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[The Capture of Christ]

[Christ bearing the cross]

[Madonna and child]

[Figure of a woman with raised hand, possibly Sybil in the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican]

[Crucifixion study]

[Portrait of a youth, half length, facing slightly right]

[Madonna and child]

[Death of the Virgin]

[Christ raising the daughter of Jarius?] / A. I. Jordaens.

[Cloud with lightning]

[Landscape with a castle on a hill and three figures and horse]

[Winter landscape with figures by a river]

[Vertumnus and Pomona?]

[Courtly outdoor scene, with fountain and men on horses (recto) ; faint red chalk sketch (verso)]

[The Young St. John the Baptist]

[Paris receiving the golden apple from Hermes]

[Paris and Oenone]

[The Madonna of the Rose]

[Napoleonic figure standing on a throne holding a staff]

Baptism of Edward I / M. Brown Jr.

[Landscape with harvesting scene]

[Caesar-like figure standing and holding a staff and an orb topped with a cross]

[Woman milking] / J.F.M.

[Flock of sheep]

[Mountain landscape with river and church on a hill]

[Roadway with trees] / J.F.M.

[River landscape, the Seine at Chateau-Gaillard] / T.H.R.

[Blacksmith trying to shoe a horse while another horse interferes]

[Algerian horsemen firing off guns] / Paul Delamain.

[Landscape with cattle]

[Thatched huts and windmill] / Th. R.

[Landscape with house] / Lalanne.

Chateau a Liège

[Self portrait, standing]

[Landscape with rocks]

[Landscape with thatched hut]

[Jesus appearing to his disciples on the Sea of Galilee] / JSvC [monogram].

[The Acropolis, Athens]

[A horse]

[Normandy peasants at pier]

[Study for a Saint Sebastian] / A. Legros.

[Figure of a woman, and sketches of two cows or sheep] / G. Segantini.

Franeker / M. Lalanne.

[Shot Tower against a sunset sky with rich glow on river, from Embankment]

[London over Waterloo Bridge]

[Shot Tower with night lights, from Embankment]

The fruit boat

[Green, blue and purple]

[Lincoln Memorial]

[Bethlehem Steel Works]

[Study for le vieux coq]

[Les canards]

Arles, Church of San Trophine [sic], the cloisters

[The red bus]

Statue of Charles I

To St. Paul's from my window

"The unrivalled nigger of the Royal Standard"

The lights of the Empire

A Lion Comique, at the Oxford


Adéle Moscheuer Marier, 20 Mar., 1891

Cornwall and Devon, St. Michel's Mount

George Moore


Railway station, York / Pennell.

Garden, Alhambra

Inner Gateway, Alhambra

[Nude figure standing, holding a veil]

Trafalgar Square


[Beach Horse and Wagon]

Bridge over Valley Creek, Downingtown

[Excursion pier]

[Outside Venice]

[The forge] [Smiths, Ajaccio].

[The gold moon]

[Benches in Kensington Park]

[Waterloo Bridge from over Charing Cross Bridge]

[London street]


Band concert

Hotel Knickerbocker, night scene

Chute the Chutes, Luna Park, Coney Island

Coliseum from Palatine, Rome


New York from Jersey Ferry House

[Flatiron Building from Fifth Avenue and Twenty-Seventh Street]

Times Building number two, the soaring Times


One Hundred and Tenth Street

[Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Thirty-Fourth Street and Fifth Avenue]

The Stock Exchange

The salute from Grand Canal

Palace at night

The Armenian convent

The monument, London

St. Pancras Station

East London

Baker Street

Weehawken Ferry

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