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A club of artist's

The Country Club / H. Bunbury, esqr, delint. ; W. Dickinson, excudit.

Constitutional Club

Meeting night of the Club of Odd Fellows / Collings, del. ; etchd. by Barlow.

The Smoaking Club / J. Boyne, delt ; E. Scott, sculpt.

Regulations for the Belle lettre club. [Dated in Mss. New York, Feb. 24, 1795] [Positive Photostat].

Constitution ... We the subscribers, hereby authorize the Secretary of "The Republican Club of Hartford," to enter our names upon the book of the club, as members; we subscribing to the above constitution.

The Union Club / Js. Gillray, invt. & fect.

The Union club

The ugly club / Van Assen del. et sculp.

United Whig Club, New-York, Tuesday, March 28, 1809. Whereas sundry persons have endeavoured to impress on the minds of our Fellow Republican citizens, to the prejudice of this association, that we are disaffected to the present administration o

The New Union Club

Rules of the Gloucester Hunting Club. Tally Ho! ...

[Title page for Memoirs of the Gloucester for Hunting Club]

Constitution of the Central Tippecanoe Club of Harford County [1840?].

3rd and 1st ward Tippecanoe Club. An adjourned meeting of this club will be held on this (Thursday) evening, June 11, at 8 o'clock, at the Municipal Court Room, Corner of Henry and Cranberry Streets ... George Hall, President, B. C. Howard Secre

Tippecanoe club. The committee appointed at the public meeting held at the Perseverance engine house, on Tuesday evening last, will be prepared to report a constitution and by-laws for a Tippecanoe club on Friday evening, September 11th ... the

A special meeting of the Tippecanoe club of the City of Alton, will be held at the counting room of B. Clifford, jr. on Wednesday evening, May 27th, at half past 7 o'clock. By order of the President. J. Hall, Sec'y. Alton, May 26, [1840].

The Prize Song, "The Whig Chief" Henry Clay, by the Boston Clay Club, No. 1

Fellow citizens:- It is not to be disguised that we are on the eve of one of the most important elections ever held in this country, and we of the Democratic Whig party ... By order of the Bensalem Clay Club [October, 1844].

Democratic Hickory club. At a stated meeting of the Hickory club of the City and County of Philadelphia, held on the 3d September 1844, the following address was adopted and ordered to be published: To the Democrats of the Union. The importance

The amateurs quartette club, no. 1

Mendelssohn Quintette Club of Boston (organized 1849) / Armstrong & Co. Lith. 1 Somerset St. Boston and Riverside Press, Cambridge.

The match by the Club of All Nations at Cowes [England]. The AMERICA yacht making a start ahead

December 6th, 1852. Sir: The undersigned, appointed a committee of invitation by the Washington club, beg leave to enclose to you a copy of its rules and regulation; and invite you to become a member of the Institution ... [Washington, D. C. 185

[2 humorous sketches of daily life in London: "Going to the pantomime" (middle-class family about to enter carriage); "The Goose Club" drawn by Phiz (winning plucked geese in Christmas lottery?)]

Arch erected by the Webster Club, Main St., S. Danvers / Lith. by J. H. Bufford.

Samuel Hart & Co.s Club House playing card

Literary club. Ninth anniversary October 29th, 1858 ... Cincinnati Gazette Co. Print. [1858].

At a meeting of the club held last evening, it was voted to accept the invitation extended us by Robert Fletcher, Esq. to visit his homestead and partake of his hospitalities ... John Patterson, Secretary. Boston, June 1st, 1859.

B. W. Mudge to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, November 16, 1860 (Elected honorary member of San Francisco Republican Club)

Lincoln, Hamlin, and Curtin! The friends of Lincoln, Hamlin and Curtin, Will meet at Howellville, Tredyffrin Tp., on Thursday evening, 30th of August, 1860, for the purpose of forming a Lincoln & Hamlin Club. To be addressed by H. W. Currether, Esq., & Capt. James Givin.

Cooke's campaign songs, as sung by Cooke's New York Glee Club.

Chicago Wide-Awake Republican Club to Abraham Lincoln, Friday, June 01, 1860 (Certificate of membership)

James Shields to Amador County California Breckinridge Club, Wednesday, October 10, 1860 (Printed Circular Letter)

Lincoln, Hamlin and Curtin! The people's Club of West Fallowfield will hold a meeting in Cochranville.

Patriotic Union Club, 1862 (Certificate)

Brooklyn New York Young Mens Republican Club, 1863 (Printed application form)

Salvation of our country! Patriotic Union Club of the United States of America. Certificate of membership

To the loyal men of Herkimer County! It is well known to the Unionists of this County that there is to be an immense mass meeting at Herkimer, on Saturday, the 15th inst .... Seth M. Richmond, Pres. of Union Club. Little Falls, Oct. 10, 1864.

This is a piece of the first flag taken from Corinth by the first man that entered the breastworks (genuine). I obtained it at the Union Club, Feby. 22, 1864

Essayon Dramatic Club, U.S. Engineer Battalion in front of Petersburg, Va., August, 1864

Lincoln & Oglesby Campaign Club.

[Club house race course, where Federal officers were confined, Charleston, S.C., April 1865]

Club House at the race course, where the Union Officers were confined, Charleston, S.C.

The Elkhorn Club on the banks of the Platte

Hoboken riding club, riding the "Jeu de Barre," or catch play, at their annual exhibition, March 24 / Bghs.

[Union League Club, New York City (project). Elevation. Rendering] / R. M. Hunt, architect.

Home run polka. Composed by Mrs. Bodell of Washington, and respectfully dedicated to the National Baseball Club of Washington, D.C. / / L. N. Rosenthal, lith.

Bachelor Baseball Club

[Winnebago man, full-length portrait, seated, facing front, holding tomahawk and club]

Sir: You are respectfully invited to attend a meeting of Republicans of Ward 5, at Phillips Hall (Mercantile building,) Summer street on Friday evening next, August 28th at 7.5 o'clock, for the purpose of organizing a Grant & Colfax Club. Per or

Imperial Club Mogul, Lawrence & Cohen

Presentation of a champion bat to the "Red Stocking" base-ball club, Cincinnati, Ohio, on its return home / sketched by J.A. Gervis.

[Page of advertisements, including illus. of Harrington & Richardson revolver and Peck & Snyder's "American Club (Ice) Skate"]

The fire at the Union League Club house last Sunday morning The new Alexandra Palace, Muswell Hill, England.

Champion Rowist-the Pride of the club

The song of the specie payments. By Marblehead Greenback club. [n. p. 1878?].

The Chicago Union Veteran club. Address of the committee on political action to the soldiers and sailors of Cook County ... Henry F. Hawkes, Chairman. [1879].

Fort Sheridan, Ill., officers' club

[The officers' club of the Imperial Ironclad Frigate Mes'udiye] / Constantinople, Abdullah Frères.

The Tile Club at work / Drawn by C.S. Reinhart.

Milwaukee, yacht club boat house

Country Club, Pasadena, Cal.

Atlantic Yacht Club House, Bay Ridge

"Esmeralda" waltz-lanciers. Arranged for the Esmeralda Club, of St. Louis, Mo.

First blood for the Blue Grass Club

Facts for the workingmen! As told by Hon. James G. Blaine, at his reception by the Young men's Republican club at the Brooklyn Grand opera house, October 30th, 1884 ... Issued by Young men's Republican club of Kings Co, Campaign 1884. [New York?

Eastern Yacht Club regatta

New York Base Ball Club of 1886 / Photos by John Wood, 208 Bowery, New York.

Eastern Yacht Club regatta

New York Base Ball Club of 1886 / Photos by John Wood, 208 Bowery, New York.

Boston Base Ball Club

The six o'clock club, founded November 10, 1887 to promote good fellowship and study of the "Gospel of Relaxation." Requirements for membership. [Washington, 1887].

Philadelphia base ball club

Cafe of the Lawyers Club, Equitable Building, New York, The

Athletic club

Veterans Tippecanoe Club and their cabin, Kansas City, Mo.

Pennsylvania--Lieutenant Emory H. Taunt, United States consul to the Congo State / / photo. by Thomson, London. Michigan--building of the Ladies' Literary Club at Grand Rapids. The collapse of the Panama Canal--a view of the cut through the Culebra Mountain, showing the great physical obstacles to be overcome. Count Ferdinand de Lesseps

The lime kiln club

The Boston base ball club / G. H. Hastings, 1888.

Group of Nuttall Ornithological Club, taken near the Brewster Museum, 1889, by flashlight

Johnstown flood, [Pennsylvania], South Fork Dam and club house

Country club, Grosse Pointe Farms [sic]

[Cowes, R. Y. S. club house, Isle of Wight, England]

Tennis club, Shanghai, Kiangsu province, China

Detroit Boat Club, Belle Isle [Park]

The Old club, St. Clair Flats

Beach and club house, Harbor Point

Yacht club, Syracuse

Lake from the club house, Hopatcong, N.J.

Hong Kong--Hong Kong Club

[Theodulpass, with Club Cottage, Valais, Alps of, Switzerland]

Toledo Club, Toledo

Bench show. New England Kennel Club

Chicago Club House, Charlevoix

Dining room, the Club, Pointe aux Barques

Country club, Grosse Pointe Farms [sic]

Riverside Yacht Club House

Club house, Kennebunkport, Maine

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