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Sculpture "Eagle; Justice Above All Else" at Jacob K. Javitz Federal Building, New York, New York

Mardi Gras Parade, New Orleans, Louisiana

The Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, San Francisco, California

Memorial Church on the Stanford University campus in Palo Alto, California

Prospect of Saratogha [i.e. Saratoga], 1757, taken from the saw mill 1. Hudsons River; 2. Road to Fort Miller; 3. Retrenchment; 4. Camp.

View of Fort William

Guerritte, a fort or small tower of stone or wood, on the point of a bastion, or on the angles of the shoulder, to hold a sentry

Nouvelle carte de la Province de Quebec ...

Light house S.W.b.S. 1 mile distant

Genl. Washington

William Henry Harrison, 9th Pres. of United States, head-and-shoulders portrait, right profile

United States & Macedonian


The troops disembarking to attack Fort Oswego, under the command of Genl. Drummond and Sir T. Yeo, Lake Ontario, May the 6th 1814 / / By Capt. Steele. 2d. Battn. Royal Marines

Tribute to departed worth

[Interior wall with architectural ornaments of the U.S. Capitol building with portrait of George Washington at Dorchester Heights by Gilbert Stuart and unidentified portrait of a man, possibly John Adams, on display]

Animal magnetism

[Castle Garden from the water]

Castle Garden in New York

[New York Harbor]

[Bunker Hill]

Letitia Tyler Semple, daughter of President John Tyler

Christ Church Cambridge Mass.

The fish question settled

Two candidates at the door of nomination

White seaman and cold. [e.g. colored] man on board steamboat on Potomac, Washington to Aquia Creek Virginia

[Two U.S. Marine officers and two enlisted men, members of Perry's Japanese expedition]

[U.S. Marines, led by four musicians, marching in formation toward two officers]

The American falls from the Cave of the Winds

[Paddle wheel mechanism of side-wheel steamer]

Approach to New York East River [distant view]

The American falls, Niagara, from the steamboat

On the Potomac

Potomac River from Aquia Creek Virginia

The falls of Niagara from near Biddles Stairs

The falls of Niagara from Goat Island

[U.S. Marine smoking pipe as drawn by Japanese artist]

Approach to New York East River [nearer view]

The falls of Niagara from near the suspension bridge

The falls of Niagara from the rock above the ferry, American side

On the Potomac

At Pittsburg [i.e. Pittsburgh]

The Powatan [i.e. Powhatan] Valley of the Powatan Virginia from the church yard of the church Philip Henry [sic] addressed the people in the Revolution, Richmond V.A.

The American falls, Niagara, from the steamboat

Sketch of a house in the streets at Boston Mass: being raised from its foundations for the purpsoe of permanent elevation

Hudson River above Albany

Ohio River at its juncture with the Aleghainy [i.e. Alleghany] and Mononghelu [i.e. Monongahela] at Pittsburg [i.e. Pittsburgh] Penssylvania [i.e. Pennsylvania]

The rapids above the American falls, Niagara

Rhinebeck, Kingston, Shawagunck Mountains [e.g. Shawangunk], Hudson River


West Point Hudson River

Bivouac, Jan 26 drawn by H.B. Mollhausen

Round Hill Water Cure Northampton M / Drawn by E.W. Farmer Jan: 17th 1856.

Charlestown Navy Yard

[Illustrated cover and back page advertisement from Appleton's railway and steam navigation guide]

[Flag of the Richland Volunteer Rifle Company]

Rhode Island camp ground

[Bust-length profile portrait of a man wearing glasses]

[Benjamin Butler]

[Store fronts]

Mr. L.W. Clark

[Steamships and sailboats]

[Five men digging]

Beyond Elija

In the Rebel intrenchments [sic]

Ft. Runyon

Veteran 1812

[A soldier leading a horse]

U.S. Transport "Gove[r]nor"

Cutting out a ship

Dirijo [sic], wrecker

[A dead soldier]

[Two sketches of horse outside tent]

John W. Crump. Mayor Woods Sergent [sic] at Arms

Tecumseh saving prisoners

Capture of a U.S. Cavalry

[Broadside and bow views of eight ships and boats, and an unidentified profile bust portrait]

Ft. Brady

From city point, looking down

[Studies of child, woman, gentleman, African American man & soldier]

[Three bust portraits including news papermen]

Revenue cutter

[A general and his staff reviewing troops in the field]

Joseph Whitney

[Map of battlefield]

[Two sailing ships]

[Feeding and resting horses]

Facade of a building; little boy with two men in top hats

Steamer S. R. Spalding. [Transport]

[Two sketches: officer on horse and marching figures with rifles]

Garde Lafayette, 1860

Quartermasters Color bearer

Capt. F.S.G. De Hautville

Col. A.G. Bracket, 9th Ill Cav

J.A. Early, CSA

[Switch on a railroad track]


Scene in the corridor, outside the Japanese apartments at Willards showing one of the princes the use of the microscope and stereoscope

On the Susquehannah steam frigate

Parkes Station, U.S.M.R.R., Petersburg Va.