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[Page form the vellum copy of the Antoine Verard edition of Roman de la Rose (1493) in the Rosenwald Collection, illustrated with 3 hand-colored woodcuts of woman in domestic situations]

Copy of the fifth & sixth articles of the Treaty of neutrality in America, between England and France, in the year 1686. Late sent in orders to His Majesty’s frigots attending the government of this Province, to be put in Execution to effect. [b

Charles II of Eng-Netherlands Treaty. Copy of an extract of a treaty between Charles II of England and the Netherlands. Original from Feb. 7, 1667.

Copy of a sketch of the Monongahela, with the field of battle,

General Forbes' route on the march against Fort Du Quesne, 1758 : this map is a copy of the original map, "General Forbes' marching jurnal [sic] to the Ohio J. Potts" in the collection of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania /

Copy Major John Thornton's platt.

The melancholy case of Mrs. Ackerman. Copy of a letter from a Dutch farmer, in the County of Orange, to a gentleman of the law, in the City of New-York, [and] The answer. [Signed] Z. W. New York, January 29. [New York, 1772].

Boston, March 30th, 1773. By direction of the Committee of correspondence for the town of Boston, I now transmit to you an attested copy of the proceedings of said town on the 8th instant, and am with due respect your most humble servant [Signed

James MacPherson to Charles McPherson, August 7, 1773, Refusal to Allow Copy of Gaelic Version of Ossian's Poems

The following is a copy of a letter, said to be wrote by Gen. Brattle, to the commander in chief, viz. Cambridge, August 29, 1774. Mr. Brattle presents his duty to his Excellency Gov. Gage, he apprehends it his duty to acquaint his Excellency fr

Copy of a survey return'd by Mr. Sam Lewis, surveyor of Botetourt Coun[t]y. Surveyed for George Washington 2950 acres of land (by virtue of a warrant for 5,000 acres granted by His Excellency the Governor to said Washington agreeable to His Majesty proclamatiom issued in the year 1763) lying in the county of Botetourt on the n.e. side of the Great Kanhaway about a mile and half above the mouth of Cole River, joining the upper end of the Poketillico survey ... Novemr. 6th, 1774.

To the public. Many citizens being desirous of seeing the motion, made in Committee on the 6th instant, by Mr. Henry Remsen, it is now published by their consideration [Copy of motion] Mistake not the business of next Wednesday; it is only wheth

Fresh news from Boston. Copy a letter from a person of distinction at Cambridge, to a gentleman in this City, dated Cambridge, March 21, 1776. Sir, I shall now my dear Sir, acquaint you with some further particulars than which I have been transm

State of Massachusetts-Bay. In the House of representatives, October 8, 1777. Whereas by information from the commanding officer of the detachment from this State, at the State of Rhode Island ... A true copy. Attest. J. Avery, D. Sec'y.

State of Rhode-Island and Providence Plantations. In council of war, March 12, 1779 ... a true copy: witness, William Coddington, Clerk. Providence: Printed by John Carter.

Horatio Gates to Anthony W. White, September 19, 1780, Copy

State of Massachusetts Bay. In the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty. An act to prevent and punish desertion and for apprehending and securing deserters form the Continental army ... This act passed May 5, 1780. A true copy.

Thomas Jefferson to Nathanael Greene, February 19, 1781, Typescript Copy

The British king's speech. New-York, February 10 By the Brigantine Peggy, Capt. M'Niel, in nineteen days from Tortola, who arrived here yesterday we have received the following copy of his Majesty's most gracious speech to both house of Parliame

Thomas Jefferson to John Adams, January 13, 1788, Included Copy of Thomas Jefferson Letter to Hogguer, Grand, & Company, same date

Page 217 from Thomas Jefferson's copy of The Federalist (1788)

The following is a copy of a bill, which was introduced and read in the Honorable General Assembly of this State, at their session last week at Newport--- the consideration of which is postponed to the next session. September 21, 1789. An act fo

State of New Hampshire. In the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety. An act directing the mode of choosing representatives to the Congress of the United States. ... A true copy Attest. Joseph Pearson, Secretary [Exeter: Printed

Thomas Jefferson to Francis Eppes, July 25, 1790, Copy

Thomas Jefferson to Roger Alden, July 25, 1790, Copy

Copy of a letter from the New-Paltz, in Ulster County, to Mr. C. C. in the City of New-York. Sir: Since I wrote you last, I have taken a tour through the southern part of our country [Regarding the campaign of Governor Clinton and John Jay] [Sig

The Genius of the Ladies Magazine, accompanied by the Genius of Emulation, who carries in her hand a laurel crown, approaches Liberty, and kneeeling, presents her with a copy of the Rights of Women

Thomas Jefferson to Elias Boudinot, April 1, 1792, Copy

Circular. Philadelphia. August 3, 1792. Sir. By the enclosed copy of the minutes of the proceedings of a general meeting of the Citizens of Philadelphia, you will preceive, that the Citizens are desirous to obtain information of the sense of the

Thomas Jefferson to James Madison, July 28, 1793, with Variant Copy

Copy of a petition now circulating for subscription, humbly offered for the perusal of the members of the Honourable the House of Assembly. To the Honourable the representatives of the Freemen of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania is Assembly met;

Rule as to the sailing of vessels of war of the belligerent nations from the United States ... True copy, Geo: Taylor, jun. Ch Clk. in the Department of State. June 18th, 1794. [Philadelphia: Printed by Childs and Swaine, 1794.].

James Madison Sr., February 11, 1796. Certified Copy of Oath of employment of William Russell enclosed in William Russell's Feb. 22, 2003 letter to J. Madison.

State of New-York. In Senate, August 17th 1798. Ordered that Mr. Foote and Mr. Frey deliver a copy of the resolution, (relative to the proposed amendments to the constitution of the United States) to the Hon. the Assembly and request their concu

A revolutionary relic. A sermon preached on the eve of the battle of Brandywine, Sept. 10, 1777 b the Rev. Joab Trout ... The above is from an old copy in the possession of Henry Stevens, Esq. Burlington Vt.

Copy of a letter from the Rev. Mr. Jacob Duche to General Washington October 8, 1777.

A revolutionary relic. A sermon preached on the eve of the battle of Brandywine, Sept. 10, 1777 b the Rev. Joab Trout ... The above is from an old copy in the possession of Henry Stevens, Esq. Burlington Vt.

A pretty copy

The Key. Electors of the Western district. The conspicuous part you bore, in putting down the former administration of Gov. Clinton, will be remembered with pride and satisfaction .... Copy of a letter from Peter Ten Broeck ... to Conrad Ed. Elm

Unknown to Unknown, February 11, 1801, Copy of Letter written "at Dillenburg near Marburg" on a Proposal to Establish "three colonies under the authority of the US peopled with emigrants from Germany"

Thomas Jefferson to Thomas Munroe, Superintendent of the City, August 8, 1802, Faded Copy

Thomas Jefferson to Thomas Munroe, Superintendent of the City, August 16, 1802, Faded Copy

Josef Yznardi to Hugh S. Campbell, 1806, Incomplete Copy

Josef Yznardi to Hugh S. Campbell, August 7, 1806, Copy

M. G. van der Goes to Sylvanus Bourne, October 25, 1806, Copy

(Circular.) Council Chamber, Nov. 24th, 1809. Gentlemen, The subjoined copy of an advice of the Council of state, is explicit as to the object therein contemplated. Its importance will no doubt obtain from you the proper attention, which is expe

President's message. Herald office. Dec. 3, 9 o'clock. P. M. We this moment received by express a copy of the President's message- which we hasten to lay before the public. [Madison's first annual message Nov. 29, 1809] [Boston, 1809].

George Joy to Joel Barlow, September 15, 1811. Copy.

(Circular.) Sir. I herewith enclose you a copy of the general orders which I have given in consequence of a requisition from the president of the United States ... Js. Barbour [Richmond, 1812?].

Tuesday, September 21st, (noon.) Most glorious news. Copy of a letter from Com. Perry to the Secretary of the Navy. U. S. Brig. Niagara, off the Western Sister, Head of Lake Erie, Sept. 10, 1813, 4 P. M. [Washington 1813].

W. Henry to W. Allen, November 27, 1814

Andrew Jackson to John Armstrong, June 27, 1814. Copy.

John Armstrong to Andrew Jackson, July 18, 1814. Copy.

... Alien enemies. We have been favored with a copy of the opinion delivered by chief justice Tilghman, in the case of Charles Lockington- which opinion has since been confirmed by the unanimous opinion of the supreme court, delivered on the 1st

To the inhabitants of Zanesville. The following is a copy of the will of John M'Intire ... [Zanesville, 1815?].

George Graham to Simeon Knight, August 21, 1815

George Graham to Joseph Saul, August 21, 1815

George Graham to James Winchester, July 25, 1815

William Allen Trimble to Alexander James Dallas, August 16, 1815

Edmund Pendleton Gaines to William King, August 20, 1819

Oliver Wolcott to Return Jonathan Meigs, April 2, 1820

James E. Dulany to James McMillan Glassell, February 5, 1820

Draft copy of House of Representatives Resolution May 11, 1820

Thomas Jefferson to Francis W. Gilmer, April 26, 1824. Copy of the Power of Attorney.

September 30, 1824. Copy of a covenant between Francis W. Gilmer and George Long regarding the University of Virginia.

We publish this evening, an extra for the purpose of announcing early to our commercial friends a copy of the Circular addressed by the secretary of the Treasury to the collectors of the different ports, and intended to accompany the Proclamatio

Dreadful riot on Negro Hill! O read wid detention de melancholly tale and he send you yelling to your bed [Cut] Copy of an intercepted letter from Phillis, to her sister in the country, describing the riot on Negro Hill ... Boston 1827.

Respected friends. By direction of the Board of managers of the Chester County auxiliary colonization society, I enclose their address, together with a copy of the constitution ... West Chester, Pa. 12th Mo 10th, 1827.

A copy of ... the fourth and fifth ranges of townships in the Kennebec Million Acres /

United States Congress to, December 21, 1828. Copy of the bill presented for the relief of Ebenezer Cooley.

West front - a duplicated copy from the col[ore]d one Bullfinch's [i.e. Bulfinch's] favorite.

[Diptych showing Roman decadence compared to American: Roman in reclining with lyre, drinking wine served by young woman; American is drunk from whiskey, with feet on table - copy neg. includes title page]

Jacob Brown / painted by J.W. Jarvis ; eng. by A.B. Durand from copy by James Herring.

[Copy of a letter from Th. B. Reiley to Doctor William Jones and a notice to the public] Washington 9th, December, 1836.

[Copy of a painting of an unidentified woman, head-and-shoulders portrait, full face]

[Copy of a painting of an unidentified woman, head-and-shoulders portrait]

[Unidentified copy of a painting showing a man, head-and-shoulders portrait, full face]

Copy, square 533 : [Washington D.C.] /

Circular. Dear Sir: With this Circular you will receive a copy of the "Letters of Junius," which were written in order to expose to the people some of the frauds practiced upon them by officers in power ... Wm. R. Dickerson. Clayton, Pr. 76 S. T

[Copy of a painting of an unidentified woman, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing front]

[Unidentified copy of a daguerreotype portrait of a woman]

The following is a copy of a beautifully written document upon parchment, deposited August 19th, 1845, my Wm. Cleary, Esq., in the National Gallery, over the U. S. Patent Office, and rendered peculiarly valuable by its being the original record

The First Christmas Card (1846) copy

U. S. Patent office. November 12, 1849. Sir: A copy of the accompanying circular has been addressed to each of the governors of the states and territories of the Union, and I respectfully solicit your co-operation in furthering the objects sough

Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, May 01, 1849 (Recommendations; copy in John G. Nicolay's hand)

Copy of curious love letter from a gentleman to a lady. [185-?].

[Copy of a painting of James Stowell, head-and-shoulders portrait, three-quarters view, facing left]

December 6th, 1852. Sir: The undersigned, appointed a committee of invitation by the Washington club, beg leave to enclose to you a copy of its rules and regulation; and invite you to become a member of the Institution ... [Washington, D. C. 185

The Globe--- Extra. How some people live. A correspondent of the New York Daily Times, writing from Paris, mentions the calling or business by which some persons live there. We will copy a portion of his letter ... [Washington, D. C. 1853?].

To the friends of freedom. Sir: Herewith you will receive a copy of The Free State Advocate, a campaign paper, published by direction of a committee of the Republican party ... Orders should be addressed. James B. Swain, 138 Nassau Street, New Y

[Abraham Lincoln, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing left. Reversed and retouched copy of photo by Alexander Hessler]

James Shields to Peter Moneghan, May 12, 1857

[Plaster copy of statue of George Washington]

Henry A. Brewster to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, October 09, 1860 (Wants copy of Illinois statutes)

Grace Bedell to Abraham Lincoln, Thursday, October 18, 1860 (Typed copy)

True copy of plat as recorded in Gov. Shepherd, page 141 : [part of Pleasant Plains, Washington D.C.] /

[Abraham Lincoln, head-and-shoulders portrait. Copy of photo by Joseph Hill]

Henry Wybrant to Abraham Lincoln, Saturday, October 20, 1860 (Wants copy of statutes that organized territories)

[Abraham Lincoln, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing right. Copy of the print by Thomas Doney]

Copy of the plot of the city of Beaufort, South Carolina /

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