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Schick map of Jerus. [i.e., Jerusalem]

Map of Rift Valley

Schick map, 1894-5.

Schick map of Jerus. [i.e., Jerusalem]

Schick map

[Map of the subdivision plan of Mr. Aron Many, Jerusalem]

[Map of the eastern Mediterranean area entitled "The Dominions of David and Solomon"]

[Map showing parts of East Jerusalem and environs, based on the Ordnance Survey of Jerusalem]

Around the Dead Sea. Map of the Dead Sea

[Left side view of the 1900 Wright glider before installation of forward horizontal control surface, flying as a kite, tipped forward; Kitty Hawk Lifesaving Station and Weather Bureau buildings in background to the left]

East of the Jordan and Dead Sea. Mosaic map of Palestine in Greek church at Madeba

East of the Jordan and Dead Sea. Mosaic map of Jerusalem on mosaic floor

Bethlehem and surroundings. Bethlehem. The Basilica and Church of St. Catherine. Ringing of these bells was first broadcast, Xmas [i.e., Christmas] Eve, 1933

Copy of relief map Jerusalem and environs

Map of Africa showing the "Great Rift Valley" cont'in of Jordan Valley

Location map of Lydda aerodrome

Relief map of Palestine.

Map of the east. Mediterranean to India, Gulf of Aden & Arabian Sea

Map of the trans-desert routes, Iraq; [Another view of map of the trans-desert routes, Iraq]

Air mosaic (plan) or map of Jerusalem & surroundings

Excellent Eve view of Jer. [i.e., Jerusalem] from south (resident hills). H.E. [i.e., His Excellency]'s place