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Ruins of City Hall, [1906 earthquake, San Francisco, Calif.]

City Hall, New York

[Detail view of cupola, pediment, and frieze of a large public building in Charleston, South Carolina]

[Preliminary sketch of a large public building in Charleston, South Carolina, with small pediment and cupola]

Guildhall / T.S. Boys, del. et lithog.

[View of 13th century church and 16th century town square and town hall in Neuilly-en-Thelle, France]

City hall, San-Francisco, Cal. / Lith. & publ. by Quirot & Co., corner California and Montgomery Sts., S. Francisco.

Rathhaus. Frankfort

[Hotel de ville] / E. Baldus.

[City hall, New York]

The burning of the City Hall, New York, August 18, 1858

City Hall, New York City

Nuremburg. Door of Rath-haus

City Hall, N. Y

Nuremburg. The Rath-haus

City Hall, New-York, N.Y

Nuremburg. Rear of Rath-haus

Prague. The Rath-haus

Sevilla. Vista general del Ayuntamiento / J. Laurent.Madrid.

City Hall, Washington D. C

Town hall Gardner (Mass.)

The City Hall Brooklyn

The City Hall New York City

Lima. The public square, Municipality, and tower of St. Domingo

Hôtel de Ville incendié Grande façade A. Liébert, photo, 81, rue St. Lazare

[Bank note vignettes showing U.S. Capitol, log cabins, Brooklyn Bridge, Independence Hall, two people fishing in harbor, and New York City Hall]

[Exterior of City Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania]

Hotel de ville, vue d'ensemble prise du quai / heliogre. de E. Baldus.

Library - City Hall & hose tower - Thomasville, Georgia

[City Hall, Philadelphia, Pa.]

Braunschweig. Altes Rathaus

Halberstadt. Rathaus

Frankfurt aM. Römer

Hildesheim. Rathaus

City Hall, Philadelphia, Pa.

Danzig. Langenmarkt mit Rathaus und Börse

Halberstadt. Roland am Markt

Braunschweig. Altstadtmarkt

Hamburg. Rathaus mit Alster

Chemnitz. Die drei Denkmäler / P.Z.

Kronstadt. Rathaus Brasso Tanáczhaz

Cochem aMosel. Burg Cochem

City Hall, Montreal

City Hall, Montreal

Bremen. Dom

City Hall, Charleston, S.C.

Bruxelles. Les maisons de la Grande Place

Wien. Franzensring

Abbott [sic] Hall from Crocker's Park, Marblehead

Abbott [sic] Hall, Marblehead

City Hall, Charleston, S.C

Belgique. Audenarde. Hôtel de Ville

Abbott sic Hall, Marblehead

[Philadelphia, Pa., Broad St., north from Spruce St.]

Philadelphia, Pa., Broad St., north from Spruce St.

The "World" Building and City Hall, New York City, U.S.A

View of City Hall Park. N.Y

City Hall, New York

[It said the organization was enlisting recruits from society]

Broad Street and City Hall, Philadelphia, Pa.

[City Hall, Cincinnati, Ohio]

Broad Street north from Locust, Philadelphia, Pa.

Market Street, west from 11th, Philadelphia, Pa.

[City Hall, Richmond, Virginia]

City hall, Columbus, Ohio

Post office and City Hall, Marquette, Mich.

[City Hall, New York, N.Y.]

City Hall, New York, N.Y.

City Hall, Milwaukee, Wis.

The City Hall, Albany, N.Y.

[Market Street, west from 12th, Philadelphia, Pa.]

[Campus Martius, with Detroit City Hall and Square, Detroit, Michigan]

The City Hall and Park, New York

City Hall Park, New York

Town hall, Amherst, Mass.

City Hall, Albany, N.Y

City Hall and the World Building

City hall & county court house, New Haven, Conn.

[Court House & City Hall, Minneapolis, Minn.]

City Hall the and World Building

City Hall, Albany, N.Y.

City Hall and post office, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

Green [sic] monument and City Hall, Savannah, Ga.

City Hall and post office, Saratoga Springs, N.Y

City Hall, Cincinnati, Ohio

City Hall, Saginaw, Mich.

[Broad Street north from Locust, Philadelphia, Pa.]

City Hall, Richmond, Virginia

[City hall & county court house, New Haven, Conn.]

[City Hall and Majestic Building, Detroit, Mich.]

City Hall and park, New York

City Hall

The Campus [Martius], Detroit, Mich.

[City Hall, Baltimore, Md.]

[Broad Street north from Locust, Philadelphia, Pa.]

City Hall and Courthouse

[Town hall, Amherst, Mass.]

City Hall, New Orleans, La

Broad Street, Philadelphia

[City Hall, Albany, N.Y.]