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[Indian seated in hut]

[The town of Pomeiock] / T.B.

[A fortified village]

[Map of northern coast of S. America, showing mouths of Amazon and Orinoco rivers. Illus. with dwellings, boats, animals; Indians killing boa]

[A residential compound with fence and outbuildings near grove of trees and small bridge, with bay and mountains in the background]

A plan of Patomack River, from the mouth of Sherrendo, down to Chapawamsick /

[Two thatched cottages on the edge of a river]

The Tschuktschi, and their habitations / Webber, J. del. ; W. & J.(?) Walker sculp.

A View of the habitations in Nootka Sound / Webber del. ; Birrell sc.

Summer and winter habitations in Kamtschatka / Webber del. ; J. Goldar sc.

The Inside of a Hippah, in New Zeeland [i.e. New Zealand] / Webber, del. ; Angus sc.

View of a pass over the South Mountains from York Town to Carlisle / Bedwell delt. ; [Thackara sc.]

A view of houses in the city of Albany

A view on the Schuylkill, with a SW prospect of Bush-Hill, one of the seats of William Hamilton, Esq.

Green Hill, the seat of Samuel Meredith Esqr. near Philadelphia / J. Hoffman del. ; S. Hill sc.

A view of the seat of the Hon. Selah Strong, Esqr., St. George's Manor, Sussex County, Long Island / [?] del. ; Tiebout sculp.

Residence of the Washington family / Hays, sc.

[Coastal view with village and pine trees along the waterfront]

Inakaya no ume

Shin ōyama ukikei

[View of the city of Charleston, South Carolina, with a large home and smaller houses, outbuildings, and perhaps a slave cabin]

The hermitage

Kameido umeyashiki


Hebi taiji no fuji

[Summary plate showing 25 country cottages and dwellings designed by Joseph Ramée]

An Indian town, residence of a chief

N.W. view of the mansion of George Washington. Mount Vernon / lith. by P. Haas, Washington City.

[Cabin in landscape]

Native village

President Robert's house, Monrovia / Wagner & McGuigan's Lith. Phil.

[Southwest view of Sanderson's Franklin House, Chestnut Street, Philadelphia]

[Cottage-villa in the rural Gothic style, residence of William J. Rotch of New Bedford, Mass., built from the plans of Mr. Davis: front elevation]

Daniel Carroll of Duddington's family on porch of house, F and 2nd Streets, S.E., Washington, D.C.

[Cottage-villa in the rural Gothic style, residence of William J. Rotch of New Bedford, Mass., built from the plans of Mr. Davis: principal floor plan]

Paris. Palais des Thermes / E. Baldus.

This drawing is by Major John Andre of the British Army, when a prisoner, & living in my Fathers family in Lancaster, during the War of the Revolution

Buckingham Hall

Perspective view / L.N. Rosenthals Chromo Lith. Phila.

The Palace of Massasoit

[Construction of the United States Treasury Building, Washington, D.C.]

A View of the house of the late Hon'ble Jonathan Corwin (Judge of the Supreme Court of Massachusets [sic] and member of the council appointed in the new charter, May, 1692). Erected 1642, by Cap't. Geo. Corwin

Beyond Elija

Pickets [sic] train captured here [and] Warren with Crawfords div

Rhode Island camp ground

[Man, woman, and children outside earth and wood structure]

Cottage in Murfreesboro, Tenn.

Cottage in Murfreesboro, Tenn.

[Structure made of timbers, earth, rope, and vegetation, two people and a cow on second level]

Valencia. Tros Alt

Verona. House of Juliet

Fernando Woods house. B1 [...]

Tobacco house

White House, Potomac

Aletsch Glacier. Bel Alp

[Farmhouses by a pond]

Cedar Level U.S.M.R.R., Nr Petersburg

[Sharpshooter covering artillery men]

The Fulton House, lower hall

Valencia. Iglesia de Sta. Catalina

Camp of R.I. Regiment

[Bird's-eye view of the residential compound of a nobleman in Beijing; includes Chinese language characters identifying features of the residence]

[Soldiers preparing for battle]

[Building facade probably a city residence]

View of Charleston Harbor and its Defences

Colonel Bully

[D.R. Miller house, with family on porch, Hagerstown Pike, Antietam, Maryland]

Mt Vernon, 1861. Mr Hubbard

[Log cabin beside tree and rail fence]

Mt. Vernon, 1861

Near Charleston, S.C., 1861

Rowlands House N. Jersey

Interior of a shepherd's hut Iceland

The old Harrison mansion--Harrison's landing James River

Lacey House, Falmouth, Virginia / negative by T.H. O'Sullivan ; positive by A. Gardner.

On 7th St. Washington, Blenkers headquarters

Lacy House, Fredericksburg

[Signal tower on roof of house]

A settlers hut on the Red river

Dumfries, Va., June 1863

Seminary nr. Gettysburg used as a hospital, scene of Reynolds fight with Longstreet the first day

Castle Murray, near Auburn, Virginia / negative by T.H. O'Sullivan. positive by A. Gardner.

Arlington House, June 29, 1864. Former residence of rebel Gen. Robert E. Lee

Trenches, Petersburg

Big Shanty

Arlington House, east front, June 28, 1864

At Totopotomay Creek, Va.

View of Fort Clifton Rebel from the Mills House looking across the Appomattox

East Battery, Charleston, S.C. looking north, showing ruins of the 600 lb. Blakely Gun

Sherman's March Through South Carolina - Burning of McPhersonville, February 1, 1865

Syr-Dar'inskaia oblast'. Zimovka Kirgiz bliz toi-tiubinskago shosse

View on the Battery, Charleston, S.C. Remains of the large Blakely gun, burst by the rebels before the evacuation

Syr-dar'inskaia oblast'. Dom v kotorom zhil General Maior M. G. Cherniaev po zaniatii g. Tashkenda

War views. No. 1997, Ruins of P.M. Gen'l M. Blair's residence, MD

Old Soldiers' Home (summer residence of the President)

The solar gaz machine. O. P. Drake's latest improvement for lighting with gas. factories, hotels, stores, and dwellings ... Manufactured and sold by O. P. Drake & company 6 & 8 Bedford Street, Boston, Mass. [1866].

President's house

Savannah, Ga., early Negro life

Damas - Rue droite / Bonfils.

Damas. Détail de sculptures dans une cour de maison juive / Bonfils.