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School children, half of Polish and half of Italian descent, at a festival in May 1942, Southington, Conn.

[Prince Palden Gyumed and Princess Hope Leezum seated on white scarves, Sikkim]

HM the Gyalmo, HH Prince Palden, HH Princess Hope

The Virgin in an oval

The virgin, child and St. John

The sacrifice of Abraham

[How the chief ladies of the town of Dasamonquepeio dress and carry their children] / T.B.

The women and children [nude Indians] eat the intestines of the killed prisoner

Oh--You shall see, vat you shall see

Benkei to kodomo (ataka no matsu)

A lamentation occasion'd by the great sickness & lamented deaths of divers eminent persons in Springfield composed by Mr. Jonathan Burt, (an old disciple,) in his fourscore & fifth year. (since deceases,) left as a dying legacy to his children a



Kanda sairei no dashi no gangu o hiku haha to ko


Jūgo ōshō

Karako no tōkei

Momo no eda to nigyō de asobu otokonoko

[Page from The New England Primer Improved, 1773, children's prayers]

To the freeholders, freemen, and inhabitants of the City of New-York; and particularly to our steady friends and associates, the children and negroes of the said City. The petition of Isaac Sheer-off, Alexander M'Doubtful, Peter Vander-fight-not

In Congress, at Watertown, April 30, 1775. Gentlemen, The barbarous murders on our innocent brethren on Wednesday the 19th instant, has made it absolutely necessary that we immediately raise an army to defend our wives and our children from the

In Provincial congress, New-York, June 2, 1775. Friends and countrymen. The parent of the universe, hath divided this earth amongst the children of men, and drawn out the line of their habitation ... To the inhabitants of the province of Quebec.

On Saturday next will be perform’d by a society of ladies and gentlemen, at Faneuil-Hall, the tragedy of Zara: the expences of the house being paid, the overplus will be apply’d to the benefit of the widows and children of the soldiers … The doo

By the Supreme Executive Council of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, a proclamation. The time is at length come, in which the fate of ourselves, our wives, children and posterity must be speedily determined, General Howe, at the Head of a Briti

By the Supreme Executive Council of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, a proclamation. The time is at length come, in which the fate of ourselves, our wives, children and posterity must be speedily determined, General Howe, at the Head of a Briti


Himegimi no gaishutsu

Tomimoto bushi

Daimonjiyau chi maisumi

Yatsushi chōkaro

Manzai o miru josei[fujo?] to kodomo


War and Pestilence! Horrible and unparalelled [i.e. unparalleled] massacre! women and children falling victims to the Indian's tomahawk

Kyōjo chō ni tawamururu

Saru no ikigimo

The old man- his children, and the bundle of sticks. A fable. [180-?].



Sakana sukui


Hahaoya ni umanori suru yōji


Amagoi komachi

Gotenyama no hanami migi

Aikyo zumo

Daikoku to karako

[Title p. of the first new Virginia A B C and name book, printed in 1808; illus. with woodcut of 2 children reading to mother]

[Family group - Smith, his wife and six children pointing at examples of their work]

[Title p. of a Christmas book for little boys, a collection of conversations; the 3rd Virginia children's book; illus. with boy and woman seated and evidently conversing]

Hotaru gari

Hotaru gari

Kishibe no hagi

Bust portrait of unidentified child (girl?), facing front


Das allegrösste Bilder ABC. K lith. Anst. v. Winckelmann & Söhne in Berlin

Immorality. Fellow Citizens. Can we vote for the man who openly sets the laws of the great Jehovah at defiance, thereby showing a bad example to our children? Some few Sundays past, Mr. Adams passed through Providence galloping and running his h

Les quatre éléments. Louis était un enfant léger qui n'apportait aucume application à l'étude; ...

[Hotei, the god of good fortune, one of the seven lucky gods, seated, facing front, next to his bottomless bag of goods on which a small child is sitting and who appears to be cleaning Hotei's left ear]

Kadoebiyau chi azumaji

The Flower Dance of the Viennoise Children

E o narau kodomo tachi

[Title page from "Memoir of Ann Elizabeth Pierce" and frontispiece engraving of a dying girl lying in bed surrounded by her family]

Report of the children's asylum. presented at a meeting of the Board of Guardians of the poor. May 20, 1833. Philadelphia, 1833.

Family amalgamation among the men-stealers

Cash! All persons that have slaves to dispose of, will do well by giving me a call, as I will give the highest price for men, women, & children. Any person that wishes to sell, will call at Hill's tavern, or at Shannon Hill for me, and any infor

[Guardian's notice by Abby Maxson for two children]

Okitsu no zu

[Title page and frontis. of The Stranger's Gift, Boston, 1836 (Hermann Bokum, ed.): frontis, showing children around tree lighted with candles on table full of toys; titled "Christmas Eve"]

Keokuk, chief of the Sacs & Foxes / drawn, printed & coloured at I.T. Bowen's Lithographic Establishment No. 94 Walnut St.

[Mother & child at bedtime] / painted by W.P. Frith, R.A. ; etched by Lumb Stocks, A.R.A.

Ch. D. Meigs, M.D. Prof. Med & Diseases of women & children in the Jefferson Medical College of Philada. / engraved by Welch & Walter (Of Philada) from a daguerreotype by M.P. Simons.

Bildersrenen mit versen

Unidentified child, full-length portrait, standing next to table with a tablecloth



[Illustration shows children around woman carrying large pudding on platter]

[Title page showing children reading story]

Dr. J.N. Keeler's infant cordial and carminative / Lith. of Thos. Sinclair, Phila.

[The rising generation]

[Elisa and John McAllister, children of W.Y. McAllister, Elisa standing on chair, John sitting in high chair]

[Shankland's American fashions, 1849]

[Unidentified boys, half-length portraits, probably George F. Becker and Alexander Rudolph Becker as children]

American fashions, fall & winter 1849-50, by John R. Shankland, no. 100, Chesnut St. Philadelphia / designed & lithographed by Hoffy, No. 20 Sth. 3rd. Street, Philadelphia ; P.S. Duval's Steam lith. Press, Philadelphia.

[Two unidentified children, a boy and girl, full-length portraits, seated]

The Washington family

Portrait photograph of a mother and her children

My pet bird

[Large group of school children, with their teacher, standing in a town street]

Dustan covering the retreat of his seven children

[Child seated beside table with table cloth holding a black rag doll]

Sound the tonjoing! Beat the fuzeguzy! Blow the huzagh! Rutgers' collapsed a flue. Barnum's annihilator annihilated, wonderful dispay of Aztec children dressed in full bloomer costume. Wednesday, July 28, 1852.

[Title page of book showing Afro-American woman with bucket on head and children playing before slave cabin]

[Portrait of George Burtis Lee sitting on a chair]

Shankland's American fashions for spring & summer of 1853, 100, Chesnut [sic] St. Philadelphia / P.S. Duval & Co. Steam lith. Press, Phila. ; A. Biegemann, colorist.

Secchū tokiwa zu

[Family of W.Y. McAllister]

[Portrait of George Burtis Lee, seated with arm resting on table with tablecloth]

Paris, New York & Philadelphia fashions for spring & summer 1855, published & sold by F. Mahan, No. 186 Chesnut Street, Philadelphia / P.S. Duval & Co's Steam lith. Press, Philada.

[African American woman holding a white child]

[Design drawing for stained glass window showing children, Hebrew letter, and animals (including lamb) with text "Let Everything that has Breath Praise the Lord"]