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National platform of the Know somethings. Adopted at Cleveland, O., June 14, 1855.

Map of the projected railway from Harrisburg to Pittsburg [sic], with proposed extension to Cleveland, Wooster, Sandusky, Toledo, Cincinnati; Michigan City, Chicago, Galena, Rock Island, St. Louis, &a; in connection with the public works of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois.

Map of the projected railway from Harrisburg to Pittsburg [sic] with proposed extensions to Cleveland, Cincinnati and St. Louis, in connexion [sic] with the public works of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois /

[William T. Coggeshall's membership pledge] Cleveland, 1845.

Map of the Cleveland and Mahoning Rail Road and its connections, Edward Warner Chief Engineer, 1853.

Great western & south-western mail route to Cleveland Pittsburg, Columbus, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Louisville, Terre Haute, Lafayette, St. Louis and all points south and west The following lines and magnificent low pressure steamers form a nig

Cleveland National Democrat?, Tuesday, December 11, 1860 (Clipping of forged letter from Lincoln to Thomas Ewing)

Map of Henry County, Illinois /

Hon. Cleveland

E. S. Cleveland to Abraham Lincoln, Saturday, September 29, 1860 (Introduction)

Cleveland Executive Committee, Tuesday, February 05, 1861 (Resolution inviting Lincoln)

3 illus.: 1. The Presidential journey - Reception of President Lincoln in New York, on the arrival of the special trains at the Hudson River R. depot, Thirtieth Street, Thursday, Feb. 19, 1861; 2. Reception of President Lincoln at Cleveland, Ohio; 3. President Lincoln in Buffalo, N.Y.

Cleveland City Council, Friday, December 16, 1864 (Printed resolutions)

John Sherman to Abraham Lincoln, March 1865 (Appointment of collector at Cleveland)

Grand pleasure excursions to Lake Superior one of the new magnificent upper cabin meteor steamers Pewabic. Will give excursion trips as below ... [Cleveland, 1865].

Grand pleasure excursions to Lake Superior. The splendid passenger steamers "Northern Light" and "Lac La Belle." will sail the following days on Grand pleasure excursions to the upper lakes, leaving Cleveland, at 8 o'clock, P. M ... Cleaveland,

Herbert, Hon. Hillary of ALA. Capt. Of Greenville Guards, CSA. Col. Of 8th ALA. Inf. (disabled at Battle of the Wilderness, May 6, 1864) Sec of Navy in Cleveland's Cabinet

Lincoln and the drummer boy, [Knapp portrait].

Hon. Wm. E. Chandler of N.H. Sec. of Navy, Cleveland Cabinet

Gresham, Hon. Walter Q. Secty of State - Cleveland Adm

List of manuscripts in binding -- No. 1 April 1, 1870. [Cleveland, 1870].

The Palaces of light

Hon. Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus Lamar of Mississippi, Colonel of 18th Miss. Inf. C.S.A. Sect'y of Interior in Cleveland's Cabinet, Supreme Court Judge

Hon. Thos. A. Hendricks of Ohio, Vice President under Cleveland

Rev. Dr. Sunderland, Presby. Minister, Married Grover Cleveland

Light-house at Cleveland, Ohio, Lake Erie

Cleveland Ohio

Map of the Pittsburg [sic], Fort Wayne & Chicago, Cleveland and Pittsburg [sic], Grand Rapids and Indiana, and Pennsylvania railroads.

Birds eye view of Cleveland, Ohio 1877.

Come ye sinners, poor and needy

Hush, don't make a noise; or, Don't wake the baby

Lora Vale

Easter morning

Speak to me

Oh, give me a home by the sea

Stars of the midnight

May is here

I stand on memory's golden shore

One I love, two I love

You and I waltz

One little word

O kiss me ere I sleep

Still I love thee

Tommy make room for your uncle

[John F. Cleveland, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing right, in oval]

Song without words

Paragon axle grease. Cleveland, O.

Mr. Cleveland's "wild team"

[Grover Cleveland, bust portrait, seated, facing right]

[Grover Cleveland as fisherman helping "The Post" girl with "presidential policy" oar on "ship of state"]

Grover Cleveland

[Grover Cleveland, Daniel Manning, William C. Whitney, William F. Vilas, and Lucius Q.C. Lamar fishing with young George Washington while Daniel Lamont is on telephone]

Map showing the Ohio Southern R.R. and its connections through the Cincinnati, Sandusky & Cleveland and Indiana, Bloomington & Western Railroads.

Gen. James A. Garfield, 20th president of the United States / W.J. Morgan & Co. lith., Cleveland, O.

The "New home" in the far west / W.U. Morgan & Co. Lith, Cleveland, O.

Bronze casket in vault at Lakeview Cemetery, Cleveland, Ohio. Temporary resting place of the remains of James A. Garfield

The Name above every name

William Tell Cleveland will not bow to the hat / Gillam.

An artist's rambles in Washington: the artist's arrival at the Capital [and] Washington ladies marketing: [small African American boys fighting to carry man's luggage and woman's market basket]; Open-air restaurant at centre market [African Americans at tables under large umbrellas, in rain]; The head of a military procession [small African American boys walking in front o fmilitary parade]; Reception of Mexican war veterans [carrying flags] by the President [Grover Cleveland]

New York. Grand ovation to Governor Cleveland in the city of Buffalo, October 2d. Scene on Main Street / From sketches by C. Upham.

Grover Cleveland

[Grover Cleveland for president campaign memorabilia fragment]

Please read this carefully. A few facts in regard to Gov. Cleveland ... [n. p. 1884].

The workingman will support Cleveland

Stephen Grover Cleveland

Grover Cleveland / R. Staudenbaur, s.c. ; photographed by W.J. Baker.

Democratic meeting Pole raising!! Cleveland, Hendricks and reform. There will be a Democratic meeting and pole raising at New Geneva on Friday, October 24th, 1884.

The Democratic candidates--- 1884. Stephen Grover Cleveland of New York. Thomas A. Hendricks of Indiana ... These electrotypes are from fine engravings by Rea. of Philadelphia ... Philadelphia. [c. 1884].

Cleveland's entry into Washington - March 4th. 1885 / J. Keppler.

Our government farm -- President Cleveland finds an effectual protection against the twenty-five-year locusts / Zimmerman.

Columbus Cleveland and his mutinous crew - "This ship shall not turn back!" / Gillam.

President Cleveland and his cabinet / J. Keppler.

For President Grover Cleveland. For Vice President Thomas A. Hendricks. For Electors H. J. McLeary, [and 12 others] For Representatives to U. S. Congress Charles Stewart. For Governor John Ireland. For Lieutenant Governor Barnett Gibbs ... [Texa

Frances (Folsom) Cleveland, 1864-

"Two hearts that beat as one." President Cleveland. President Cleveland's bride

Kyzer's complete map of Cleveland County, N.C. : 1886 /

New York - the unvailing [i.e., unveiling] of the Bartholdi Statue of Liberty, October 28th - President Cleveland passing through the fleet of assembled vessels in the launch Vixne, on his way to Bedlow's Island [4 sailors standing in foregrd.; Statue of Liberty in backgrd.]

[Frances (Folsom) Cleveland, 1864-1947, full length portrait, standing, facing right; in formal gown]

[Mrs. Grover Cleveland, facing right]

Patsy Tebeau, Cleveland Spiders, baseball card portrait

A stay of proceedings. The foot of monopoly - and the hand of Cleveland

[Elmer Cleveland, New York Giants, baseball card portrait]

[Jimmy McAleer, Cleveland Spiders, baseball card portrait]

[Bakely, Cleveland Blues, Spiders, and Infants, baseball card portrait]

[Eb Beatin, Cleveland Spiders, baseball card portrait]

[Chief Zimmer, Cleveland Spiders, baseball card portrait]

[Paul Radford, Cleveland Spiders, baseball card portrait]

[John McGlone, Cleveland Spiders, baseball card portrait]

[Jimmy McAleer, Cleveland Spiders, baseball card portrait]

Presidential train [of Grover Cleveland, with pullman waiters posed at back of train]

Presidential Train [of Grover Cleveland]

[Henry Gruber, Cleveland Spiders, baseball card portrait]

[T. C. Nicholson, Cleveland Team, baseball card portrait]

[Sy Sutcliffe, Cleveland Spiders, baseball card portrait]

[Cub Stricker, Cleveland Blues, Spiders, and Infants, baseball card portrait]

[Henry Gruber, Cleveland Spiders, baseball card portrait]

[Bobby Gilks, Cleveland Spiders, baseball card portrait]

[Mike Goodfellow, Cleveland Blues, baseball card portrait]

Cleveland, Ohio.

[Grover Cleveland, full-length portrait, standing, facing right, holding hat]

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