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Borodinskai︠a︡ t︠s︡erkovʹ. (Na kupoli︠e︡ proboina). Borodino

[Landscape with church] / HSL.

[Design for a church façade]

[Studies for a church]

[Church of SS. Claudius and Andrew of the Burgundians, Rome, Italy. Façade. Elevation. Rendering]

[Imaginary view of S. Giacomo di Rialto]

Porta S. Paolo ot. Trigemina / /G. Vasi dis. e inc.

The case of the German Protestant Churches settled in the Province of Pensylvania, and in North America. [Philadelphia: Printed by B. Franklin and D. Hall, 1753].

A new and exact map of the island of St. Christopher in America, according to an actual and accurate survey made in the year 1753. Describing the several parishes, with their respective limits, contents, & churches; also the high ways, the situation of every gentleman's plantation, mills, and houses; with the rivers, and gutts. Likewise the bays, roads, rocks, shoals and soundings that surround the whole.

The case of the German Protestant Churches settled in the Province of Pensylvania, and in North America. [Philadelphia: Printed by B. Franklin and D. Hall, 1753].

A view of the Franciscan church & convent in the city of Havana, taken from the alcalde's house in Granby Square Vue de l'eglise et du convent des Franciscains, dans la ville de la Havane, prise de la maison de l'alcalde das la Place de Granby = Vista de la iglesia y convento de San Francisco en la ciudad de la Havana, desde la casa de los alcaldes en la Plaza de Granby drawn by Elias Durnford engineer ; engraved by Edward Rooker

Rocher volcanique de Saint-Michel au Puy en Velay / Veyrene, del. ; C. Fessard, scul.

An accurate map of the island of St. Christophers from an acutal survey shewing the parishes, churches, and rivers, also the bays, rocks, shoals, and soundings that surround the whole /

Architectural drawing of a church ("St. Stephen's Walbrook"), London, England. Floor plan

An east view of the meeting house in Hollis Street, Boston, now erecting on the ruins of one lately destroyed by fire / C. Bulfinch delin. ; Vallance sc.

[Church interior with galleries and vaulted ceiling. Perspective sketch]

An east view of the new meeting house in Hollis Street, Boston / S. Hill sc.

A view of St. Paul's Church, New-York / T. Anderson del. ; Scoles sculp.

[Surrey chapel (St. Georges Fields, England) and Independent Church (Baltimore, Md.). Transverse sectional elevations]

New York from Brooklyn

Vue de Berchtolsgaden dans le Pays de Salzbourg Ansicht von Berchtolsgaden im Salzburgischen Gezeig u Gest. von J.J. Strüdt

View of the Old Brick Meeting House in Boston, 1808 / drawn by I.R. Smith ; engraved by J. Kidder.

Christ Church, Philadelphia / J.P. Malcolm del. et sculp.

Architectural drawing for alterations to a church ("St. John's Church"), Washington, D.C. Section

[Plan and elevations of a church. Side elevation, plan of cupola, "size and shape of the glass" (i.e., interior window elevation)]

First plate of four subjects, for Birch's Philadelphia

U.S. Reports: The Society for the Propagation, &c. vs. The Town of Pawlet, &c., 29 U.S. (4 Pet.) 480 (1830)

Padua Saml. Prout ; E.J. Roberts

View of Worcester, Mass. taken from Union Hill / P. Anderson del. ; on stone by R. Cooke ; T. Moore's Lithography, Boston.

Exterior view of a church R.K. Eastman

North east view of Westminster Abbey

Funérailles de l'Empereur Napoléon. Intérier de l'église des Invalides pendant la Cérémonie religieuse, 15 Décembre 1840 / Dessiné par Férogio et Girard ; Lith. Coulon.

[Gothic church with spire]

Valley of Tombs of Kings. Thebes

The interior view of the floating Church of Our Savior for Seamen

[Grace Church (Brooklyn, New York). Rear elevation. Plan] / Rich Upjohn, arct.

[Grace Church (Brooklyn, New York). Side elevation] / Rich Upjohn, arct.

[Grace Church (Brooklyn, New York). Plan] / Rich Upjohn, archt.

[Grace Church (Brooklyn, New York). Front elevation] / Rich Upjohn.

[Grace Church (Brooklyn, New York). Side elevation] / Rich Upjohn, arct.

Interior of Grace Church, New York / Renwick, archt., Ackerman's, lith.

[Exterior view of masonry church with axial tower entrance and spire]

[Exterior view of stone church with 'stick style' bell tower] / Richard M. Upjohn, Architect.

Front of unfinished church in Chihuahua

Views of New York--St. Paul's Church, Barnum's Museum & Astor House / drawn by C. Autenrieth.

[View of 13th century church and 16th century town square and town hall in Neuilly-en-Thelle, France]

[View of Paris with church steeple in foreground]

[Church and its details. Design for front and side of church. Elevations] / G. W. Boynton Sc.

[Elaborate church interior, possibly St. Luke's in Brooklyn, New York]

Christ Church Cambridge Mass.

[Hôtel de justice and St. Chapelle] / E. Baldus.

[Saint-Sulpice] / E. Baldus.

Paris. La Madeleine / E. Baldus.

Paris. Panthéon / E. Baldus.

Paris. Invalides / E. Baldus.

Paris. Place St. Germain l'Auxerrois / E. Baldus.

Paris. Sainte Clotilde / E. Baldus.

Circular. The Washington City Young men's Christian association is a union of the young men of all the Evangelical churches of the city, for the moral, mental, and religious improvement of themselves, and all who shall come within their influenc

[Wood church with many added steeples] / R. Upjohn and son, archts.

[All Saints Church (Frederick, Maryland). Elevations, plan, and section] / R. Upjohn & Co. Architects.

[Monument à la trinité (project). Perspective elevation. Rendering]

Odd Fellows' Broadway Hall. Broad & Spring Garden Streets, Philadelphia from nature and on stone by Rease & Schell 17 So. 5th St. Philada

Interior of St. Paul's, Rome, by Griffiths

[St. Peter's Church (Baltimore, Maryland). Interior. Perspective. Rendering]

Norwegian church

Quarantine cemetery and church, with French battery no. 50 / W. Simpson del. ; J. Needham, lith. ; Day & Son, Lithrs. to the Queen.

Second reformed Dutch church / Alphonse Bigot del. and lith.

Map of Jefferson County, Kentucky : showing the names of property holders, division lines of farms, position of houses, churches, school-houses, roads, water-courses, distances, and the topographical features of the county : distinctly exhibiting the country around the falls of the Ohio, including New Albany and Jeffersonville, Inda. /

[Holy Sepulchre, interior] / W. Hammerschmidt.

South porch of church, with peasants, Lampaul, (p. 121.)

Street, and Church of the Holy Trinity, Lannion, (p. 95.)

[Exterior view of church, in the community around Fort Victoria on Vancouver Island, British Columbia]

[Holy Sepulchre, exterior] / W. Hammerschmidt.

Old Swedes' Church

U.S. Reports: United States v. Bolton, 64 U.S. (23 How.) 341 (1860)

[Old Swedes Church (Gloria Dei Church) and cemetery, Philadelphia, with Reverend Jehu Curtis Clay standing among gravestones]

Valladolid. Fachada de San Pablo / J. Laurent. Madrid.

Nuremburg. Rear of church of St. Lawrence

Vienna. The Votive Church

[Church of Nativity, Bethlehem] / P. Bergheim.

Dresden. Frauenkirche

Escorial. Vista interior del Templo

Constantinople. St. Sophia--interior, left of nave

[Bird's-eye view of a church in a walled compound in Beijing]

Map of the cities of Washington and Georgetown, D.C. : exhibiting the public buildings, principal hotels, churches, etc.

Nuremburg. Door of church of St. Sebaldus

Nuremburg. Church of St. Sebaldus

[Pool of Hezekiah, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and Hospice of the Knights of St. John, from Mediterranean Hotel] / P. Bergheim.

[House of Pontius Pilate. Church of Ecce Homo]

Toledo. Vista interior de Sta. Maria la Blanca, antigua sinagoga / J. Laurent. Madrid.

Constantinople. Mosque of St. Sophia

Dresden. Royal Palace

Nuremburg. Door of the Frauenkirche

Nuremburg. Door of church of St. Lawrence

Churches La Madonna & St. Celso

Nuremburg. Rear of church of St. Sebaldus

Escorial. Vista interior de la Sacristia / J. Laurent. Madrid.

[Tomb of Maximilian I in the Hofkirche, Innsbruck, Austria]

Valencia. Iglesia de Sta. Catalina

Nuremburg. The ciborium by A. Kraft