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Incipit liber primus Theophili monachi, de diversis artibus The beginning of the first book of Theophilus the monk, upon various arts.

[Landscape with house] / Lalanne.

[Grace Church (Brooklyn, New York). Plan] / Rich Upjohn, archt.

[Grace Church (Brooklyn, New York). Side elevation] / Rich Upjohn, arct.

Chateau a Liège

Hensel, Fanny Mendelssohn

[Hotel for Azariah Fuller, (Kirkwood House), Pennsylvania Avenue and 12th Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. Principal floor plan]

[Hotel for Azariah Fuller, (Kirkwood House), Pennsylvania Avenue and 12th Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. Third story floor plan]

Man sketching on a wharf with a dog seated next to him, in the background, to the left is a tree, at center, a long wharf with a pavilion, and on the right, a small sailboat offshore


Great Mound at Marietta, Ohio

[Bandstand. Elevation rendering in color, with plan and side elevation]

Trees near a precipice


[Exterior view of masonry church with axial tower entrance and spire]

Traveler greeting two women at a well

Carriage or fire engine

High fall on the Catskills / from nature by "James Queen" draughtsman for P.S. Duvals Lithographic Establ.


[Courting cats under arbor with eavesdropping fox by fence]

[Man lecturing native people under a tree]

Sailboat loaded with hay

[Design for certificate for Massachusetts Charitable Mechanics Association]

Lighthouse with outbuildings

Several firefighters around a hose carriage

Mountain resort near the Delaware Water Gap

Entrance of Delaware Water Gap, 1850

[Two views of an airship shaped like a long tube with a pointed nose, propellers on the side and a rudder, resembling an 1850 design proposed by Pierre Jullien, a French clock maker from Villejuif, France]

Philipsburg Rock, N.J. from "Mount Ida" Easton, Pa., 1850

Sketch of Niagara Falls, with a man and a woman walking on a footpath on lower left, including Terrapin Tower at left center, and notation to make waterfall "green"

The Grant Memorial. Lincoln Park - Chicago

Study sketches of weeds growing at a door; urn on a bench with a pot and pail beneath, and cup hanging from a nail; a partial bust portrait of a woman wearing a hat

Stone tavern on a dirt road, smoke coming out of chimney at rear of building, sign at front shows a bird riding on the back of an animal

Firefighter standing next to a ladder carriage

Lafayette College, Easton and Delaware Bridge from Philipsburg i.e., Phillipsburg Rock, New Jersey, 1850

Head quarters of Washington at Newburgh N.Y.

Pictura vel delineatio hominum nuper ex Anglia AD vectorum una cum corum armis tentoriis, & naviculis

Bridge spanning a stream in the woods

Schuylkill Arsenal at sunset, from across the Schuylkill River, looking west

[Palace in India]


Oakland Hall near Norristown(?)

Sketch of Niagara Falls, including Terrapin Tower

Fire in Philadelphia J. Queen

Christ Church Cambridge Mass.

Coal break, Shamokin 1851

James Ranmey, Zerby coal bason i.e., basin 1851

Arrival of Kossuth at New York

Hotel Mount Carmel 1851

[Alterations to the U.S. Capitol including extensions and new dome, Washington, D.C. 1530 - peristyle of dome]

Anne Page, slender and shallow. A scene from the merry wives of Windsor

Mme. E. Frezzolini

Thomas Paine / P. Krämer del. ; L. Rosenthal's Lithy. cor. 3d. & Dock St. Phila.

Old mill at "Mount Carmel" Pa. 1851

Kossuth, the Hungarian patriot

Court house, Sunbury 1851

Kossuth addressing the people at the Mayor's Southhampton

Arrival of Kossuth at the Southampton docks, England

Gap in Big Mountain, Zerby's Run, no. 1 vein, 1851

La figure. Marie Mary

Saddlery at Shamoken i.e., Shamokin 1851

Waters, liquid mirror

[Picadilly omnibus boarding passengers to the exhibition at Hyde Park; coach in front of Pinchins & Co. bar and ale]

Mine building or sawmill among rolling hills, probably in Pennsylvania

U.S. Post Office

Details of dome, carriages "a" of stairway in drum

Entablature, Balustrade, and ceiling of western portico of south wing


[Diagram for Constuction of steps to entrance of U.S. Capitol]

U.S. Gen'l Post Office Building, plan of heating and ventilating apparatus

Details of dome, carriages of stairway of drum

Details of peristyle of dome

Key of windows on colonnade of dome

Dumb waiter for refreshment room

U.S. Gen'l Post Office, heating and ventilating, details of fans

Details of dome, doors in drum, east and west heading to floor of peristyle

Plan of foundations

Entablature, balustrade, and ceiling of western portico of south corridor

Details of architrave, full size interior order of dome

Plan of ceiling of western stairway, south wing

The fish question settled

[Sheet of sketches for the illustrated 1852 London edition of Uncle Tom's Cabin showing Simon Legree and some of the other central characters]

Two candidates at the door of nomination

Dome of U.S. Capitol, horizontal braces between main ribs

Dome of U.S. Capitol, exception in first section of main ribs and horizontal braces ...

Cellar, north wing, junction of air-ducts

Details of western stairway, basement story, north wing

Eagle chronometer dials--watch dial (shown in reverse)

Iron backs of corner seats of gallery, Senate

Details of north wing

Washington Aqueduct, lugs for cast-iron water pipes

U.S. Gen'l Post Office, sliding window in Engine Room

Arrangement of pipe connections to boilers and pumps, south wing

Coil for U.S. Gen'l Post Office

Pillars in pillasters of drum of dome

Section through dome of U.S. Capitol

Air-duct for Senate Chamber, north wing

Plan of dome, top of peristyle showing wrought iron plates

Development of stairway through ribs of coupola, dome of [U.S.] Capitol

Boilers for heating and ventilating