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[How they cook their fish] / T.B.

[French Cookery. Frontispiece illustration of cook inside restaurant]

[Frontispiece (portrait) of Robert May and title page from his book, The Accomplisht Cook, or the Art and Mystery of Cookery]

The Duke of N- - -tle and his cook

An Offering before Captain Cook in the Sandwich Islands / Webber del. ; Walker sculp.

Afiatooka, or Morai in Tongataboo [i.e. Tongatabu] / Webber del. ; Cook sculp.

The Reception of Captain Cook, in Hapaee / Webber del. ; Goldar, sc.

A View of Christmas Harbour, in Kerguelen's Land / Webber del. ; Cook sculp.

A Man of Mangea and a woman of Eaoo / Webber del. ; Cook sculp.

A macaroni French cook

Captain James Cook, F.R.S.

A Chart of the Southern Hemisphere showing the tracks of some of the most distinguished navigators, by Capt. James Cook

Bowles's new and accurate map of the world, or Terrestrial globe : laid down from the best observations and newest discoveries particularly those lately made in the south seas by Anson, Byron, Wallis, Bouganville, Cook, and other celebrated circumnavigators, illustrated with a variety of useful projections and representations of the heavenly bodies the most approved astronomical and geographical definitions tables, and problems with an easy and familiar explanation of the most curious and interesting phoenomena in the universal system.

[Old woman scouring a cooking pot in front of large kitchen fire. Lady handing menu(?) to cook]

"Oh fly," cries peace, the soul of social life,... / Stothard del. ; Cook sculp.

Mr. Fitzherbert the British minister plenipotentiary, with Gravier de Vergennes, and le Compte d'Aranda ministers plenipotentiary of the courts of France & Spain, signing the preliminary articles of peace at Versailles (on Jany. the 20th 1783) previous to their final ratification / Metz delin. ; Cook sculp.

Major John Andre, late Adjutant General of the British army in North America / Dodd delin. ; Cook sculp.

Samuel Cook to John Jay, February 26, 1786, Extract

... An act for the relief of David Cook and Thomas Campbell. [Philadelphia: Printed by Francis Childs and John Swaine, 1791.].

A new map of the world : with all the new discoveries by Capt. Cook and other navigators : ornamented with the Solar System, the eclipses of the sun, moon & planets &c. /

Asia with its islands and different regions : according to their modern divisions ; also the discoveries made by Capt. Cook.

[Title page of Rosalie Blanquet, La Cuisiniere de menages and frontispiece showing cook holding a rose over a cake]

Bambridge on trial for murder by a committee of the House of Commons / engraved by T. Cook from an original painting by Wm. Hogarth in the possession of Mr. Ray.

Thomas Jefferson to Lewis Cook and Jacob Francis, May 5, 1808, of the St. Regis Indians

Orchard Cook to James Madison, December 16, 1815.

A peasant smoaking Le paysan fumeur / / painting by R. Westall R.A. ; engraved by H.R. Cook.

A royal brewery, or how to cook a wife

Chief cook and bottle washers

Map of the Counties of Cook and DuPage, the east part of Kane and Kendall, the north part of Will, state of Illinois /

Trust sale at Front Royal, on Saturday the 27th of December 1851, of house and lots, slaves and household and kitchen furniture. By virtue of a deed of trust from William Cook bearing date November 19, 1851 ... Winchester, Va. Harvey Brown Cheap

The cook

The Execution of Cook and Coppock ... [Charlestown, W. Va., Dec. 17, 1859; panoramic view of soldiers surrounding gallows from which 2 of the Harper's Ferry Raiders are hanging]

Schoolhouse taken possession by Capt. Cook

Hon. Burton Chauncey Cook of Ill.

Hon. Burton Chauncey Cook of Ill.

Maj. W.W. Cook, 5th N.H. Inf.

Cook, Posa, Actress

[Unidentified woman in hat] / C.C. Cook & Co., 916 Chestnut St., Phila., finished in ten minutes.

Camp of 71st New Vols. Cook house Soldiers getting dinner ready. (200 Excelsior)

[Enoch Hooper Cook, Jr., Pvt, Co. H. 38th Alabama Infantry, C.S.A., half-length portrait, facing front holding rifle]

Map of Cook County, Illinois /

War views -- Army of the Potomac -- the way they cook dinner in camp

Hon. Robert Barnwell Rhett, of South Carolina / photographed by Cook, Charleston, S.C.

Campaign sketches. Our jolly cook / Homer del.

Lemuel Cook

Lemuel Cook, aged 105, one of the survivors of the Revolution

The late Brigadier-General Daniel M'Cook / photographed by Hoag & Quick, Cincinnati, O.

Cook, Hon. Philip of Georgia Entered Confederate Army as Private in 1861 Brig. gen. in August 1863 (Leader in Gordon's attack on Fort Stedman

Van Vechten's map of Cook Du Page Countie's also the norther portion of Lake County, Indiana /

Philip Cook of Georgia, M.C. Born 1817 in Twiggs County, Ga., Served in C.S.A. 1861, Brig Gen. in 1863, Leader in Gordons attack on Fort Stedman

Cook, Rev. Jos.

The Chicago Union Veteran club. Address of the committee on political action to the soldiers and sailors of Cook County ... Henry F. Hawkes, Chairman. [1879].

[Tennessee Claflin, Lady Cook, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing right] / Gurney & Son, Fifth Ave., N.[Y.]

State Industrial School for Girls, Middletown, Conn. [4 images]: 1. Expostulating with a vicious girl; 2. Graduate; 3. Learning to cook; 4. Making paper boxes

This time I'll cook my goose for sure

General Richard S. Ewell--General Ewell, of Jackson's Corps, was severely wounded in the conflict with King's division on August 28 / H.V. sc ; from a photograph by Cook.

Snyder's real estate map of Cook County, Illinois : indexed /

Washington cook (to mistress in the hall)--"Shure, ye can't come in. We've gone into executive session, and we're cookin up something to surprise ye"

[Paul Cook, Louisville Colonels, baseball card portrait]

F. Cook, Custer County, Nebraska.

Snyder's real estate map of Cook and Dupage Counties, Illinois.

[The cook at Marshall Hall, seated outdoors, shelling peas?]

Cook in White House kitchen

[Cook in the rue de Stamboul, Constantinople, Turkey]

[Fat cook stirring a pot]

Cook house

Convicts at cook house in camp near Eastern Siberian Railway

U.S.S. Brooklyn, Captain Cook and officers

[U.S.S. Brooklyn, Capt. Cook]

The Chinese cook, grinning from the doorway, Chinatown, San Francisco

The Chinese cook, grinning from the doorway, Chinatown, San Francisco

U.S.S. Brooklyn, Captain Cook

U.S.S. Brooklyn, Captain Cook

[Soldier standing at camp cook area, Rough Riders military camp, Montauk Point, New York]

[A traveling cook, Kairwan, Tunisia]

[African American schoolgirls with teacher, learning to cook on a wood stove in classroom]

Gen. Leclercq, Capt. T.C. Cook

Frances Cook

Chola cook

Knott Wright. "Come out to the kitchen and meet our new cook"

Washington Cook

Willis C. Cook

[D.C. Cook's horses, Lake George]

Walter Cook

Mary Spaar, Lady Cook

[Deborah Cook Sayles Public Library, Pawtucket, Rhode Island]



Branch at no. 328 East 67th Street, New York Public Library. Babb, Cook & Willard, architects

Branch at no. 224 E, 125th Street, New York Public Library. Babb, Cook & Willard, architects




Woodford Oratorical Stage announcing Elizabeth Cook winner of Woodford Oratorical Prize for speech," Men, Women and Human Beings"

Cornell's Champion Girl Debater, Elizabeth Ellsworth Cook, to Enter Wall Street

Co-Ed Wins in Debate against five mere men, April 26, 1908. Elizabeth Ellsworth Cook wins Woodford Prize of Oratory

Dr. Cook welcomed by aldermen in reception room, New York

[Reception of Dr. Frederick A. Cook in New York City, August 21, 1909]

U.S. Army cook tent, peeling potatoes

[Dr. Frederick A. Cook and wife on ship, Grand Republic, head-and-shoulders portraits, facing right]