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[Dancing peasant couple] / AD [monogram].

Dance of death. [from old catalog]Les simulachres, & historiees faces de la Mort ... Lyon, I. & F. Frellon, 1542.

Il ballarino di M. Fabritio Caroso da Sermoneta, diuiso in due trattati; nel primo de' quali si dimostra la diuersità de i nomi, che si danno à gli atti; & mouimenti, che interuengons ne i balli: & con molte regole si dichiara come debbano farsi. Nel secondo s'insegnano diuerse sorti di balli, & balletti sì all' vso d'Italia, come à quello di Francia, & Spagna. Ornato di molte figure. Et con l'intauolatura di liuto nella sonata di ciascun ballo, & il soprano della musica alla maggior parte di essi. Opera nuouamente mandata in luce ...

Orchesographie. Et traicte en forme de dialogve, par leqvel tovtes personnes pevvent facilement apprendre & practiquer l'honneste exercice des dances.

[The dances at their great feasts]

Johannes Staden as prisoner in a circle of Indian women who dance around him

Nobiltà di dame del sr. Fabritio Caroso da Sermoneta, libro, altra volta, chiamato Il ballarino. Nuouamente dal proprio auttore corretto, ampliato di nuoui balli, di belle regole, & alla perfetta theorica ridotto: con le creanze necessarie à caualieri, e dame. Aggiontoui il basso, & il soprano della musica: & con l'intauolatura del liuto à ciascun ballo. Ornato di vaghe & bellissime figure in rame ...

Bello Sguardo and Couiello--Balli di Sfessani, 1621

The Lilliputian Dancing School, or ... Monsr. Gravieulo Tottibone, French Dancing Master to the Temple Lawyers [dancing with] Dame Prucilla Quiddletet, Dancing Mistress to the Milkmaids against May Day

Mandarina Tottidumpa, original dancing mistress to the first Emperour of China [dancing with] Philobanter Suckbottle, Prime Dancing Minister to ye Ancient Noddificators of the famous city in the Land of Nod

Per. receüil [sic] de danses de bal pour l'année 1703.

Recüeil de dances contenant un tres grand nombres, des meillieures entrées de ballet de Mr. Pecour, tant pour homme que pour femmes, dont la plus grande partie ont été dancées à l'Opera.

[The spear dance]

The royal Portuguez : Mr. Isaac's new dance made for Her Majesty's birth day 1709 /

Recueil de dances,

The royall gailliarde : Mr. Isaac's new dance made for Her Majesty's birth day 1710 /

The rigadoon royal : Mr. Isaac's new dance made for Her Majestys birth day 1711 /

The royal Ann : Mr. Isaac's new dance made for Her Majestys birth day 1712 /

The Pastorall : Mr. Issac's new dance made for Her Majestys birth day 1713 /

The Godolphin : Mr. Isaac's new dance made for Her Majestys birth day 1714 /

Abbregé de la nouvelle methode, dans l'art d'écrire ou de traçer toutes sortes de danses de ville ...

Abbregé de la nouvelle methode, dans l'art d'écrire ou de traçer toutes sortes de danses de ville ...

The dancing-master: or, The art of dancing explained. Wherein the manner of performing all steps in ball dancing is made easy by a new and familiar method. In two parts ... The whole containing sixty figures drawn from the life, and curiously engraved on copper plates.

The art of dancing explained by reading and figures; whereby the manner of performing the steps is made easy by a new and familiar method:

Sanogawa ichimatsu no shakkyō

Le maître a danser. Qui enseigne la maniere de faire tous les differens pas de danse dans toute la régularité de l'art, & de conduire les bras à chaque pas ...

[Caricature of musician or actor dancing, with a cat at his feet]

[Caricature of a woman dancing]

"Dance générale"

Ichimura kamezo no kyo no jirō

Iwai hanshirō no shirabyōshi

The tomb-stone

The new country dance, as danced at C****, July the 30th 1766

Traité sur l'art de la danse, dédié á Monsieur Gardel, l'ainé ...

Danjo no manzai

Nakamura tomijurō

The mitred minuet

The thistle reel

Humours of May Day, pl. 2

Méthode pour exercer l'oreille a la mesure, dans l'art de la danse.

Fūryū onna shikisanba



Le maitre de danse des aristocrates, allons donc l'Abbe cochon en mesure

Sumiyoshi odori

Sangatsu[yayoi?] hanazumō shigatsu[uduki?] shaka tanjō

Shōgastu kamuro manzai

[Indians dancing around two people at stake by fire] / S. Folwell, delt. ; P.R. Maverick, sct. N.Y.

Oup...oup...ça n'ira pas Ah! ça ira...ça ira. Les aristocrates a la raison.

Manzai o miru josei[fujo?] to kodomo


Epoque du 30 Floreal l'an 5 de la République Française

Familiar dialogues on dancing, between a minister and a dancer : taken from matter of fact : with an appendix containing some extracts from the writings of pious and eminent men against the entertainments of the stage, and other vain amusements : recommended to the perusal of Christians of every denomination /

Ame no uzume no mikoto

[Suzume uri to suzume odori]


Urashima tarō

De la danse.

Kadomatsu saruwaka

Sumiyoshi odori

Sketches relative to the history and theory, but more especially to the practice of dancing ... Intended as hints to the young teachers of the art of dancing.

Ci-devant occupations-or-Madame Taliah and the Empress Josephine dancing naked before Barrass in the winter of 1797.-A fact! / Js Gillray dest & fect.

Odori [enbu?] no zu

Yatsushi shikisanba

Omatsuri shōzoku no shichifukujin

Lumps of pudding / H. W. Bunbury, Esqr., delin. ; etch'd by W. Heath.

Ein Tanz der Indianer in der Mission von St. José in Neu-Californien

Dance of the Indians of the Mission of St. Joseph in New California / engraved by Letitia & Elizh. Byrne.

A happy dance for Europe

Sanju hajinraku

Essai sur la danse, antique et moderne ...

The danciad; or, Dancer's monitor. Being a descriptive sketch in verse, on the different styles and methods of dancing quadrilles, waltzes, country dances, &c. &c. ... Together with observations on the laws regarding dancing, with extracts from the Acts of Parliament relating thereto.

A Solemn warning to dancers.

Kankan odori no uta

Lettres à Sophie sur la danse, suivies d'entretiens sur les danses ancienne, moderne, religieuse, civile et théâtrale;

The code of Terpsichore : the art of dancing, comprising its theory and practice, and a history of its rise and progress, from the earliest times ... /

La Cracovienne, dans la Gipsy Pas dance par Fanny Ellsler

[A man, sitting on the ground, is wearing several layers of clothing, a peaked cap, and sandals; three large disks topped with straw are on the ground in front, a long staff behind, and three fairies dance in the air overhead]

Shakers near Lebanon state of N. York, their mode of worship


Observations sur les danses.

De la danse, considérée sous le rapport de l'éducation physique,

The Flower Dance of the Viennoise Children

Nakamura utaemon no denkaibō

The pipe dance and the tomahawk dance / F. Barinsou ; painted at the treaty of Prairie du Chien 1825 by J.O. Lewis ; Lehman & Duval Lithrs.

Miss Nelson as the Mountain Sylph

The Ball-room instructer [sic]; containing a complete description of cotillons and other popular dances, with illustrations.

The Georgia melodies. As sung by the Georgia Champions / Lith. of E.W. Bouve, Boston.

Fanny Ellsler in the shadow dance

A discourse on dancing, delivered in the Central Presbyterian Church, Cincinnati.

Social dancing inconsistent with a Christian profession and baptismal vows: a sermon, preached in the Presbyterian Church, Columbia, S.C., June 17, 1849,

An essay on dancing /

Tojin ja-odori no zu

Dancing, as a means of physical education; with remarks on deformities, and their prevention and cure.

Winner's improved method for the violin

A treatise on the use and peculiar advantages of dancing and exercises, considered as a means of refinement and physical development. With general remarks.

Essence of Old Virginia Wheat Whiskey, A.M. Bininger & Co. / Sarony, Major & Knapp liths., N.Y.

Sasshu makurazaki kaimongadake jusei odori

Welcome to the Prince of Wales

[Unused copy of the dance cards prepared for the Union Ball in honor of the inauguration of Abraham Lincoln on March 4, 1861: cover]

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