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City Hall subway station, New York

Ruins of City Hall, [1906 earthquake, San Francisco, Calif.]

Advertisement. The members of the Association of the Sons of Liberty, are requested to meet at the City-Hall, at one o'clock, to-morrow (being Friday) on business of the utmost importance;--and every other friend to the liberties, and trade of A

To the inhabitants of the City and County of New-York. Gentlemen. You will be called together on Thursday next, to meet at the City Hall, at twelve o'clock, to confirm the nomination of delegates, to represent this City and County in a general C

City Hall, New York

Regulating and paving streets. Proposals in writing, will be received at the office of the street commissioner, in the City-Hall, until Thursday, the 6th of November, for the following purposes, viz ... [Signed] John S. Hunn, Street- Commissione

Blowing Rocks, and Regulating Streets. Proposals will be received at the Office of the Street-Commissioner, in the City-Hall, for the following purposes ... [Signed] John S. Hunn. Street Commissioner. New York, February 2, 1807. Printed by South

Jackson meeting. At the City Hall, this evening, May 24, at half past 7 o'clock. At the request of three hundred citizens of Washington, who approve of the conduct of General Andrew Jackson ... a meeting is invited of such of their fellow-citize

National Republican Young men's meeting. The National Republican young men of the City of Washington, are requested to meet at the City Hall, (Aldermen's room) on Saturday evening next, the 24th inst ... March 22, 1832.

Hero of the Thames. The citizens of the District of Columbia, friendly to the elevation of Col. R. M. Johnson to the second office in the gift of a free people, are respectfully requested to attend at the City Hall, on Tuesday evening next, at e

Cholera. We would call the attention of our city readers to the proceedings adopted by a meeting held at the City Hall last evening ... the dictates of humanity call upon us to co-operate in producing, as far as practicable, a concert necessary

Public meeting. The citizens of New-Haven, who disapprove of the removal of the public deposites from the Bank of the United States, and who believe a National Bank essential to a sound currency, are requested to meet at the City Hall, on Thursd

An adjourned meeting. At a very large meeting of the citizens of Washington, held at the City Hall, on Friday evening the 3rd inst., ... That this meeting adjourn till to-morrow evening at 6 o'clock ... [Washington, 1837].

An adjourned meeting. This evening, at six o'clock, will be held at the City Hall, in the Court Room. Working men, fellow citizens, now is the only time which is left us, to throw off the chains which at present bind us, and paralyze our energie

At a very large and respectable meeting of the citizens of Philadelphia, in favor of the erection of a City Hall in Penn Square, held at the County Court House ... on Monday evening February 26th ... [Philadelphia, 1838?].

Public meeting. A public meeting of the citizens of Alton, will be held at the City hall, on Monday next, at ten o'clock, A. M. to hear the report of the committee of gentlemen appointed to confer with the citizens of Springfield, and the state

Progress of reform!!! No. 1

New York city hall, park and environs

North front of the City Hall, Washington City

City hall, San-Francisco, Cal. / Lith. & publ. by Quirot & Co., corner California and Montgomery Sts., S. Francisco.

Grand reception of Kossuth: "the champion of Hungarian Independence" at the City Hall, New York, December 6th 1851 Grosser Empfang Kossuth's: der Kaempfer fur Ungarn's Unabhaengigkeit" bey dem Stadt Haus, New York, December 6ten 1851.

Meeting of the mechanics and others of the City of Washington. A meeting of the mechanics and others, of the City, will be held on Friday evening next, at 7.5 o'clock, at the City Hall, in reference to the recent acts of the Commissioner of publ

City Hall, Washington

[City hall, New York]

Mayor's office, city hall, unites in marriage

Lying in State at the City Hall, New York [Funeral of Pres. James Monroe]

Remains of President Monroe lying in state at the City Hall on Saturday, July 3, 1858

The burning of the City Hall, New York, August 18, 1858

The democrats of Portland, will dedicate the New City Hall, to true democracy this Friday evening ... September 9, 1859. From Tucker's Caloric Printing Establishment.

Water registrar's office, City Hall. Boston March 29 1859. To E. Thorndike. Sir:- The water rate for premises No. 10 Russell St. for the year 1859 is now due ... William F. Davis. Water Registrar.

City Hall, New York City

View from dome of City Hall, looking S.E

City Hall, Boston, Mass

City Hall, N. Y

Nuremburg. The Rath-haus

City Hall, New-York, N.Y

Prague. The Rath-haus

City Hall, Washington D. C

View, looking N.W. from roof of Capitol

The meeting of the friends, City Hall Park

The meeting of the friends, City Hall Park. [New York, July 1863].

The City Hall Brooklyn

[Early photographic view of Washington, D.C. from the Capitol, looking northwest]

Mayor's office, City Hall, July 8th, 1863. In view of the recent glorious victories of our arms in Pennsylvania, and at Vicksburg, I John B. Romar, Mayor, do hereby recommend and request that all private and public buildings, so far as practicab

The City Hall New York City

Richmond, Virginia. Federal soldiers in front of City Hall

Lincoln Monument, Metropolitan Church & 4 12 Street, from the City Hall

View looking East from the corner of Meeting St. and Broad St., Charleston, S.C. City Hall in the foreground, now used as a Provost Guard House

Pres. Lincoln's funeral - removal of the body from the City Hall to the funeral car, New York

Richmond, Virginia. Federal soldiers in front of City Hall

Sacramento City, K Street, looking East from the Masonic Hall

City Hall and Plaza, San Francisco

W.M. Raymond & Co. Proprietors & manufacturers of metallic burial cases & caskets. 348 Pearl St., New York / Hatch & Co. 111 Broadway N.Y.

Arrested rag-pickers in City Hall Park, New York / sketched by C.G. Bush.

Notice to the inhabitants and other persons liable to pay taxes in the city of Boston ... City Hall, May 1, 1867.

Leaders of the Democratic Party

... Notice to the inhabitants and other persons liable to pay taxes in the city of Boston ... City Hall, May 1, 1869.

[Bank note vignettes showing U.S. Capitol, log cabins, Brooklyn Bridge, Independence Hall, two people fishing in harbor, and New York City Hall]

Views of construction of New City Building, Philadelphia, John McArthur, Jr., architect. Views of construction of sub-basement

The inauguration of Washington: as first President of the United States, April 30th 1789; at the old city hall, New York

[Exterior of City Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania]

Washington, D.C.--the new administration--colored citizens paying their respects to Marshall Frederick Douglass, in his office at the city hall / sketched by our special artist.

City Hall, New York City, N.Y.

U.S. Reports: Chicago v. Tilley, 103 U.S. 146 (1881)

New York City - view of the East River Bridge and the approaches, taken from the Hall of Records, City Hall Park

Card of invitation. You are cordially invited to be present at, and to take part in the exercises of, a Sanitary convention to be held in the City Hall, in the city of Flint, Michigan. January 25 and 26, 1881 ... Bela Cogshall, M. D. Secretary o

Squeezed dry / Gillam.

Library - City Hall & hose tower - Thomasville, Georgia

"Metropolis View" near Brooks's Station, Met. Br. "B and O" R.R. : a subdivision of part lot 30, by Ruth C. Denison and Emily H. Reed, as recorded in book "County No. 6," p. 90, Surveyor's Office, D.C., June 8, 1887 : situated 1 1/2 miles from the City Hall and ten minutes walk from Brook's Station : [Washington D.C.].

[Plans for exteriors and interiors]

[New City Hall, Munich, Bavaria, Germany]

[City Hall, Philadelphia, Pa.]

City Hall, Philadelphia, Pa.

City Hall, Montreal

City Hall, Montreal

City Hall, Charleston, S.C.

[Men in snowdrift heading for Crocushurst City Hall]

City Hall, Charleston, S.C

Washington, D.C.; 3 views. The Capitol, from the State Department; The National Library (of Congress); City Hall and Lincoln Column

A desperate situation

[The day we celebrate. Our youngest contributor's idea of it]

[N.Y. (City) - Manhattan - City Hall & Park]

City Hall, N.Y.

Among the unemployed of Chicago / drawn by Charles Mente.

The Corridor of the City Hall at night [Policeman looking at group of men seated and lying down]

The "World" Building and City Hall, New York City, U.S.A

Public Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa.

City Hall, Cleveland, O

City Hall, New York

City Hall, Albany, New York

City Hall, Norfolk, Va

City Hall, Bee and N.Y. Life Buildings. Omaha

City Hall, Marianao, Province of Havana, Cuba

Court Square - Vance Monument, courthouse, City Hall, Palmetto Building and Sheville Library, Asheville, N.C.

City Hall, Philadelphia, Pa.

Broad Street and City Hall, Philadelphia, Pa.

[City Hall, Cincinnati, Ohio]

T.R. [Theodore Roosevelt] in City Hall, Paris

[City Hall, Richmond, Virginia]

Start of John-Ennis C.A.J. Queck-Berner from city hall, N.Y.