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Along the beach, Presque Isle

[Mackinac Island, Mich.]

Fenton House, Mt. Clemens

Canoeing at Belle Isle, Detroit

Fountain, Grand Circus Park, Detroit

The Pavilion, Belle Isle [Park]

The Loggers

Woodward and Farnsworth Avenues, Detroit

Belle Isle Park, Detroit

Arch Rock, Mackinac Island

Fort Holmes, Mackinac Island

Logging on the river, Menominee, Mich.

Detroit River ferry boat in ice

Down Woodward Avenue from Peterboro St., Detroit

Palmer Park, light house

Palmer Park, pavilion

Lake Gogebic, Mich., cottage near hotel

Lake Gogebic, Mich., panoramic view from the eye

Russell House, Detroit

[Water Works Park, Hurlbut Memorial Gate, Detroit, Mich.]

Hotel Cadillac, Washington Ave. [i.e. Boulevard], Detroit, Mich.

Arch Rock, Mackinac Island

Detroit n.e. from Chamber of Commerce

U. of M., Ann Arbor, Gymnasium

Ann Arbor, view from boulevard

U. of M[ichigan], president's house

U. of M., Ann Arbor, Newberry Hall

U. of M., Ann Arbor, University Hall

U. of M., Ann Arbor, Museum

British Landing, Mackinac Island

Detroit fr. Windsor

Fort Sheridan, Ill., Lake Michigan from camp

Logging, cutting lengths

North Ave., Mt. Clemens

Clinton River near Market St., Mt. Clemens

Gratiot Ave. and Church St., Mt. Clemens

Norrie group no. 3, Ironwood, Mich.

River below falls, Quinnesec [sic] Falls, Mich.

[Detroit, Michigan]

Quinneseo [sic] Falls, Mich.

Post Office, Detroit

Logging a big load

[Logging in Michigan, the sled]

Medea Bath House, Mt. Clemens

Battle field, Mackinac Island

Aurora iron mines, Ironwood, Mich.

The Town from the fort, Mackinac Island

[Loading lumber on steamer at lumberyards, Menominee, Mich.]

Gratiot Ave. cottages, Mt. Clemens

Lake Gogebic, Mich., outlet into Ontanagon River

Clinton River near Market St., Mt. Clemens

Palmer Park, the lake

Casino, Belle Isle, Detroit

Car ferry turning in ice, Detroit River

Marquette, Mich., Arch Rock, Presque Isle

Water Works Park, Detroit

Boating on the lagoon, Belle Isle, Detroit

[Water Works Park]

Egnew Hotel, Mt. Clemens

Clinton River summer resort, Mt. Clemens

Majestic Building, Detroit

Escanaba River at Flat Rocks [sic]

Park Hotel, Mt. Clemens

Sherman House, Mt. Clemens

Cow pasture, Mt. Clemens

Boating off Presque Isle

Car ferry turning in ice, Detroit River

[Michigan Central] Cantilever Bridge

Iron Mines, Ironwood, Mich.

Gitchie Manitou, Mackinac Island

U. of M[ichigan] Medical Building

U. of M., Ann Arbor, the Observatory

U. of M., Ann Arbor, Psi Upsilon house

U. of M., Ann Arbor, [Medical Building]

Bridge in woods, Belle Isle, Detroit

Ferryboat, Detroit

[Lake Gogebic, Mich., Alligator's Head from hotel landing]

[Escanaba River at Flat Rock, Mich.]

Water Works Park

Car ferry, Transport, Detroit River

Hogsback, Lake Orion, Mich., The

Clinton River summer resort, Mt. Clemens

Car ferry, Transport, Detroit River

Water Works Park, Detroit, lake with fountain

Soldiers' [and Sailors'] Monument, Detroit

Hotel Egnew and bath house, Mt. Clemens

Colonial Hotel, Mt. Clemens

[Lake Gogebic, Mich., black bass fishing]

Clinton River, Mt. Clemens

Old Fort [Mackinac] from pasture field, Macinac [sic] Island, Mich.

Mackinac Island

[Marquette, Mich., private residence]

Cow pasture, Mt. Clemens

Lake Michigamme

Capitol Square, Detroit

Pine Lake

Lake Gogebic, Mich., steamboat "Brand"

Car ferry, Michigan Central, entering slip, Detroit River

Marquette statue, Marquette, Mich.

Logging, felling the tree