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[Un officier allemand portant un drapeau, accompagné d'un tambour, d'un fifre et de deux soldats] / DH.

[A monk wearing a mask(?) with a horn, sitting on the ground, beating a drum (tsuri-daiko)]

[A monk wearing mask(?) with horns, sitting on the ground, beating a drum]

Danjo no manzai

Nakamaru matsue no keisei miyako

Triumphal procession of the eagle and other birds, at the April election 1837

Thad: Kosuiszko, the friend of Washington / A. Girard, 1839.

Udaisho michitsuna no haha

Not a drum was heard nor a funeral note . . .

President (C)ass beginning operations, losing no time

Cross braces connecting the entablature of the peristyle with the drum of the dome

Little drummer boy: rub-a-dub-dub

[Drum corps stands in front of Union soldiers in formation]

The Civil War in America--drumming out a soldier of the Federal Army through the streets of Washington / from a sketch by our special artist.

[Seven unidentified soldiers in Union uniforms with drum and stacked rifles in front of tent]

[Unidentified boy in Union uniform with drum]

[Unidentified soldier in Union uniform with bass drum]

[Union fife and drum musicians probably at Camp Griffin, Langley, Virginia]

Fouth [i.e. Fourth] Regiment band

[Thomas Isaiah Booker in Confederate uniform with Colt navy revolver, book, tin drum canteen, and sign reading Jeff Davis and the South!]

[Ten unidentified soldiers that form a Union regimental band with saxhorns and drums]

[Civil War envelope showing eagle atop arrows and drum with American flag, cannon, and rifles bearing message "The Star Spangled Banner must be upheld"]

(Drum Corps) 30th Pa. Infantry

[Private William V. Haines of Company H, 49th Ohio Infantry Regiment, in uniform and Ohio Volunteer Militia belt buckle with drum]

[Unidentified young drummer boy in Union uniform]

[Union saxhorn and drum musicians probably at Camp Griffin, Langley, Virginia]

[Unidentified soldier in Union uniform and Massachusetts belt buckle with drum]

[Unidentified soldier in Confederate uniform with "I" buttons and Company B hat with tin drum canteen]

[Drum corps from unidentified regiment]

Drum Corps, 93rd N.Y. Infantry, Bealton [i.e. Bealeton], Va.

[Unidentified boy in Union zouave uniform with drum]

[Unidentified soldier in Union uniform with drum] / Photographed by Thomas Smith, 142 and 144 North Ninth Street, Philadelphia.

Drum Corps, 93d New York Infantry, Bealton, Va., August, 1863

Drum Corps of 61st New York Infantry, Falmouth, Va., March, 1863

[Morris Island, South Carolina. The "rogue's march" drumming a thief out of camp]

Drum Corps, 93rd New York Infantry, Bealton, Va.

Drum Corps of the 61st New York Infantry. Falmouth, Va., March 1863

Gen. R.C. Drum U.S.A.

Pogrebal'nye obychai Sredneaziiattsev. Evreiskie pokhorony

Drum corps of 10th Veteran Reserve Corps, Washington, D.C., April, 1865

Evreiskie obychai. Uveselenie (bazm) Evreek

Gen. R.C. Drum U.S.A.

Drum, Gen. R.C. USA

Trupa muzykantov. Zenbaz

Coliseum - interior / John P. Soule, 199 Washington St., Boston.

Anthony's stereoscopic views. No. 1471, Three drummer boys (now at Ft. Hamilton) who have been in 9 battles of the rebellion

[Napoleon III, full-length portrait, facing front, walking on crutches, carrying a broken drum on his back, following the Gallic Cock who is leading the way, wearing glasses and smoking a cigarette] / Maurice's Autographic and Lithographic Establishment, No. 160 William St. N.Y.

Drum act

[Metalwork design in a circle showing a woman with wings, possibly a religious figure, holding stick and small drum]

Cymbals - drum

[Types of drums]

[A large tsuri-daiko]

[A group photograph of the Second Armed Batallion of the Fire Brigade] / Constantinople, Abdullah Frères.

[The bugler and trumpeter from the Navy Batallion]

Drum major, France, 1853

[The drummer soldiers of the Selamlık Ceremony units of the Fire Brigade]

Let the political army have new drums also! / Gillam.

The discomfiture of Abraham

Africa - Musicians of the Sahara Desert

King of Uganda and royal drummer with his ears cut off by order of former king, Africa

Comencement [i.e., commencement] day parade

[Dog in hat, ruff, and pipe in mouth, begging]

Christmas morning / photographed by F.J. Boston.

U.S.S. Massachusetts buglers and drummer

Blaney's extravaganza success, A female drummer

"Busted!" / J.S. Pughe.

[Tom Tate, son of Captain Tate's half-brother Daniel Tate, posing with a drum fish in front of 1900 Wright glider]

One of the drummers for Eskimo dance

Chas. H. Yale & Sidney R. Ellis present the German dialect comedian and golden voiced singer, Al. H. Wilson in a new romantic German dialect comedy, The watch on the Rhine by Sidney R. Ellis.

Queen of the camp

One of the drummers for Eskimo dance

A market in the Tartar (northern) city, looking toward Drum Tower from near Imperial City Gate, Peking, China

Guard at Windsor Castle, Windsor, England

Senior parade, commencement day, University of Michigan

The populist Paul Revere / J.S. Pughe.

A glimpse of Oriental life - mysterious Asia, World's Fair, St. Louis

Peking, the capital of China, looking east from a balcony of the Drum Tower

Singing deeds of valor

Free Silver Drum Corps, Kearney, Nebraska.

Not yet, and probably not soon / J.S. Pughe.

Marine band, Kearney, Nebraska.

Keeping step to fife and drum. Inaugural parade, Washington, D.C., March 4, 1909

Roosevelt, Theodore - In Africa

Mnainak, a Yakima chief

Marine Band Drum [.]

Drum Major, Grenadier Guards, London

Zeichnet Kriegsanleihe! Wiener Bank-Verein / Rauch.

Everyone should do his bit. Enlist now / Baron Low 1915 ; printed by Roberts & Leete Ltd., London.

Drum horse of the Scot's Greys

Lucy Hewitt, Marion Post


[Drummer and bagpipe player in Scottish uniform]

4e Emprunt de la Défense Nationale. Les souscriptions sont reçues sans frais á la Banque Privée

Parole: Frieden!

Kameraden! / Bernhard.

Freischar Loeschebrand, der Garde Kavallerie Schützen Division. Offiziere, Unteroffiziere und Mannschaften aller Waffen, meldet euch ... / Helmuth Stockmann.

Veterans of Foreign Wars. Drum corps

Arlington National Cemetery. Drum major and VFW person

The Temple area. Mosque el Aksa [i.e., al-Aqsa], int[erior]. Drum of the dome showing mosaics.

Contact Sheet: 1-3 Stereo Mike Pair for Host Drum; 4 Extra Microphone at Center of Arena; 5-6 Cables and Microphone Stand Used As Telephone Cord to Run Three Cable Sets to Center of Arena; 7-8 Microphone Cable Run and Extra Microphone in Singers' Area; 9-13 Charlie Edwards in Front of the Speaker Stand; 15-17 Boys Playing Football in Campground to West of Arena; 18-20 In the Campground; 21-22 Crafts Table; 23 Midway; 24-27 Photo Button Stand; 29-37 Food Stand