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[King Kelly, Chicago White Stockings, baseball card portrait]

U.S.S. Chicago, one of the crew

Advertisement: Victor Records: the Benson Orch. of Chicago

C. & N.W. R.R., Mrs. Dorothy Lucke, employed as a wiper at the roundhouse, Clinton, Iowa

C & NW RR; locomotives in the roundhouse at Proviso yard, Chicago, Ill.

Truck trailers line up at a freight house to load and unload goods from the Chicago and Northwestern railroad, Chicago, Ill.

The land of our birth. The following poem was then read by Prof. Rodney Welch one of the editors of The Times, of Chicago, a native of Monmouth, Kennebec county, Me. [Chicago? Ill.].

Map of the projected railway from Harrisburg to Pittsburg [sic], with proposed extension to Cleveland, Wooster, Sandusky, Toledo, Cincinnati; Michigan City, Chicago, Galena, Rock Island, St. Louis, &a; in connection with the public works of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois.

Map showing the position of Chicago in connection with the North West & the principal lines of rail roads, canals, navigable streams and lakes, together with the most important towns, and their distances from Chicago.

Skeleton map, showing the position and connections of the Michigan Southern Rail Road (from Toledo to Chicago) with the several great rail road routes to the Atlantic seaboard and New York City via the south shore of Lake Erie.

Map of the Ohio and Pennsylvania Railroad and connecting lines, Solomon W. Roberts, Chief Engineer.

Gunpowder for sale here / Oliver J. Stuart, N.Y.

Map of Chicago & Rock Island, Peoria and Bureau Valley, and Mississippi & Missouri railroads; with their connections to New York.

[Abraham Lincoln while campaigning for the U.S. Senate, taken in Chicago, Illinois

A correct map of the Pennsylvania Central Rail Road with its branches & connections, the shortest & quickest route between the east & west.

Map of the Chicago, St. Paul & Fond du Lac Railroad.

D.B. Cooke & Co's railway guide for Illinois shewing all the stations with their respective distances connecting with Chicago.

John Radcliffe, produce commission merchant for the sale of all kinds of country produce ... Chicago Market report Dec. 10, 1855.

The death chamber

Kansas affairs. To the friends of free Kansas. National Kansas Committee Chicago, Dec. 1, 1856.

Tremont House, Chicago - presentation of flag to Light Guards, by Duquesne Greys of Pittsburgh

[Abraham Lincoln, immediately prior to Senate nomination, Chicago, Illinois]

Original air line and United States mail route! 1857. Spring arrangement. 1857. St. Louis, Alton and Chicago railroad. The only direct route from Chicago or Joliet to St. Louis Kansas and Nebraska ... [Chicago? Ill.] 1857.

[Abraham Lincoln: Immediately prior to Senate nomination, Chicago, Illinois]

1857 Pennsylvania central railroad, in direct connection with the Pittsburgh, Ft. Wayne & Chicago railroad for Cincinnati, Chicago, St. Louis, St. Paul. [etc.] ... New York. Booth & Norton, Steam Job printers. August 1857.

Pittsburgh, Ft. Wayne, and Chicago R. R. in direct connection with the Pennsylvania Central railroad, the only road running west from Pittsburgh. Chicago St. Louis and Cincinnati ... Shortest, quickest and most reliable route ... New York. Booth


Map of the Milwaukee & Superior Rail Road and its connections.

170 miles saved to Northern Iowa and St. Paul! Chicago, St. Paul and Fond du Lac railroad and Milwaukee & Mississippi railroad line! from Chicago & Milwaukee to Pr'ie du Chien, Wis. on the upper Mississippi River running through in 10 hours with

The Illinois and Michigan Canal, connecting Illinois and the West with the head waters of the Mississippi / Copcutt(?).

Road road route from Boston, Massachusetts to Chicago, Illinois.

The city of Chicago, Illinois

Spot him! "Rev." Henry Clay Dean, of Iowa, who was present at the Chicago Convention in 1864, at which McClellan was nominated at the Copperhead candidate for President, is now addressing the Pierce-Davis-Sinclair & Co. democracy in this state .

"The irrespressible conflict" Or the Republican barge in danger


Julius White to Abraham Lincoln, Thursday, September 20, 1860 (Invites Lincoln to Chicago)

National republican platform. Adopted by the National Republican Convention, held in Chicago, May 17, 1860.

J. J. A. Wilson to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, May 18, 1860 (Telegram; Lincoln expected in Chicago)

A. J. Potter / Wallis Brothers Premium Photograph Gallery, 117 Lake St., Chicago, Ill[inoi]s.

William F. M. Arny to Chicago Press, Friday, September 21, 1860 (Cover letter)

Western bank note & eng. co. steel plate engraving & lithography

The City of Chicago, Illinois, where the Republican Nominating Convention will meet on May 16, 1860

The Republicans in nominating co[nv]ent[ion] in their wigwam at Chicago, May 1860

To President Andrew Johnson. Whereas, Andrew Johnson, President of the United States ... have recently left Washington for the City of Chicago, to participate in the ceremonies of laying the corner stone of the monument to America's favorite son

Chicago Republican Invitation Committee to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, September 14, 1860 (Printed Invitation)

Chicago Wide-Awake Republican Club to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, June 01, 1860 (Certificate of membership)

The Zouave Cadets of Chicago

The Zouave Cadets of Chicago

Horace White to John G. Nicolay, Friday, April 19, 1861 (Raising troops in Chicago)

Ohio Delegates Chicago Convention to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, January 11, 1861 (Petition recommending David K. Cartter for cabinet)

Springfield block, passenger depot, sheds and yard for Army horses, I.C.R.R., levee of Ohio River, Kentucky

[1st Lieutenant John Paul Kuntze, Union officer, bust portrait, facing front] / Everitt, Chicago.

Col. A. J. Potter / Brand's Ar[t Gal]lery, No. [108 Lake Street, Chicago, I]ll.

Montgomery Blair to Abraham Lincoln, Monday, March 18, 1861 (Requests immediate removal of Chicago postmaster)

[Captain Louis Ernst von Trebra, Union officer in the 32nd Indiana Regiment, full-length portrait, standing, facing front] / Rex Mf'g Co., Chicago.

[1st Lieutenant August Bitter, Union officer in the 24th Illinois Regiment, full-length portrait, standing, facing front] / Wallis Bro., 117 Lake St., Chicago.

Map showing the location of the Galena & Chicago Union Railroad with its branches & connections in Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota.

[Five unidentified prisoners of war in Confederate uniforms in front of their barracks at Camp Douglas Prison, Chicago, Illinois]

Map shewing the several routes proposed for the passage of gunboats to the Lakes via: Erie and Oswego Canal; Champlain [Canal]; Illinois River and Chicago [Canal]; Wisconsin, Green Bay [Canal]

Map showing the location of the Chicago & Northwestern Railway with its branches & connections through Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan.

Chicago German Union League to Isaac N. Arnold, Friday, June 05, 1863 (Resolutions protesting suppression of newspapers)

Oppression!! Suppressing the press

John Trimble Jr. to Abraham Lincoln, Monday, July 06, 1863 (Sends resolutions of Chicago Strong Band)

Street in Chicago, United States

[Printed.] Letter of Geo. B. McClellan in acceptance of the nomination Chicago Convention.

How Columbia receives McClellan's salutation from the Chicago platform. [July 1864].

The two roads to peace! How shall we end the rebellion - shall we coax it, or crush it? ... The Chicago platform .... The Baltimore platform .... Published by the National Union Executive Committee, Astor House, New York. [1864].

The Chicago platform / Th. Nast.

Little Mac's double feat of equitation

Is the war a failure? The Chicago convention declared that the war against the rebellion had proved a failure ... Americans! Read these declarations of your generals in the field, and then decide whether the Chicago convention was right or wrong

A little game of bagatelle, between Old Abe the rail splitter & Little Mac the gunboat general

The true peace commissioners

The real Chicago platform, as expounded by the Democratic orators at Chicago ... For sale by all news agents. [n. p. 1864?].

Isham's celebrated stomach bitters / Lith. Edward Mondel(?), Chicago, Ill.

Isaac N. Arnold to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, January 15, 1864 (Requests message to annual meeting of Chicago Soldiers Home)

[Bayoneted rifles on racks at arsenal of 134th Illinois Volunteer Infantry, Columbus, Kentucky] / From Carbutt's Garden City Photographic Gallery. 131 Lake Street, Chicago.

Democracy. 1832. 1864.

The real Chicago platform, as expounded by the Democratic orators at Chicago. [1864?].

Die platform. Baltimore. Die National-convention, welche sich am 7 Juli zu Baltimore versammelte und Abraham Lincoln zum Präsidenten und Andrew Johnson zum vice-präsidenten nominirte nahm die folgende platform am:Beschlossen [etc.] Chicago. Die

Is it peace or war? The Chicago Platform.

Platforms illustrated

How Columbia receives McLellan's Salutation from the Chicago Platform

President's hymn: give thanks all ye people words by Dr. Muhlenberg; music by A. C. Cutterson.

Programme of procession to escort the remains of President Lincoln from the court house to the funeral train for Springfield ... R. M. Hough, Chief Marshal. [Chicago? Ill., 1865].

Reception of the remains of President Lincoln.

Patterson, Hon. John James of S.C. (Born in PA. 1830) Delegate to Nat. Republican Convention at Chicago 1860, Capt in 15th U.S. Vol. Inf.

Columbus Delano, Hon. of Ohio. Delegate to Republican National Convention at Chicago in 1860. Second the nomination of Abraham Lincoln as a candidate for Pres. U.S. State Commissary General of Ohio in 1861

Funeral service of President Lincoln, at Chicago, May 1 - 1. Reception of the remains at the Court House; 2. Thirty-six young ladies of the high school strewing the bier with garlands and immortelles

Funeral service of President Lincoln at Chicago, Illinois, May 1. Removing the coffin from the funeral train to the catafalque

E. D. Townsend, Bvt. Maj. Gen. / S. M. Fassett's New Gallery, 114 & 116 South Clark St., Chicago.

Ferry, Hon. Thomas White of Mich. Delegate to the Republican National Convention at Chicago in 1860. Presided over the high court of Impeachment of Sec of War Belknap

National picture. Behold oh! America, your sons. The greatest among men / L. Kurz ; lith. by Chas. Shober, Chicago.

Van Vorhes, Hon. Nelson Holmes of Ohio. Delegate to Republican National Convention - Chicago - 1860

Ferry, Hon. Thomas White of Mich. Delegate ot the Republican Nat. Convention at Chicago in 1860

Rollins, Hon. Edward Henry, Sen. Of N.H. Chairman of N.H. delegation in the Republican National Convention at Chicago in 1860

[William Findlay Coolbaugh, founder of the Union National Bank of Chicago, full-length portrait, seated, reading a piece of paper, facing right]

Falls of Minne-ha-ha and rustic bridge / J. Carbutt, photographer, Chicago, Illinois..

James P. Root to Abraham Lincoln, Thursday, March 09, 1865 (Request photograph for Chicago Sanitary Fair)

Ferry, Hon. Thomas White of Mich. Delegate to Republican Nat. Convention at Chicago - 1860

To the Republican members of the thirty-ninth congress. Gentlemen! I have recently come into possession of information to the effect that a plot has been formed to destroy the lives of a sufficient number of Republicans to reduce them to a minor