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Copie of the election [for councillors for Massachusetts] made May 27, 1702. [n. p. 1702] [Positive Photostat.].

An Election Entertainment. Plate I

The election, a medley, humbly inscribed to Squire Lilliput, professor of scurrility

An election entertainment at Brentford

To the worthy freeholders and freemen. The son of the most upright Judge, the best of Governors, and the greatest patriot ever known in this Country [In favour of the election of Peter Livinston to the Assembly] New York, March 8, 1768.

To the worthy freeholders and freemen. The son of the most upright Judge, the best of governors, and the greatest patriot ever known in this country [In favour of the election of Peter Livingston to the Assembly] New York March 8 1768.

An anecdote of a certain candidate, for the ensuing election. Happening to be at Newark, when he first heard that Mr. J y, was acquitted of the crime laid to his charge he shrugged his shoulders, and said that from the disposition himself had ob

... A riddle. There has appeared in this City, a tall man, well made, of a fair complexion, buckram gait, majestick look, but of an unaccountable disdainful countenance ... [AN election squib. signed A White-Oak] [Philadelphia, 1770].

Nominated for election in May, 1774. The gentlemen nominated, by the votes of the Freemen, to stand for election in May next, as sent in to the General Assembly, holden at New-Haven, on the second Thursday of October, A. D. 1773, are as follow .

To the inhabitants of the City and County of New-York. Fellow Citizens. Be not deceived by sounds. A tremendous out-cry is made about the right of election, as if it would be violated and lost, by choosing one set of men, more than another ... [

To the worthy inhabitants of the City and County of New-York. My fellow citizens. At this interesting crisis, when every thing that is dear to us, both as individuals, and as a body politic, is at stake: [Advocating the election of the committee

Committee-Chamber, July 25, 1774. Proceedings of the Committee of Correspondence. Mr. Henry Remsen, seconded by Mr. Abraham Duryee, made a motion in the words following. Mr. Chairman, I move that a poll be opened at the usual places of election

To the freeholders and freemen of New-York. My dear countrymen. December 29, 1775. I have good reason to assure you that there is a scheme in agitation to surprise and confound you in a matter of the last importance - the election of members for

To the freemen and freeholders of New York. Gentlemen. As the time of election for representatives, to serve in the General Assembly, is near at hand I beg leave to propose the following gentlemen for your approbation, viz. Thomas Smith, John Sc

The following are recommended as proper persons to represent the City and County of New York, in Provincial Congress. The election will commence on Tuesday next, being the 16th of April, 1776 [John Jay and twenty others] [New York, 1776.].

To the impartial public. My dear friends. Guard yourself against impostors, Sentinel and Watchman are fictitious names, he who is ashamed of his right name may deceive you. Christopher Duyckinck. Preserve the right of election to yourselves, or

No Provincial Convention. Let us act for ourselves, and choose our old five delegates. The friends of the above measure are desired to meet at the usual places of election, at eight o'Clock in order to vote against the eleven deputies. [Pennsylv

No Provincial Convention. Let us act for ourselves, and choose our old five delegates. The friends of the above measure are desired to meet at the usual places of election, at eight o'Clock in order to vote against the eleven deputies. [Pennsylv

The following are recommended as proper persons to represent the City and County of New-York, in Provincial Congress. The election will commence on Tuesday next, being the 16th of April 1776. [Col. M'Dougall and twenty others] To the inhabitants

Committee-chamber, New-York, April 9, 1776. Whereas the late Provincial Congress of the colony of New-York, by their resolve of the twelfth of March last, did order a new election of deputies to represent this province in Provincial Congress, fo

To the inhabitants of the City and County of New-York. My dear countrymen. There can be nothing more fatal to us than to bring our representation into contempt. [Recommending the election of the old members] [Signed] The Watchman. April 15, 1776

John Page to Thomas Jefferson, June 2, 1779, Letter of Apology and Support for Jefferson's Election as Governor of Virginia

Westminster election 1780 / E--g inv.

- Once more- for the- liberties of the people of America. The present election is important- it may give peace or war to this State, and perhaps, to the union.- The sons of liberty (who are again called upon to contend with sheltered aliens and

To the mechanics of the City of New York. I have seen a piece, signed by a number of persons, said to be done in behalf of the mechanics of the city of New York. [Regarding the election of governor of New York] [Signed] A mechanic. April 28, 178

To the independent electors of the State of New-York, Fellow Citizens A numerous meeting of the respectable inhabitants of this city, impressed with the importance of the ensuing election have appointed us a committee to address you on the subje

To the electors of the State of New York. I trust, fellow citizens, I may with reason congratulate you on the prospects of the ensuing election for Governor [Advocating electing John Jay] [Signed] A Republican [New York? 1795].

To the Public. As the election for members to represent this state in Congress approaches very fast, it is necessary to turn our thoughts to those who are suitable for the purpose; and all good men will readily agree that they ought to be truly

Extract from the election law of Pennsylvania, 1799. [1799].

To the citizens of the County of Philadelphia. Friends and Fellow Citizens. In common with the citizens of the State, you have been addressed by the Committee, appointed to promote the election of James Ross ... [Signed] Franklin. [1799?].

To the people of Kentucky. Fellow citizens [A plea for emancipation and for the election to the convention of persons favourable to it]. [Franklin Co.? Kentucky, April? 1799].

In Committee, Albany, 8th April, 1799. The annexed ticket will announce to you the candidates who we have agreed to support at the ensuing election: In its formation we experienced considerable embarrassment, by reason of opposite nominations fo

To the citizens of the County of Philadelphia. Friends and Fellow Citizens. In common with the citizens of the State, you have been addressed by the Committee, appointed to promote the election of James Ross ... [Signed] Franklin. [1799?].

To the public. We the undersigned having seen a publication in the Philadelphia Gazette, of the 5th instant signed Nathan Suplee, which he perhaps may suppose the near approach of the general election will screen from contradiction but short as

Thoughts, on the subject of the ensuing election, addressed to the party in the state of New-York, who claim exclusively the appellation of federalists ... April 1, 1800. {Albany [Printed by Barber & Southwick] [1800]} [Positive Photostat].

To the electors of Ontario County. Fellow-citizens. Again an election is approaching and again you are assailed with hand-bills from certain characters of the town of Canadaiqua some of whom have been in the annual habit of presuming to dictate

To the electors of the Southern district of the State of New-York. Friends and fellow citizens. The approaching election of a chief magistrate of the State of New-York, is entitled to peculiar attention ... By order of the General Committee in

Election. At a numerous and respectable meeting of electors from different parts of the state held at the Tontine coffee-house, in the City of Albany, on the 28th day of January 1801. [Positive Photostat].

To the inhabitants of Staten-Island. Fellow-countrymen. We are hastening fast to an election, which, to the lovers of rational liberty, the advocates of our constitution, is unspeakably important. Permit me, therefore, to address to you a few wo

Circular. Frederick-Town, September 23, 1802. Sir: We being appointed a committee to communicate with our fellow-citizens of Frederick County, beg leave to call your attention to the election on the first Monday of October next, for four delegat

Federal persecution. [Regarding election in New Castle County Delaware 1802].

The following is submitted to the candid and serious consideration of the independent electors of the state of New York [Regarding the election of Governor Clinton] An independent elector of the middle district. Dutchess County 13th April 1803.

Federal proceedings in Salem. Friday evening, March 30, 1810. At a meeting of the Federal Republicans at Washington-Hall, Jacob Ashton, Esq. moderator, Mr. John Jenks, secretary ... The arrangements of the election having been completed, the fol

Brigade orders. Militia election. Take notice, that an election will be held on the 28th instant, for the purpose of electing a Brigadier General, for the 2nd Brigade, 6th Division Pennsylvania Militia, in order to fill the vacancy of Brigadier

Another plot! The heat of election hatches a brood of plots and falsehood .... Salem, March 21st 1812.

Substance of an address delivered by James M. Garnett to the people of Essex, at their late election for a member of Congress, held on the 17th April [1815?].

To the citizens of Dauphin County, and the friends of Harrisburg. No persons in the state are more interested in the election of Governor than the citizens of Harrisburg, and Dauphin county ... [Signed at end] Conrad Weiser September 1817.

The freedom of election or hunt-ing for popularity and plumpers for Maxwell / [I. R.] Cruikshank, delt. & fect.

To the people of Kentucky

To the voters of the City of Washington. Some vile incendiaries, who have no regard either for truth or decency, having labored to calumniate Captain Thomas Carbery, for the purpose of injuring his election, it is deemed proper by some of his fr

To Irishmen and adopted citizens. to the Public [Opposing the election of Dr. Joel B. Sutherland] [Signed] An Irishman. October 9, 1823.

Town representatives. The present election presents a crisis at which it is important that every representative should be faithful to the character and wishes of the people. The citizens of New-Haven are decidedly opposed by a great majority, to

Sir. Having been appointed by a public meeting held in this city, a Committee of Correspondence to promote the election of Henry Clay, we take the liberty of asking your assistance and co-operation ... [Signed] Richard W. Meade [and 17 others] P

To the freemen of the Town of Warwick. The election of representatives in the General Assembly, in the last Tuesday of August will soon arrive ... John R. Waterman. Warwick August 19. 1826.

Notice extraordinary. R. C. Weightman, a man of known liberal principles; all those who vote for this gentleman at tomorrow's election, will have general permission to sleep on the benches in the Market House, this intense warm weather. May the

In honor of the election of our distinguished fellow-citizen General Andrew Jackson, to the presidency of the United States, you are respectfully invited to attend a ball in Nashville ... Nashville, December 10, 1828.

Address of the General Committee of Republican young men of the City of New York, friendly to the election of Andrew Jackson ... [New York 1828].

Ambitious views. To the voters at the next election ... An old Kentuckian. [Kentucky 1829?].

To the working men of Washington. Fellow-citizens, This day assert your rights as freemen, in the election of a chief magistrate of the City ... [Signed] A mechanic. June 7th, 1830.

Mayor's election. To the citizens of Washington. You will be called upon in a few days to choose a chief magistrate ... General Van Ness is an honest unsuspected man; he has been a faithful and vigilant officer, and deserves, as he will receive,

Mayor's election. To the citizens of Washington. The friends of Gen. Van Ness are circulating handbills and puffs through every part of the city ... [Signed] A voter. [Washington, 1832].

To the people of Waldo. Great Whig meeting in New York ... Election, Monday, September 8. Whig nominations. For Governor: Peleg Sprague. Representatives to Congress ... [1833].

Triumphal procession of the eagle and other birds, at the April election 1837

A voice for the Erie canal. A protest against the election of Preston King and Abijah Mann, Jr., and the Herkimer canal policy -- Speech of Samuel B. Ruggles, at the Whig convention, held in New York, on the 23d inst. [1837?].

Sir: On behalf of the Republican committee of seventy-six, appointed by the citizens of the District of Columbia friendly to the election of General William Henry Harrison to the Presidency of the United States, we respectfully and cordially add

Political chart of the United States : shewing the progress of reform, or sober second thoughts of the people.

Tippecanoe inauguration ball, March 4, 1841 : [invitation].

To Tench Tilghman, Esq. In your attack upon Mr. Thomas, published in the Easton Gazette, your aim appears to be, to defeat his election and secure your own ... [Signed] A democrat. [1841?].

Fellow Citizens of Essex County, The undersigned, having entire confidence in the integrity and qualifications of Ralph H. French, Esq. for the office of Register of Deeds, and deeming it highly desirable to terminate the contest by an election,

To the voters of the City of Washington: Fellow-citizens: Though one of the humblest of your number, I desire to address you a few observations upon the subject of the approaching election for the mayoralty ... One of the people. [Washington Jun

Sayles, the speaker of the Foundry House of representatives, in the field. Fellow-Citizens--- In Smithfield, as the election draws nigh, the first effects of Dorrism has been felt ... [1843?].

March 23d, 1843. Dear Sir. The importance of the pending election to the peace and prosperity of this State, is our best apology for thus addressing you ... Signed. John Brown Francis [and 10 others].

Election next Monday. For representative to Congress, the farmer's, fisherman's and freeman's candidate. Hon. Daniel P. King of Danvers. Fellow citizens of District Number Two ... March 30, 1843.

Going to Texas after the election of 1844

Republican & Democrat -- Extra. West Chester, October 11, 1844. Chester County election returns for 1844--- Official.

The Sheet anchor. Trenton. N. J. Friday Oct. 11, 1844. [Election returns].

Schedule of rules to regulate the election, organization and action of the Native American republican ward delegates of the city of Philadelphia drafted for the consideration of the different ward associations and adopted as a draft of the same,

Wake up workingmen. You have repreatedly been told that W. W. Seaton is the Mechanic's friend, and his name has appeared in the papers as the Mechanic's candidate for the mayoralty at the election to be held this day. Don't believe such stuff--h

[Election ballot for 1846].

Electors of the Western district! Read and consider!!! At a meeting of gentlemen of the Whig party, and of citizens generally, favorable to the election of Hon. Wilkins Updike, to Congress, held at Kingston Court House, Aug. 11, 1847.

List of Senators of the General Assembly, of the State of Tennessee, convened at Nashville on the furst Monday in October, 1849 - whose election extends for two years from the second day of August, 1849. Prepared by Ramond B. Sloan, for the memb

The election game / turning the cards

Middlesex, ss. To Horatio N. Cate, Constable of the Town of Reading. In the County of Middlesex. Greeting. [To notify the inhabitants of the election 8th day of November.] Reading, Oct. 28th, 1852. Selectmen of Reading ... Boston Propeller Press

To the independent voters of Washington City! You have been earnestly invoked to mingle party politics in the mayoralty election ... [Signed] An old citizen. [Washington, 5 June, 1852].

[Election ticket for the second and third ward] [Washington, June 1853].

First ward [Election ticket 1853].

To the people of Rhode Island, Election of delegates ... A Democrat of '42. Providence June 24, 1853. The above able article was written by Gov. Dorr, and appeared in the Post of 24th inst.

Abraham Lincoln to Elihu B. Washburne, Monday, December 11, 1854 (1854 election)

Republican state convention. The outrage perpetrated by the last Congress in repealing the Missouri compromise, has resulted in the election of an almost unanimous representation in the next Congress from the free states, hostile to the extensio

The great presidential race of 1856.

Scene in the House of Representatives - Contest for the election of speaker

Shall I vote for ten cents a day?

The morning after the election _ November 1856.

Reception of presidential and state election returns

Grand national inauguration ball, March Fourth, 1857 : [invitation].

The election

To the people of Leavenworth County [Regarding the coming election for the members of the Constitutional convention] ... June 3d 1857.

... Democratic caucus! A meeting for the election of delegates to attend the "Democratic District Convention" ... [Lynn, Mass.] From the Boston Post Job Office [1858].

Abraham Lincoln, [October 1858] (Notes on Illinois Election Laws)

To the electors of the city of New-York. The defeat of Fernando Wood at the coming election for mayor is the duty of every one who has an interest in the welfare of New-York ... [New York, Nov. 1859].