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To the Whigs of 1776. Fellow citizens. You cannot but remember the cry in favor of the "men of 1776" which has continuously been kept up by the Democratic party, and which now again begins to be revived ... An old solder. [n. p. n. d.].

A gone case. A scene in Wall-Street

Grand match between the Kinderhook poney and the Ohio ploughman

Democratic ticket. Liberty & equal rights

Jinnoowine [i.e. "genuine"] Johnson ticket. "Carrying the war into Africa"

Democratic ticket. Going the whole hog

[Political cartoon showing Webster, Harrison, White, and Van Buren riding hogs; below is Democratic ticket of Van Buren and Johnson and Ohio Electors - 1836]

[Political cartoon showing Van Buren racing on a hog; below is Democratic ticket of Van Buren and Johnson and Ohio Electors - 1836]

Democratic ticket. Stop Van!!!

The death of old Tammany and his wife Loco Foco

Going the whole hog

Major Joe Bunker's last parade, or the fix of a senator and his 700 independents

Treasury note

Illustrations of the adventures of the renowned Don Quixote & his doughty squire Sancho Panza

Loco Foco expresses

Disturbing a martin's nest

Symptoms of a duel

The death of locofocoism

Loco Foco consternation or the orful kat-ass-trophe

North Bend game cock

Full tilt for the Capitol

National democratic republican nomination

Democratic simplicity or the arrival of our favourite son

The trap sprung! The kinderhook fox caught!

The new era Whig trap sprung

Refutation. To the Democratic party of Allegheny County. A paper called the Aurora, and professing to be Democratic, having made a charge against me ... I published in the morning post, the following plain denial of the charge ... George R. Ridd

The great American steeple chase for 1844

Trouble in the Spartan ranks. Old Durham in the field

The hunter of Kentucky

Sale of dogs

[Stephen Arnold Douglas, head-and-shoulders portrait, slightly to left]

[Ezra Bartlett French, half-length portrait, facing front]

Footrace, Pennsylvania Avenue. Stakes $25,000

Governors race in New Jersey. Young Hyson riding over the backs of the people. Stratton going ahead in the popular Jersey style

[Aaron Vanderpoel, half-length portrait, three-quarters to the left, with side whiskers]

[Joseph Vance, half-length portrait, slightly to the left]

Not a drum was heard nor a funeral note . . .

Treeing coons

The two bridges

Matty meeting the Texas question

For President: James K. Polk, of Tennessee. For Vice President: George M. Dallas, of Pennsylvania

[Henry Clay, three-quarter length portrait, three-quarters to the left, facing front, seated, holding cane, tall hat on table with tablecloth]

[Israel T. Hatch, half-length portrait, slightly to right, eyes front]

[Howell Cobb, half-length portrait, three-quarters to the right]

[John Van Buren, half-length portrait, three-quarters to left]

Patent Democratic Republican steam shaving shop

The patriots getting their beans

The coon party crossing Cayuga Bridge Novr. 1844. Or the effects of Cassius M. Clay's political tour to western N. York

Polk's dream

Political Jesuitism--or interest versus principle

Mike Walsh. The people's champion and leader of the yound or progressive democracy, nominated by the Democratic Party in Tammany Hall and elected to the New York legislature in Nov. 1846 / J. Penniman, 1847 ; lith. of G. Snyder 122 Fulton St. N.Y.

The Democratic funeral of 1848

"Principles, not men." The Democratic candidates for President and Vice President from 1849 to 1853 / Durang, pt. ; Baldwin & Baker, scs.

A correct chart of Salt River

The buffalo hunt

Cass & his cabinet in 1849

Smoking him out

Zachary Taylor, the people's choice for 12th president

Shooting the Christmas turkey

[Charles Hazen Peaslee, half-length portrait, three-quarters to the left, eyes front]

The liberty chariot

[Stephen Arnold Douglas, head-and-shoulders portrait, slightly to left]

Letting the last "Democratic Drop."

The fish question settled

The game-cock & the goose

Position of the Democratic Party in 1852. "Freemen of America, how long will you be ledd by such leaders"

Soliciting a vote

White Mountains in labour

Terrible rout & total destruction of the Whig Party. In Salt River

Gas and glory

Loco Foco candidates travelling, on the canel system

A magnificent offer to a magnificent officer

Capability and availability

Barn-burners in a fix

The gladiators of the Senate! The bulley's of the House

Harmony in the wigwam! Democracy of the right brand-y

A piercing piece of loco foco hocus pocus

Young America polka

[James Cameron Allen, Democrat congressman from Illinois, full-length portrait, standing, facing front]

Hon. Benj. G. Brown, MO

Hon. Thompson Campbell of Ill

Liberty, the fair maid of Kansas--in the hands of the "border ruffians"

Liberty. The fair maid of Kansas in the hands of the "border ruffians".

Forcing slavery down the throat of a freesoiler.

Shall I vote for ten cents a day?

Letting the last "Democratic drop"

The buck chase of 1856

The "mustang" team

The great presidential race of 1856.

Forcing slavery down the throat of a freesoiler

The great Presidential race of 1856

The morning after the election--November 1856

Sketches of Lecomptonism [no. 2]

Sketches of Lecomptonism [no. 1]

Haldeman, Hon., Richard J., of PA. Delegate to Democratic National Convention at Charleston, S.C. and Baltimore, 1860

Prominent candidates for the Democratic nomination at Charleston, S.C. [Composite of bust portraits of Stephens, Orr, Davis, Guthrie, Slidell, Pierce, J. Lane, Hunter, Breckenridge, Douglas, and Houston]

[Bust of Stephen Douglas over Northern Democratic Party's presidential campaign shield]

Hon. Charles Hays of ALA

Hon. John Cessna of PA

The political quadrille. Music by Dred Scott

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