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Johannes Staden as prisoner in a circle of Indian women who dance around him

The Part of a circle at the meeting of Pennsylvania & Kentucky avenues--on the Eastern Branch : calculated March 1811 : [Barney Circle S.E., Washington, D.C.].

Prospectus of a weekly family newspaper, to be called the "Fireside companion," Devoted to literature, foreign and domestic news, the arts and science for the domestic circle, temperance, and morality in general. Washington City, D. C., Feb., 18

Plat & dimensions of circle on Pennsylvania Avenue at intersection of Pa. Avenue, New Hampshire Avenue, K Street north, 23d Street west : [Washington Circle, Washington D.C.] /

[Design drawing for stained glass Tondo window with thick black cruciform muntins/cames and vibrant concentric circle design]

[Design drawing with Majestic Christ as Pantocrator King, with stigmata, dominion over circle of flora, fauna, man]

[Civil War envelope showing eagle with flags, shield, arrows, and laurel branches with message "E pluribus unum" within circle in front of seascape and agricultural landscape scenes]

A complete map of Richmond and its fortifications within a circle of 12 miles showing the numerous forts, batteries and the range of their fire, and the various obstacles that impede the approach of the Federal army, also, the principal towns & plantations, in the immediate vicinity of Richmond, together with several of the battle fields of 1862.

Brooklyn Sanitary Fair, 1864 Interior view of the Academy of Music, as seen from the dress circle / / Lith. of A. Brown & Co. 47 Nassau St. N.Y.

Plan of the circle battle between the U.S. ship "Keasarge," Capt. Winslow, and the Confederate cruiser "Alabama," Capt. Raphael Semmes, off the harbor [of] Cherbourg, France : forenoon of Sunday June 19th 1864.

Washington, District of Columbia. Company C, 10th U.S. Veteran Reserve Corps, at Washington Circle

Washington, District of Columbia. Company A, 10th Veteran Reserve Corps. at Washington Circle

Washington, District of Columbia. Company K, 9th U.S. Veteran Reserve Corps, at Washington Circle

Washington, District of Columbia. Company F, U.S. Veteran Reserve Corps at Washington Circle

President Lincoln and family circle. The friends of universal freedom and equal rights for all; this picture is respectfully dedicated by the publishers.

[Metalwork design in a circle showing a woman with wings, possibly a religious figure, holding stick and small drum]

Alexander Graham Bell and his Scott Circle School

Animal Locomotion: [24 frames of hand drawing chalk circle, plate 532]

The home circle

[Girl in hat with watering can and circle of sweet peas]

Chinese Legation in Stewart Castle, Dupont Circle, Wash., D.C.

Main Street, Circle City

Homeward bound, from North Arctic Circle, Alaska

A morning catch, north of the Arctic Circle, Alaska

[Circle, St. Mary's Church (Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception) and First Baptist Church, Syracuse, N.Y.]

Dupont Circle, Washington, D.C.

Soldiers' Circle, Buffalo, N.Y.

[Richmond, Va., Lee Circle & Monument]

Dupont Circle and New Hampshire Avenue, Washington, D.C.

[Circle Park, looking north, Knoxville, Tenn.]

[Buffalo, N.Y., Gates Circle]

[Soldiers' Circle, Buffalo, N.Y.]

[Map of Scott Circle N.W., Washington D.C., and adjacent parklands] /

[Onondaga Circle, Syracuse, N.Y.]

Camp north of the Arctic Circle

Near Dupont Circle, Washington, D.C.

The Circle, Brookln [sic], N.Y.

The Circle, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Fountain in Dupont Circle

[Luna Park, circle swing, Coney Island, N.Y.]

Fountain in Dupont Circle

Thomas Circle, Washington, D.C. / The Rotograph Co.

Officers' circle, [National] Military Cemetery, Vicksburg, Miss.

Caught in a circle

Thomas Circle, Washington, D.C.

"Red" Saunders, of Three Circle fame, saddling a bronco

Filipinos in loin cloths sitting in circle together at Dreamland, Coney Island, N.Y.

University Circle, Cleveland, O[hio]

Child consumptives seated in a circle aboard "Susquehanna", ferryboat used a a tuberculosis camp

Conn. Ave. north from Chevy Chase Circle, Washington, D.C.

Aerial view of Logan Park and circle

Post Y.M.C.A. and trophy circle, Fort Monroe, Va.

Anne F. Miller and Mrs. Charles Burrall speak about Political Equality to Seneca Castle Sewing Circle

Parade -- Columbus Circle

[Jerald Schaitberger of 416 W. 57th St. N. Y. who helps an older boy sell papers. until 10 P.M. on Columbus Circle. 7 yrs. old. 9:30 P.M., October 8, 1910]. Location: New York, New York (State) / Photo by Paul B. Schumm.

[Interior with stage and chairs in circle]

Officers' circle, National Military Cemetery, Vicksburg, Miss.

[Girls' dodge ball game on school playground. Girls standing in circle and girl in middle holding ball]

[View of Dupont Circle, Washington, D.C., looking east, seen from an elevated angle]

Gates Circle, Buffalo, N.Y.

Thomas Circle, [Washington, D.C.]

Nine Quarter Circle Ranch, Eldridge, Montana

Nine Quarter Circle Ranch, Eldridge, Montana

[Statue of Maj. General George H. Thomas in Thomas Circle, Washington, D.C., in snow at night]

Columbus Circle, Broadway & Central Park West, [New York City. Statue of Columbus in foreground]

Columbus Circle east, [New York City]

Columbus Circle, New York City: [Looking South]

Complete circle view of Baltimore from the Emerson Tower

Parade Columbus Circle

Columbus Circle and Central Park, looking south

Turkish military WWI. Man being photographed in a circle of people with Turkish army


Portland Apt., 14th & Thomas Circle, [Washington, D.C.]

The suicide, a poorly dressed laborer, had staggered around in a circle nearly ten feet in diameter after gashing his own throat

Food Admin., [Broadway newr Columbus Circle, New York, New York]

Hit the bull's eye!--Is your name on this list? Get out of your own little circle of selfishness into the big circle of service.

Scott statue, Scott Circle [Washington, D.C.]

[...] Castle [...] Dupont Circle

Circle view of Camp Devens, Ayer, Mass.

The American sewing circle in Athens A group of Greek women who work in the sewing rooms established by the American Red Cross in the Greek capital.

Traffic, 14th & Thomas Circle [Washington, D.C]

Traffic, 14th & Thomas Circle [Washington, D.C.]

The Logan, 13 & Logan Circle, [Washington, D.C.]

Am. Red Cross, Grant Circle unit, [Washington, D.C.]

Fuller Co., 15 Dupont Circle, Patterson res., [Washington, D.C.]

Am. Red Cross, Grant Circle unit

Washington Monument. View of Washington Monument through circle of bridge rail

Thomas Circle. Thomas Circle at night

Holton Arms School. Children linking hands in a circle at Holton Arms School

Washington Statue Washington Circle, [Washington, D.C.]

Peach Lake Tea Gardens, Brewster, N. Y. A busy day - 45 miles from Columbus Circle, N. Y.

[Ceremony at Dupont Circle Fountain, Washington, D.C.]

Thomas Circle, [Washington, D.C.]

Columbus Circle, north

Unveiling the memorial of Rear Admiral Samuel Francis DuPont at DuPont Circle

Columbus Circle, New York City: [Looking west]

[Dupont Circle Fountain, Washington, D.C.]

Columbus Circle, New York City: [Looking south]

Logan Circle

Thomas Circle