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[First chapter of Spiritalium liber; with decortated initial C. in which baby holds a staff and rope with weight at end, possibly engineering tools]

A few lines on occasion of the untimely end of Mark and Phillis, who were executed at Cambridge, September 18th for poysoning their master, Capt. John Codman of Charlestown. [Cut] [Boston 1755].

A plan of the coast of Gabarus Bay from the west end of Kennington Cove to White Point shewing the several batteries and retrenchments made by the French to oppose the landing of His Britanick Majesty's troops /

Course of the river Mississippi, from the Balise to Fort Chartres; taken on an expedition to the Illinois, in the latter end of the year 1765.

A new map of the island of Jamaica divided into its parishes : including the south end of Cuba and the west end of Hispaniola with the trade winds &c. /

Plan de Bahía Xagua on the south side of Cuba; Plan of the Colorado Rocks, near the west end of Cuba /

New-York, November 5, 1773. To the friends of liberty, and commerce, Gentlemen. It must be strongly marked on your minds, that the end of the last non-importation agreement, was to obtain a repeal of the tyrannical act of Parliament, that impose

To the respectable public. Have a good end in view, and pursue it. Every friend of American freedom, rejoices to find a true and honest spirit of liberty prevailing in all ranks and degrees in this city. [Considering which of the two sets of res

At a meeting of the following gentlemen, being committee from every town and district in the County of Middlesex and Province of Massachusetts-Bay, held at Concord in said County, on the 30th end 31st day of August 1774, to consult upon measures

Copy of a survey return'd by Mr. Sam Lewis, surveyor of Botetourt Coun[t]y. Surveyed for George Washington 2950 acres of land (by virtue of a warrant for 5,000 acres granted by His Excellency the Governor to said Washington agreeable to His Majesty proclamatiom issued in the year 1763) lying in the county of Botetourt on the n.e. side of the Great Kanhaway about a mile and half above the mouth of Cole River, joining the upper end of the Poketillico survey ... Novemr. 6th, 1774.

In Congress, Friday, June 9, 1775. Resolved that no obedience being due to the Act of Parliament for altering the charter of the Colony of Massachusetts-Bay, nor to a governor or lieutenant governor who will not observe the direction of, but end

We the subscribers do hereby severally inlist ourselves into the service of the United States of America, to continue in that service 'till the end of the present war with Britain, unless sooner regularly discharged ... and to be under such regu

Course of the river Mississipi from the Balise to Fort Chartres; taken on an expedition to the Illinois, in the latter end of the year 1765.

A view from the camp at the east end of the naked sand hills, on the south east shore of the Isle of Sable

The eclipse at an end - and political tilting discovered

The End of Pain. The last speech, dying words, and confession of T.P. / T.O. [Ovenden] fecit.

Plan for raising by loan a sum of money for the purpose of carrying on the work of The Schuylkill and Susquehanna Canal till the end of the present year 1794.

End of the Irish Invasion : - or - the Destruction of the French Armada / Js. Gillray, inv. et f.

The end of pain. The last speech, dying words, and confession of T[homas] P[aine]

The end of pain. The last speech, dying words, and confession of T. P. [n. p. n. d.].

[Property survey map of the eastern end of Washington D.C. showing land tracts and householders' names].

Pictorial illustration of abolitionism. Its rise, progress and end. Vol. II.-Pictorial history of the cause of the great rebellion .. Liberty, equality and fraternity ... Asbury, New Jersey. Copyright secured by Alfred Gale.

A view taken from the S.W. end of Charleston, S.C. Jany 17th 1812

Plan of the west end of the public appropriation in the city of Washington, called the Mall : as proposed to be arranged for the site of the university /

To the citizens of Dauphin County, and the friends of Harrisburg. No persons in the state are more interested in the election of Governor than the citizens of Harrisburg, and Dauphin county ... [Signed at end] Conrad Weiser September 1817.

[A man, wearing a large conical hat and a straw or feather garment, attempting to turn on end a barrel-like object, possibly a mochi tub; on the ground next to him is long-handled mallet]

[Blue flower blossom and bud at the end of a stalk]

[Blue blossom at the end of a stem]

Lower end of the valley showing the Acropolis Petra March 9th 1839 / David Roberts.

A N.b.E. view of the fort on the western end of Sulivans Island with the disposition of His Majesty's fleet commanded by Commodore Sir Peter Parker Knt. &c &c &c during the attack on the 28th. of June 1776, which lasted 9 hours and 40 minutes

Finn & Rockwell's counting-house calendar! for time without end. Auburn. N. Y. c. 1850.

View of west end of building

Stairs to cellar, east end, south wing

Plan of vaults for boilers, west end, north wing

Stairs to cellar, east end, north wing

[Government building ("Custom House and Post Office"), Bath, Maine. End elevation]

[Trinity Chapel (New York). Altar. Front and end elevations and plan. Rendering] / Richd Upjohn & Co. Archts, Trinity Building, N.Y.

Marine Hospital, Chelsea, Mass. End elevation, drawing no. 6

Plato at Bridge End. J.D. Gray & Co. importers

[United States Capitol (Washington, D.C.). North wing. West end. Stairs to cellar. Sections] / M.C. Meigs, Capt. of engineers; Tho. U. Walter, Archt. ex. U.S.C.

Prague. Tower at end of Karl's Brucke

For Charleston, S. C. direct from the end of Long wharf, The Boston and Southern steamship company's new and elegant iron steamship. South Carolina ... will leave Boston for Charleston, on Wednesday, Sept. 26th, '60 at 4 o'clock, P. M ... Boston

William B. Wadman, dealer in furnaces, ranges and stoves, would respectfully inform the citizens of the South End that he has taken the store formerly occupied by Francis Howard, at 1011 & 1013 Washington, (Corner Union Park Street.) ... W. B. W

Hampton, Virginia. Ruins of old brick church. West end. (The oldest Protestant church in America.)

Yorktown, Virginia (vicinity). Battery No. 4, mounting 13-inch mortars. East north end

William H. Seward to Abraham Lincoln, Thursday, April 24, 1862 (Treaty to end African slave trade)

Battery, No. 4--near Yorktown, mounting 10 13-inch mortars, each weighing 20,000 pounds. East-South end / Brady's Album Gallery.

Yorktown, Virginia (vicinity). Battery No. 4, mounting 13-inch mortars. South end

A contrast ... The end of the rebellion ... General Butler on loyalty ... The friend of the rebels ... The prospect of emancipation by the slaveholders. [1863].

View of lower end of Fredericksburg, [...]

The two roads to peace! How shall we end the rebellion - shall we coax it, or crush it? ... The Chicago platform .... The Baltimore platform .... Published by the National Union Executive Committee, Astor House, New York. [1864].

Preliminary chart of western end of Florida Reefs including Tortugas Keys.

The two roads to peace! How shall we end the rebellion - Shall we coax it, or crush it ... New York Published by the National Union executive committee. [1864].

The assassin's end. Final disposition of the body of John Wilkes Booth

End of the poor Funeral from a tenement house in Baxter Street, Five Points, New York / / from a sketch by our artist.

Fort Fisher, North Carolina. View of first traverse northwest end showing entrance to fort

Fort Fisher, North Carolina. Sea face from tenth traverse to end

Three first traverses on land end, Fort Fisher, N.C. / negative by T.H. O'Sullivan, positive by A. Gardner.

West End Hotel, Plaza, San Francisco

The end of the rebellion in the United States, 1865 / C. Kimmel.

North Wing and Portico of the U.S. Capitol (Senate end - East Front)

[Ragged Dick by Horatio Alger, Jr. (Boston, Loring, 1868): preface to end (p. 18), no illus.]

[Ragged Dick by Horatio Alger, Jr. (Boston, Loring, 1868): preface to end (p. 18), no illus.]

[Ragged Dick by Horatio Alger, Jr. (Boston, Loring, 1868): preface to end (p. 18), no illus.]

[Ragged Dick by Horatio Alger, Jr. (Boston, Loring, 1868): preface to end (p. 18), no illus.]

[Ragged Dick by Horatio Alger, Jr. (Boston, Loring, 1868): preface to end (p. 18), no illus.]

[Ragged Dick by Horatio Alger, Jr. (Boston, Loring, 1868): preface to end (p. 18), no illus.]

[Ragged Dick by Horatio Alger, Jr. (Boston, Loring, 1868): preface to end (p. 18), no illus.]

[Large, domed building at the end of a street]

Flower-sellers in the market at Washington, D.C. / drawn by A.L. Jackson. First municipal election in Richmond since the end of the war - registration of colored voters / drawn by W.L. Sheppard.

Captain Johnson's quarters (w. end of)

[Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. Front and end elevations]

Metallic End Suspenders

Machinery Hall, east end, Sept. 9

International Exhibition, Phila., Pa.: Shoe and Leather Bldg.; interior from East End

The Centennial - West end, main building / from a photograph by the Centennial Photographic Company.

End of the Nez Percés War--surrender of Chief Joseph

Loafers and laborers. Uncle Sam--(At the end of his patience and his territory) "Now, durn your pesky copper skins, you've got to work or jump!"

South Carolina - the South in 1880 - East Battery, the Promenade on the southern end of East Bay Street, Charleston

Lands End, Rockport, Mass.

An end to all disagreement / F. Opper.

American federation of labor endeavors to unite all classes of wage-workers under one head, through their several organizations to the end. 1 That class, race, creed, political and trade prejudices may be abolished. 2. That support, moral and fi

East end of Lyttleton Island with life boat cove in distance

The Old Mechanic's Bell tower [erected by shipwrights about 1800 at Goerck and Stanton streets near the East River, N.Y.C. The tolling of the bell marked the end of a ten-hour day, an act of protest against the employers' practice of compelling artisans to work from "dark to dark"]

Bar Harbor from West End Hotel, Mt. Desert, Maine

The end of a bad show / J. Keppler.

The end of the republican party After "The Destruction of Jerusalem" by Kaulbach.

The end. Yours truly, Huck Finn

Lakeside Ranch The superintendent's home, west end.

A swell smoker--getting the short end

A question of labor. : This question is from first to last, from the beginning to the end, from skin to core and from core to skin again, a question of labor--James G. Blaine

Dear Sir: One most important task lies before the supporters of the Democratic ticket- to bring the people at large to a clear understanding of the tariff question ... It is to this end that we have published The Tariff?? cartoons and comments f

Ansel Smith's team just over Mud Pond Carry, Umbazooksus - end camping trip

[West End Pier, Morecambe, England]

West End Trust Co. Building, Philadelphia

End of the day, or a glass of milk by the roadside

Life boat practice, West End, New Orleans

North end of lake in Public Garden, Boston

[Courtesan, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing left, holding a scroll and chewing on the end of a brush]

[West Virginia, Camden on the Gauley, upper end of boom]

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