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[Ironclad vessel with rudder and paddlewheel]

To the Hone. Jno. Hancock, Esqre. president of ye Continental Congress, this map of the seat of civil war in America, is respectfully inscribed by his most obedient humble servant, B. Romans.

Geographical history of the rail road regiment, 89th regiment of Illinois vols. infantry. [1862-1865]

[Swift Creek area, Chesterfield and Prince George Counties, Virginia] /

Vessels destroyed at Norfolk 1861.

Sunset view of Fort Sumter before the bombardment [1861]

Cold Harbor [Hanover County, Virginia] /

[Map of portion of Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County, Virginia] /

[Map of the Chaffin's Bluff area of Henrico County, Virginia] /

Affair of the Wmsbg Road or Fair Oaks No. 2, Oct. 26-27-28/64 /

Ellerson's Mill. Battle-field of Mechanicsville, Va.

[Civil War envelope showing Columbia with shield and American flag and White House]

Loss of the steamboat Swallow: while on her trip, from Albany to New-York, on Monday evening April 7th 1845

Maj. Theodore Winthrop, killed at Bulls Bluff

[Lieutenant Colonel Karl Friedrich Heinrich von Trebra, Union officer in the 32nd Indiana Regiment, half-length portrait, facing front] / Abtheilung für Portraits, Wilhelm Grundner.

[Union case for daguerreotype, ambrotype, or tintype showing the George Washington equestrian monument on the Virginia state capitol grounds by Thomas Crawford surrounded by seraphs, eagles and Union shields; back is design of seraphs, eagles, and shields only]

Confederate Generals

Engine, J.H. Devereux, Alexandria

[General John Buford of General Staff U.S. Volunteers Infantry Regiment in uniform] / From photographic negative in Brady's National Portrait Gallery.

Maj. Gen. G.A. Custer / From photographic negative in Brady's National Portrait Gallery.

[Private Vernon Mosher of Co. F, 97th New York Infantry Regiment, in uniform, amputated hand visible] / Thos. D. Givin, photographer, No. 432 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.

Charlestown Navy Yard

Alexander Hamilton Stephens Papers: General Correspondence, 1784-1886; 1859, July 17-Oct. 24

Alexander Hamilton Stephens Papers: General Correspondence, 1784-1886; 1859, July 17-Oct. 24

[Two unidentified soldiers of the Richmond Light Infantry Blues, later assigned to Co. A, 46th Virginia Infantry Regiment, in uniform]

Alexander Hamilton Stephens Papers: General Correspondence, 1784-1886; 1859, July 17-Oct. 24


[Sketches of four ships]


Cutting out a ship

U.S. Transport "Gove[r]nor"

[Flag of the Richland Volunteer Rifle Company]

[A wrecked boat]

[A dead soldier]

Dirijo [sic], wrecker

[Two sketches of horse outside tent]

Floating Hospital & Floating Battery

[Three soldiers in a rifle pit]

[Horseman galloping across a battlefield]

Transport Clipper Ocean Express in tow of the Illinois

Veteran 1812

U.S. Transport "Coatzacoalcus"

[Soldier peering over a log]

[A soldier leading a horse]

Coopers Arty

[Ship's deck]

Chesapeake & Patapsco


Sketch no. 4 of roads between H.-Q. 10th Army Corps and Swift Creek on the south : with enemy's 2nd line of intrenchements [sic] around Drury's Bluff on the north /

[Benjamin Butler]

Capture of a U.S. Cavalry

Ft. Brady

[Steamships and sailboats]

From city point, looking down

[Switch on a railroad track]

Ft. Runyon

Pickets [sic] train captured here [and] Warren with Crawfords div

Catten[a?] and Jerome Napoleon

Sawyer. Renshaw

Revenue cutter

[View of ships bow and rigging]

[Feeding and resting horses]

[Map of battlefield]

The "Stonewall Jackson"

Steamer S. R. Spalding. [Transport]

[Two sketches: officer on horse and marching figures with rifles]

[A calvary charge]

[Two sailing ships]

Rhode Island camp ground

[Full-length rear view of standing officer]

[Map of the northern portion of Hanover County, Va., showing fortifications on the South Anna River near Taylorsville].

Seat of war in Virginia, &c.

[Maps of the environs of forts Franklin, Alexander, and Ripley, in Montgomery County, Maryland].

[Map of Hanover County, Va.].

Map of the defences of Charleston city and harbor, showing also the works erected by the U.S. forces in 1863 and 1864 /

Sketch of Charleston Harbor

In the Rebel intrenchments [sic]

Topographical sketch near Fort Staunton from points not under fire of its guns : [Washington D.C.].

Gen. Martin D. Hardin

D.C. McCallum

Renshaw W.B. USN

Gen. O.O. Howard

Gordon Granger

Gen. Charles R. Woods, Col. of 76th Ohio Inf.

Col. Newton Lord, 35th N.Y.

Geo. F. Shepley, Col. 12th Maine


Capt. J. Price, 7th N.Y. S.M.



Surgeon C.W. Wheelwright

Major A. Hamilton

Gwin, Lt. Comdr William

Capt. J.B. Huger

E.B. Tyler

Robert Anderson

Commadore J.W. Livingstone, U.S.N.


Capt. R.G. Prendergast, 1st New York Cavalry

J.S. Bowen of MO, C.S.A.

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