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Woman with hunting horn and dog on leash; symbolic representation of "the Soul hunting the child Jesus"

[The Virgin with child holding a book] / AD [monogram].

[Virgin and Child with the Monkey]

[Madonna and child]

The Virgin and Child on a grassy bench

The presentation of the Child Jesus

The Virgin in an oval

The virgin, child and St. John

[St. Christopher, facing right] / AD [monogram].

[The Virgin holding the child seated on a cloud]

The Virgin, Child, and saints / Iacopo Ligozia Veronese pittore del Sereniss [...]; Andrea Andriano Mant. intagliatore 1585.

[How the chief ladies of the town of Dasamonquepeio dress and carry their children] / T.B.

The Virgin, Child, and a bishop / AC [monogram of Alessandro Casolani]; Andrea Mantuano intagliatore in Siena 1591.

[Madonna and Child, with angel looking on]

The fumbler's clubb

[Madonna and child]

The Virgin and child surrounded by saints and kneeling donor / AA, in Mantova, MDCX.

[Landscape with a castle on a hill and three figures and horse]

The Virgin and Child / G. Rhenus Bon. In., B. Coriol. Eq. Sculp.

The Virgin and Child / Bart. Coriolanus Fecit. Bononiae anno 1630.

The Virgin and Child / Bart. Coriolanus Fecit. Bononiae anno 1630.

[The Virgin and Child]

[Courtly outdoor scene, with fountain and men on horses (recto) ; faint red chalk sketch (verso)]

The Virgin, Child, and St. John the Baptist / G.R., In., B.C. Eq.F., 1647.

[Illus. from book concerning Justices of the Peace: frontis, of 1669 ed. of A Sure Guide for...Justice of Peace, showing man holding sword over child before king on throne]

Kaya no uchisoto



Musume o seotte kawa o wataru hotei

Taira no Kanemori

Kanda sairei no dashi no gangu o hiku haha to ko

Kameido taikobashi

Jūgo ōshō

[Cut] The dying criminal: poem, by Robert Young, on his own execution, which is tobe on this day, November 11, 1779, for rape, committed on the body of Jane Green, a child,eleven years of age, at Brookfield ... Printed and sold at the printi

Ueno no hanami


Hanami zuki

[Child birth]

[The Madonna of the Rose]

Yanagi no niwa

The comforts of matrimony - a smoky house and scolding wife

Chōfu no tamagawa

[Allegorical family scene: man and woman huddled by fire; dead(?) child lying on floor]

Manzai o miru josei[fujo?] to kodomo

Hero's recruiting at Kelsey's; - or- Guard-Day at St. James's / Js. Gy. ad vivam fect.

[A child on a couch, no. 2]

The emigration to Connecticut

Gotenyama no umemi

Zōshigaya miyage

Kesaubumi uri


Sakana sukui



Yanagi no sita no bijin

Amagoi komachi

Hahaoya ni umanori suru yōji


A mournful song, on the death of the wife and child of Mr. Nathaniel Knights, of Windham, who fell off the bridge at the falls above Horse-Beef Mills on Presumpscutt River, February 22, 1807. Written by Thomas Shaw of Standish. 4th ed.

[Cuts] A mournful song, on the death of the wife and child of Mr. Nathaniel Knights, of Windham, who fell off the bridge at the falls above Horse-Beef Mills, on Presumpscutt River, February 22, 1807. Written by Thomas Shaw, of Standish. Second e

Nurses and child supposed to be William or T.J. Sell(?). 4 Paths(?)

Kameido umeyashiki

Mimeguri no hanami

[Cuts] The happy child being a narrative of the holy life and peaceable death of a remarkable pious child of Hertfordshire, England. [Boston] Printed and sold by Nathaniel Coverly Milk Street [181-?].

Wakamizu no fukucha

Kawa de no sentaku

Kukimanjiya uchi Takimoto


[Hotei, the god of good fortune, one of the seven lucky gods, seated, facing front, next to his bottomless bag of goods on which a small child is sitting and who appears to be cleaning Hotei's left ear]

Great solar eclipse. To be seen every day at West's observatory, No. 7 Pear St. Philadelphia. NB No postponement on account of weather

Kadoebiyau chi azumaji

De quoi?...travailler...bon pour des feignas... / Charlet.

Okitsu no zu

Ōji ōgiya

Settin' on a rail

Okitsu no zu

Keokuk, chief of the Sacs & Foxes / drawn, printed & coloured at I.T. Bowen's Lithographic Establishment No. 94 Walnut St.

[Mother & child at bedtime] / painted by W.P. Frith, R.A. ; etched by Lumb Stocks, A.R.A.

Ein Neues Trauer-lied ...

This is to certify that ... was duly elected a member of the above society on the ... day of ... 184-, and the pledge having been in due form administered to him he signed the same / Sinclair Lithr. Phila.

O'Connell's call and Pat's reply


Child lost. Samuel Bender left his home on Thursday, the 13th inst., and crossed the Long Bridge, in company with another boy, to pick blackberries, and was seen the day following on the Leesbury road; since when no correct tiding have been obta


[Two unidentified girls, about three and five years of age, the younger child seated in high chair, older one standing beside her on left, both nearly facing front]

[Unidentified man and woman, both about 30 years of age, with a child about two years of age seated on woman's knee, full-length portraits, facing front, seated on chairs on carpet]

Common mode of whipping with the paddle

Polk's dream

[Unidentified woman holding child in her lap]

Hunting Indians in Florida with blood hounds

Voyage of life - childhood From the original painting by Thomas Cole, in the possession of Rev'd Gorham D. Abbott, Spingler Institute, New York / / painted by Thomas Cole ; engraved by James Smillie.

Father and child



Ils montaient, ils montaient toujours

Just the thing for a child to have! John Adams's letter written the day after the signing of the Declaration of independence ... Boston. Henry Bowen's chemical print [185-?].

[Unidentified boy seated in chair with child standing to left, three-quarter length, facing front]

Infantry at mess / lith. & pub. by Geo. E. Leefe.

Voyage of life - childhood The original painting distributed by the American Art Union in 1848 / / painted by Thomas Cole ; engraved by M. Enzing-Müller.

La figure, etudes lithographiées par Emile Lassalle doux sommeil = sweet sleeping / / Emile Lassalle ; peint par Holfeld ; imp. Lemercier à Paris.