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Dog A. Caraza

[Boar, mastiff, thistle, raspberries, lily, moths and insects]

[Shepherd, sheep and 2 dogs]

Woman with dogs, infant, and goats in the wilderness

La folie des deux partis, où vue politique de l'etat et de la nation Anglaise, avec les senateurs en personnes

The state nurses

Le maitre de danse des aristocrates, allons donc l'Abbe cochon en mesure

John Bull, baited by the dogs of excise

Oup...oup...ça n'ira pas Ah! ça ira...ça ira. Les aristocrates a la raison.

Chips of the church!! / Woodward del.

Old sport and handsome, for an explanation of this ludicrous incongruity

[Woman, with chickens and ducks in baskets, facing another woman at wall of building, two dogs, and man walking with a pig]

Winter / A. ; Abm. Paul printer.

Toilette d'une famille Espagnole

[Domestic cat standing on a block and a puppy with its front paws on the block]

[Two hunters holding guns, three dogs, and man carrying game and wiping his brow in field surrounded by woods]

Canis Major, Lepus, Columba Noachi & Cela Sculptoris / Sidy. Hall, sculpt.

Monoceros, Canis Minor, and Atelier Typographique / Sidy. Hall, sculpt.

Old Mother Hubbard [nursery rhyme]

Who'll have the specie

[Shepherd with dog and lambs]

Man playing fetch with a dog near a cluster of trees, ship rigging under full sail visible on the right

The playful pets / painted by W. Drummond ; engraved by J. Sartain.

Little pets / E.B. & E.C. Kellogg, Hartford, Ct. ; Phelps & Watson, New York ; Geo. Whiting, New York.

The happy family / mezzotint by Sartain expressly for Miss Leslie's Magazine.

Sale of dogs

[Small girl leaning against an overturned wash tub on which two puppies have been placed; a cat stands in the doorway, alert, behind them]

[Thomas Carlyle, author]

Notice! Village ordinance! At a meeting of the Board of Trustees of the village of Waterford, at the office of John Cramer 2d, on the 3d day of January, 1853. [Ordinance regarding muzzling of dogs] Wm. H. Scott, Clerk.

Portrait of an unidentified girl, full-length studio portrait, facing front, seated with right elbow resting on a table and with her left hand on the edge of the table, next to a dog pull-toy on wheels

Slaughtering the dogs - "Andy" in his glory

Spanish captain feeding his dogs on an Indian babe

Dog law. An act concerning dogs. Approved April 6th, 1859 ... The constables and police officers of Reading, are hereby required to destroy all dogs not licensed and collared according to the provisions of the above act ... Reading, April 25th,

Furansu komusume inu o hikite sampo no zu

[Three children and a dog beside fireplace]

"The orphans"

Amerika jokan hansui o gansuru no zu

Colonel Bully

Dog law. Owners of dogs are hereby notified, that their dog licenses expire on the first day of May next, and that the law in relation to dogs will be enforced on and after said day ... Selectmen of Reading Reading, April 20, 1860 ... Boston, W.

Shō utsushi igirisujin

[Unidentified soldier in Confederate uniform with shotgun sitting next to dog]

[Civil War envelope showing caricatures of Winfield Scott and Jefferson Davis as dogs and Washington, D.C., as a cut of meat, with message "Why don't you take it?"]

The Prince de Joinville sketching "Paris" looking on, near Cumberland

Little Corporal - a dog that has been with Co. A, 22 Ohio since July 1861

[Illustration of an Eskimo on a sled pulled by two dogs]

The dog performance, Saratoga New York

[Two greyhounds]


The power of fashion - Defiance Cigar Manufactory - D.H.

Arrested rag-pickers in City Hall Park, New York / sketched by C.G. Bush.

Scotch terrier and pups after Henrietta Ronner

The young swell

The bright little teacher, after D.R. Knight J. Queen after D.R. Knight

The young swell / lith. by Hatch & Co. 218 Broadway, Herald Building, N.Y.

Baby in trouble

[Men, children, and dogs in front of a building, probably in Istanbul] / G. Berggren.

[Barking dog (?)]

Faithfull watcher

Dogs not admitted

Reading lesson 1500, writing lesson 1500

The puppies nursery

[Children on a runaway cart] / A.M. Willard.

Good night pet

Gathering the flock / original by F. Steinmann.

The bather's attendant

My favorite

A gentleman and a brute

Dog and child with ball

[Educated dogs]

Our pets

"Great expectations" G. ...furll(?) 1865

Who laughs last laughs best

Muzzle your dogs. Reading, May 15th, 1877. At a meeting of the Board of Selectmen, held this day for the purpose, the following order was passed: "It is ordered that on and after May 20th all dogs within the limits of the Town of Reading shall b

Dogs! Dogs! The subscriber will be at the Town Office in the Bank Building on Saturday Apr. 28th, Monday, Apr. 30th, and Tuesday, May the first, 1877, from 4 to 8 o'clock P. M. for the purpose of issuing licenses owners and keepers of dogs for t

The bone of contention / A.M. Willard.

Little brothers (And their playmates)

Boy descending stairs looking over his shoulder at boy and dog

Domestic dog

Uncle Tobey and the widow after F. Dielman

Leonzo Bros. sensational artists and the great dog, Tiger

Robt. McWade as Rip Van Winkle

Frank I. Frayne as Si Slocum

Les chiens des rues / Abdullah Frères.

[Dog looking at monkey with ball of yarn] / Leander Baker, photographer.

Shishi zu

The dog, the cock and the fox

[Robinson Crusoe planting seeds in garden]

[The telegraph office of the Ministry of War, which has been recently built]

-- The watchdog of the Treasury

Happy hours

[Robinson Crusoe hunting birds with dog tied to post]

The hare and the hound

[Robinson Crusoe looking out to sea with dog]

Eager for deer

[Dottie and Lottie. Lottie and Dottie talking by a card table, man talking to woman with dog, and seated couple]

[Robinson Crusoe and dog looking at skeleton in sand]

Saruhiki to inu

The dog and his master

[Robinson Crusoe pushing barrel up hill]

[Hunting dogs at the Imperial Farms at Kağıthane]