 15,000 wounded in Fredericksburg alone, and many thousands yet lying upon the field! They are suffering! They are dying! The Chapel at the Corner of Eighteenth and Spring Garden Streets, will be open eve

Drewry's Bluff, Virginia. Chapel at Fort Darling and soldier's graves

Gothic Chapel

Intérieur de la chapelle du Mt Carmel, vue d'ensemble Complete view of the interior of the chapel (Mt. Carmel) / / Bonfils.

Lima. Chapel in the Cemetery

Ladies' dress reform meeting at Freeman Place Chapel, Boston, Mass. / Hyde ; sketched by E. R. Morse.

Mammoth Cave, Edmondson Co., Ky.: Altar in Gothic Chapel - formed by stalactites extending from ceiling to floor

Mammoth Cave, Edmondson Co., Ky.: Pillars of Hercules - alabaster columns in Gothic Chapel

Chapel at Hotel Royal Palm [i.e. Royal Palm Hotel], Miami, Fla.

City of Mexico from chapel of Guadaloupe [i.e. Guadalupe, in Gustavo A. Madero]

Chapel on Sacramonte [i.e. Sacro Monte, near Amecameca]

Santa Fe and vicinity. San Miguel Chapel, 300 years old / photographed and published at Santa Fe, N.M. by W. Henry Brown.

Gessler's tod - nach dem Wandgemälde in der Tellskapelle am Vierwaldstätter-See La mort de Gessler - d'après la fresque dans la chapelle de Tell au lac des quatre cantons ; The death of Gessler - from the fresco in Tell's Chapel on the lake of the four cantons / / Dr. Ernst Stückelberg pinx. ; Rud. Leemann sculp.

[Wood engraving from drawing by Howard Pyle which illustrated his article, "A Peculiar People," in Harper's New Monthly, Oct. 1889, pp. 776-785. Dunker religion in Pennsylvania: Interior of Chapel]

[Abbey, St. Joseph's Chapel, Glastonbury, England]

King's Chapel, Boston

[Palais de Justice and Holy Chapel (i.e., Sainte-Chapelle), Paris, France]

[St. Catherine's Chapel, Abbotsbury, England]

[Einsiedeln, the chapel (interior), Lake Lucerne, Switzerland]

Chapel at Mt. Pocono

Mt. Auburn Cemetery, the new chapel, Cambridge, Massachusetts

[Chapel St. Ampeglio, San Remo, Riviera]

Chapel of the Jesuit Mission, Tadousac [sic]

[Castle, the chapel, Goodrich, England]

The present chapel of San Juan Capistrano

[The Holy Chapel (i.e., Sainte-Chapelle), interior, Paris, France]

Front of chapel and dormitory, Amherst College

[The chapel, Bruges, Belgium]

[A chapel near Saas Fee, Valais, Alps, of, Switzerland]

[St. John's College, chapel from the river, Cambridge, England]

[Ingleborough from Chapel-le-Dale, Yorkshire, England]

[Chapel Bridge and view of Pilatus, Lucerne, Switzerland]

[Greek Chapel, Wiesbaden, Hesse-Nassau, Germany]

[Chapel, Würzburg, Bavaria, Germany]

[Tell's Chapel, Lake Lucerne, Switzerland]

[The Holy Chapel (i.e., Sainte-Chappelle), interior of lower chapel, Paris, France]

The chapel

[Tell's Chapel, the lane through the woods near Kussnacht, showing the chapel, Lake Lucerne, Switzerland]

[The museum, the steps from the lower chapel, Zurich, Switzerland]

[Chapel Place, Bétharram, Pyrenees, France]

[View from the Roman Chapel, Baden-Baden, Baden, Germany]

[Sage c]hapel, Cornell University

[Tell's Chapel, evening view, Lake Lucerne, Switzerland]

[Alexander II's chapel, St. Petersburg, Russia]

[Alisbrunn, with chapel and Lake Zug, Lake Lucerne, Switzerland]

[Chapel Bridge and view of Pilatus, Lucerne, Switzerland]

The chapel door, Chelsea Square

Chapel Fesch, Ajaccio, Corsica

Krasnoyarsk - chapel in asylum

Icons in Chapel of 40 Martyrs taken for Dr. Willoughby of Chicago

Beirut. The American University. The chapel

Trans-Jordan. Petra. Funeral chapel of the Roman style.

The Holy Sepulchre Church. Jerusalem (Chapel of St. Helena).

Icons in Chapel of 40 Martyrs taken for Dr. Willoughby of Chicago

Icons in Chapel of 40 Martyrs taken for Dr. Willoughby of Chicago

Russian Chapel in Alexander Hospice, Jerusalem.

Icons in Chapel of 40 Martyrs taken for Dr. Willoughby of Chicago

Chapel of St. James, Jerusalem

Icons in Chapel of 40 Martyrs taken for Dr. Willoughby of Chicago

Chapel of Crowning w[ith] Thorns

[Russian Chapel in Alexander Hospice, Jerusalem]

Icons in Chapel of 40 Martyrs taken for Dr. Willoughby of Chicago

Icons in Chapel of 40 Martyrs taken for Dr. Willoughby of Chicago

[Chapel of Finding the Cross, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem]

The Holy Sepulchre Church. Jerusalem. Chapel of the Sepulchre. The Tomb. (Fourteenth Station of the Cross).

Icons in Chapel of 40 Martyrs taken for Dr. Willoughby of Chicago

Trans-Jordan. Petra. Stairway to the great high place & funeral chapel.

Chapel of the Carpenter Shop

Samaritan chapel on Mt. Gerizim