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Mountaineers and farmers trading mules and horses on "Jockey St.," near the Court House, Campton, Wolfe County, Ky.

[King Louis XII in court]

[Charles VII, king of France, 1403-1461, full, seated on throne, surrounded by court]

[Lucrezia Borgia (1480-1519), in court, holding dagger to her breast] / I.K.

The Capitall lawes of New-England, as they stand now in force in the Commonwealth. By the Court, in the years 1641. 1642 ... Printed first in New-England, and reprinted in London for Ben Allen in Popes-head Allen. 1643.

Whereas the lawes published by the Honourable General Court, Lib. 1. Pag. 76 Sect. 3 Do require all townes from time to time to dispose of single persons and inmates within their towns to service, or otherwise. [Massachusetts, 1668] [Positive Ph

At a General Court held at Boston in New England the second day of October 1678. [A proclamaton for a day of fasting and prayer November 21, 1678] [Cambridge, Printed by Samuel Green 1678].

At the second sessions of the General Court held at Boston in New-England. Whereas it hath pleased his most excellent Majesty our gracious king, by his letter bearing date the twenty seventh of April 1678 ... that the oath of allegiance as it is

The General Courts answer to Joseph Dudley esqr. &c. This was pas'd by the whole court. Nemine non confentiente. Gentlemen:- [Refusing their assent to his Commission for governing the Colony and other places therein mentioned]. [Boston: Printed

At the General Court of their Majesties Colony of the Massachusetts Bay in New-England, sitting in Boston by adjournment, December 10th, 1690 [An order for the granting forth of printed bills for seven thousand pounds] Cambridge: Printed by Samu

At a General Court for their Majesties Colony of the Massachusetts Bay in New-England, sitting at Boston, upon adjournment, December 22th, 1691 [A proclamation relating to various matters] [Cambridge Printed by Bartholomew Green 1691].

Pennsylvania, ss. I Prothonotary of the Supream Court of the Province of Pennsylvania, do hereby certify, that at a Supream Court held at Philadelphia, for the said Province of Pennsylvania, the day of in the year of our Lord, one thousand seven

Pennsylvania, ss. I Prothonotary of the Supream Court of the Province of Pennsylvania, do hereby certify, that at a Supream Court held at Philadelphia, for the said Province of Pennsylvania, the day of in the year of our Lord, one thousand seven

An ordinance for erecting & establishing a High Court of Chancery in the Province of New York. Fort William Henry, the 28th August, 1701. By order of Council. New York: Printed by William Bradford, Printer to the King's most excellent Majesty 17

By His Excellency Edward Lord Cornbury, His Majesty's Capt. General and Governour in chief of the Province of New York ... A proclamation. Whereas the Supreme Court of Her Majesties Province of New York ought by the constitution, there of to be

An ordinance of His Excellency Edward Lord Cornbury, Capt. General and Governour in chief of the Province of New York ... For suspending the proceedings of the High Court of Chancery of the Province of New York. Given at Fort William Henry in Ne

A collection of ball-dances perform'd at court: viz. the Richmond, the roundeau, the rigadoon, the favourite, the Spanheim, and the Britannia.

Province of the Massachusetts-Bay. At a session of the great and general Court, held at Boston, October 14, 1713. Resolved that it is for Her Majesties service there be some townships regularly planted and setled in the most defensive manner, in

By the governour, a proclamation Whereas at the General Court holden at New Haven, the thirteenth day of this present month, ... it was agreed and resolved by the following act, that the several laws formerly made for the suppressing and punishi

New York Mayor's Court. William Trusdell against Francis Harison, Esq. For arresting, imprisoning and keeping the Plaintif Ten weeks in prison, at the suit of Joseph Weldon, without authority ... [Dated New York, August 25th, 1733].

An act passed by the great and General Court or Assembly of His Majesty’s Province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New-England: Begun and held at Boston upon Wednesday the twenty-eighth day of May 1746. And continued by adjournments to Wednesday the

At a great and General court of Assembly for the Province of the Massachusetts-Bay, begun and held at Boston the 27th day of May 1747, and continued by adjournment and prorogation to the 3d of February following. March 2d 1747 [-48] The followin

By His Excellency, Thomas Pownall, Esq; Captain-general and governor in chief, in and over His Majesty’s province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New-England. &c. &c. a proclamation for proroguing the general court … unto Wednesday the second day of

By the Honourable His Majesty’s council, of the province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New-England. A proclamation for proroguing the General court … to Tuesday the sixteenth day of said August … Given at Boston the twenty-sixth day of July, 1757

Anno Regni Georgii II. tricesimo primo. Levying of soldiers. An act passed by the great and general court of assembly of His Majesty’s province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New-England: begun and held at Boston, upon Wednesday the twenty-fifth da

Anno Regni Regis Georgii Tertii, quarto et quinto 1764. Timber in Ipswich and Wenham An act, passed by the great and general court or assembly of his Majesty’s province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New-England: Begun and held at Concord, in the C

The above plan is a discription of a new township containing the quantity of seven and a half mile of land & water, granted by the General Court to the proprietors of Bakerstown so call'd, lying & being in the county of Cumberland ... Deld. at Falmouth, 4th September 1765.

The managers on the part of New-York, beg leave to the Court, that in their claim filed in pages 8, and 9, of the said claim, it is by mistake that they ... do claim as a boundary between the Colony of New-York, and New-Jersey, a straight and di

Sketch for the statue ordered to be erected to the memory of the late Wm. Beckford Esqr. by the Court of Common Council

Charles-Town, July 28, 1770. On Friday last was opened a Star-Chamber court, held by virtue of a commission lately received from Governor Bernard, and composed of one honest and virtuous man (happily obliged by his office to sit as President the

Map of that part of Orange County lying to the north of the mountains of the highlands shewing that Chester is a much more central & convenient spott to all the country whereon to erect the new court house than that vulgarly known by the name of Goshen Town.

Massachusetts-Bay. By the Governor, A proclamation for proroguing the General court … to Wednesday the nineteenth day of February next … Given at Boston the twenty-eighth day of December 1771 … Boston: Printed by Richard Draper, Printer to His E

To the public [2 line quotation from Addison] The present General Assembly of this Colony in their first session, passed a resolution disqaulifying the judges of the Supreme Court from sitting in General Assembly ... [Signed] Brutus. New-York. J

Suffolk, ss. At the Superior Court &c. August 1774. Whereas the Honourable Peter Oliver, Esq Chief Justice of this court, stands charged and impeached of divers high crimes and misdemeanors and more especially with bribery and corruption in his

Boston, May 24, 1774. The merchants and traders of this town are requested to meet at the West Chamber in the Town-House, lately improved by the Court of sessions, at four o’clock this afternoon, on matters of general and important concern; part

Watertown, November 18, 1775. You have hereunder, copies of two resolves, one passed by the American congress, and the other by our General court, relative to collecting the proper evidences of the depredations made by the ministerial army and n

In Provincial congress, Watertown, June 30, 1775. Resolved that all offences committed by any of the soldiers rais’d for defence of the sea coast, shall be tried by a Court martial, consisting of the field officers of the regiment of militia wit

In Council. Watertown, August 23, 1775. Resolved, that the assessors of each town and district, in this colony, for the present year, be required, so far as in their power to exhibit to this court, on the second Tuesday of its next sitting the s

Watertown, August 14, 1775. This day the following resolve pass’d the General Court or Assembly of the Colony of Massachusetts-Bay in Council. August 13, 1775. Whereas it is made evident to this Court, that many non-commissioned officers and sol

In the House of representatives. December 2, 1775. Whereas the supply of the article of wood for the Cambridge and Roxbury camps, hath not been hitherto fully sufficient to answer the demands, notwithstanding the exertions of this court for that

The American crisis (No. 1) By the author of Common sense. [Boston] Sold opposite the court house Queen Street [1776].

An act and law, made and passed by the General Court or Assembly of the Governor and company of the State of Connecticut, in America, holden at New-Haven, on the second Thursday of October Anno Domini 1776. An act to compel the furnishing necess

The following was written with and expectation that I should have the liberty to lay the same before the Court of Enquiry, before whom I was impeached as and enemy to my country, and cast into prison, (in Boston 6th August 1776) but it has been

Extract form the resolves of the General Court of the State of Massachusetts, passed on the 30th day of November, A. D. 1776. A resolve for amending and explaining a late act of the General assembly of this State, intitled “An act for providing

Falmouth, February 1776. Whereas the great and General Court of this Colony, have passed an Act requiring all persons who have in their custody any goods that were taken and carried away from any of the inhabitants of the town of Falmouth, at th

In the House of representatives, June 26, 1776. Whereas repeated applications have been made by the honorable Congress to this Court to procure a sum of hard money, to be forthwith sent into Canada, for the support of our army in that quarter, a

The Committee of both houses on the letter this morning received by this Court from His Excellency General Washington relative to supplying the army with fire-arms, beg leave to report by way of resolve: [That a committee be appointed to collect

In the House of Representatives. November 24, 1776. Whereas the resolves of this Court of the nineteenth of October last, so far as relates to the additional encouragement to the non-commissioned officers and soldiers, has been found to be atten

In the House or representatives, November 1, 1776. Ordered, that the following address from the General court of this state, to the officers and private soldiers who are gone from thence and are serving in the American army, be printed in two th

In the House of representatives, February 13, 1776. Whereas it appears to this Court, that it will be greatly conducive to the safety and welfare of this and the other colonies, at a time of common danger, that a committee be chosen in each town

In the House of representatives, Feb. 14, 1776. Whereas many constables, and collectors of taxes in this Colony, have neglected to exhibit in this court, the receipts or attested copies thereof, which they have received form the Colony treasurer

Whereas it appears to this Court, that the part of the militia of this Colony now in the American army as a temporary reinforcement in consequence of a resolve of said Court the 1st of December last [Allowing their claim one penny per mile for t

State of Massachusetts-Bay. In Council. January 9, 1777. Whereas by a resolve of this Court, passed December 10, 1776. all persons are prohibited from exporting from this state any sugars ... In the House of representatives. January 9, 1777 Read

Arthur Lee to Continental Congress Secret Committee, April 2, 1778, Expense Account as Commissioner to the Court of France

Land entry for William Deal with a court memorandum, [Kentucky County, Virginia]

State of Vermont. In Council. Windsor, 7th June, 1779. Resolved, that the Captain-General's orders of the 6th of May last, to Colonel Ethan Allen, together with an extract of the proceedings of the adjourned Superior Court, held at Westminster,

Thomas Jefferson to George Wythe, March 1, 1779, Memorandum on Bill to Regulate Practicing Attorneys; Changes in Court System

State of Massachusetts-Bay. Town of [blank] the [blank] day of [blank] 1779. This certifies that I have received of [blank] the sum of [blank] to be deposited in the [blank] in the State, agreeable to a resolve of the General Court passed June 2

To the General Court of the Massachusetts, assembled at Boston, Oct. 1780. We whose names are hereunto subscribed, inhabitants of this State, who are twenty-one years of age and above, of various religious denominations, enter our protest agains

Benjamin Franklin L.L.D. F.R.S. - one of the American plenipotentiaries at the Court of France / Pollard sculp.

Benjamin Franklin L.L.D. - envoy from the American Congress to the French Court

State of Massachusetts-Bay. In the House of representatives, Sept. 29th, 1780. Whereas by a resolve of the General Court, passed the 4th of May last, the agents appointed in the several counties in this State to receive from the towns in their r

B. Franklin, L.L.D. F.R.S. - ambassador from the Congress of America to the Court of France / J. Norman sc.

State of New Hampshire. John Taylor Gilman, Esquire, Treasure of said state: To the selectmen of Greeting. Pursuant to an act of the General Court of said state, passed the 11th day of June Anno Domini, 1784 ... You are hereby required to assess

To the real patriots and supporters of American independence [On the surrender of Chevalier Longchamps to the Court of France] [Signed] An independent patriot. [Philadelphia 1784].

State of New-Hampshire. John Taylor Gilman, Treasurer of said state. To the selectmen of Greeting. Pursuant to an act of the General Court of said state of New Hamphire (passed February 23, Anno Domini, 1785) ... You are hereby required to asses

View of the court house in Salem Massachusetts / W. Gray, del. ; engraved by S. Hill.

Plan of part of the city of Washington on which is exhibited the division of lots : made under a commission from the High Court of Chancery of the state of Maryland and directed to Dan'l Carroll of Duddington, Thomas Peter, and Nicholas King.

State of New Hampshire. In the House of representatives. December 29, 1791. Whereas a resolve passed the General Court, June 13th, 1791, providing for the payment of outstanding taxes, and the time limited therein for the selectmen to compleat t

U. S. Supreme Court, April 25, 1792, U.S. and British Suits

Congress, December 5, 1792, Court Punishment

Thomas Jefferson to John Jay and Chief Justices of the Supreme Court, July 18, 1793

[Court scene, possibly during the reign of terror, with the accused man standing before the revolutionary tribunal]

... An act for reviving certain suits and process which have been discontinued in the district court of Pennsylvania. [Philadelphia: Printed by Francis Childs, 1795].

To the worshipful the County Court of Gentlemen, The last General Assembly having authorised me, with the advice of Council, to raise as many additional companies of artillery and troops of cavalry as will constitute a regiment of each, in the f

Declaration of the Reverend Mr. David Jones. To the Citizens of the State of Pennsylvania, the following observations are submitted by the subscriber [Charging that James Ross attorney having repobated the doctrine of original sin court conseque

Hepburn & Dundass, vs. Colin Auld. Error from the court of Ch'7. [Washington D. C.? 180-].

The Attorney General and auditor of the Commonwealth of Virginia-- Appellants. against Robert Bristow, Appellee. In the Court of Appeals [1800?].

Tavern rates, as fixed by the Court of general quarter sessions of the peace, at in and for the County of the term of one thousand, eight hundred and. [n. p. 180-].

The Commonwealth of Virginia, to Gent. Justices of County Court, Greeting. [Blank form for a dead, whereby a wife is allowed to grant permission for the sale of property owned jointly with her husband without appearing before the County court.]

Map of Massachusetts proper compiled from actual surveys made by order of the General Court.

Order rescinding a court decision setting aside Edmund Lyne's will

Richmond, December 4th, 1809. Sir. The court of appeals at their session which has recently expired, decided in the case of the Commonwealth against the securities of White, formerly sheriff of Jefferson County, that the bond given by a sheriff

Affidavit and Louisville Gazette notice of court case

Sales at auction. on Monday, the 3rd, September. will be sold, a valuable three story house and lot, situate on the North side of the Main Street, and near the Court House. Terms will be made known, on the day of sale. Foster & Satchell, Auc'rs

To the Honourable superior court to be holden at Hartford, within and for the county of Hartford, on the second Tuesday of February, A. D. 1813; sitting as a court of chancery. This petition of Joseph Kelsey, of Hartford, in said county, humbly

... Alien enemies. We have been favored with a copy of the opinion delivered by chief justice Tilghman, in the case of Charles Lockington- which opinion has since been confirmed by the unanimous opinion of the supreme court, delivered on the 1st

William H. Crawford, June 9, 1816. Notes on the proceedings of a Court Martial.

In the Supreme court of the United States. February sessions 1816. John Sloocum, plaintiff in error, vs. Freeman Maberry, and others, defendants in error. No. 5. Writ of error to the Supreme court of the State of Rhode Island ... [1816].

In the Supreme court of the United States. February sessions, 1816. J. & E. Frink, Plaintiffs in error, vs. The United States. No. 60. Writ of error to the Circuit Court of the United States for the District of Connecticut. Statement on the part

In the Supreme court of the United States. February session 1816. The United States, vs. The schooner L'Epine, M. Batigne, Claimant, No. 91. Appeal from the Louisiana district. Statement on the part of the United States ... [1816].

... The Report. The committee appointed "to see if the town will apply to the justices of the Court of sessions to have a building erected in this town to be used by the County as a House of correction, or adopt any other measures that may tend

Supreme court, February, 1820. John Hopkins. Plaintiff in error, versus R. B. Lee, defendant in error. Lee had sold to Hopkins an estate called "Hill and Dale," upon which there existed an incumbrance to Rawleigh Colston ... [Washington, D. C. 1

To the honourable General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, now in session. The petition of the Hampshire and Hampden canal company, by their agents ... respectfully sheweth ... Dated at Boston January 13th, 1827.

At a numerous meeting of the citizens of the village of Utica, held at the court room, on Tuesday the 5th day of August, 1828 ... for the purpose of expressing their sentiments upon the measures now in progress for enforcing the observance of th

Extra. Charlottesville, Thursday, April 9, 1829. Albermarle County Court. On Tuesday, 7th inst. Messrs. C. Brigham and S. K. Head were brought before the Court to answer to the charge of E. Watts, who is a book-binder by trade and instituted thi

The author of the following communication is not influenced by malicious motives. His object is solely to expose, publicly, the mal-conduct of a government officer ... As a suit is now pending in court respecting this transaction, it is hoped th

A minister extraordinary taking passage & bound on a foreign mission to the court of his satanic majesty!

The Hunterdon County temperance society held its second annual meeting, in the Court House at Flemington, on Tuesday the 14th day of May A. D. 1833. [Proceedings of meeting] [n. p. 1833?].

Supreme court of the U. States. January term, 1834. The United States, vs. John Huertas Appeal from the Superior court for the District of East Florida. [Washington, D. C. 1834].