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[Christ crowned with thorns] / MS.

[The Angel of the Annunciation] / MS.

Illumination of Solomon and Sheba - Old Testament I

[Printed vellum page from the first book printed in small type. 1459]

[Printed vellum page from Corpus Juris Civilis, 1468]

[Medieval depiction of earth as wheel encircled by ocean; and surrounding text]

[Earth, the sun, and moon carried on dragon's back below title in decorative border]

[A volvelle showing the movement of the moon throughout the calendar year]

[The Capture of Christ]

[Fisherman using hand net]

Aristotellis stragiritae de historia animalium liber primus

[World map by Ptolemy]

[Fable of crane and peacock]

Woodcut in Werner Rolevinck, Fasciculus Temporum

Woodcut in Werner Rolevinck, Fasciculus Temporum - entire page

Woodcut in Werner Rolevinck, Fasciculus Temporum

Animals sawing wooden planks

Woodcut in Werner Rolevinck, Fasciculus Temporum - entire page including border


[Half-human monsters called "wonder-people" and soulless animal monsters]

[Medieval universe, with heaven above, bands containing stars, and earth below]

[Trees with medicinal virtues, growing naturally and cultivated in pots]

[Woodcuts used to illus. Fables from incunabula...1966: Aesop surrounded by symbols of fables, 1481 - #60]

[Title page of Elementa geometrie; with decorated border and initial P and geometric diagrams]

[Aeneas' ship landing on an island]

[Khosrau I (d. 579), king of Persia, seated on throne, directing Burzuwayh, the sage, to go to India to procure the Kalilah Wa Dimnah ("Book of Wisdom")]

[Sigismund, emperor of Germany, on his death bed, 1437]

[Illus: Prognostication: Clergyman ("Jupiter") blessing farmer ("Sagitarius") tilling soil; "Mars" in armor is radiating beams upon them]

[Knight in armor slaying dragon; woman kneeling]

[Four illustrations of 15th c. daily live from the text of Boethius, De consolatione philosphiae. Dutch and Latin. Ghent, Arend de Kaysere, 3 May 1485]

[Four illustrations of 15th c. daily live from the text of Boethius, De consolatione philosphiae. Dutch and Latin. Ghent, Arend de Kaysere, 3 May 1485]

[Four illustrations of 15th c. daily live from the text of Boethius, De consolatione philosphiae. Dutch and Latin. Ghent, Arend de Kaysere, 3 May 1485]

"View of Venice"

Siege of Jerusalem by Crusaders, 1099

"View of Venice"

Pope Urban II urging kings and knights to join a Crusade, Nov. 1095

Du Temps

"View of Venice"


[The Trojan Horse]

Woman with hunting horn and dog on leash; symbolic representation of "the Soul hunting the child Jesus"

Lion with two shields

[Life of the Virgin. Angel appearing to Joachim] / AD.

[Page of De mineralibus, with initial O]

Dante & Virgil confronted by wolf, leopard, and lion

St. Jerome interrupting his work of translating the Hebrew and Greek texts of the Bible to remove a thorn from a lion's paw

[Illustrated title page]


[Saint Pantaleon, d. 305, full, standing, facing slightly right]

[Viticultural scenes - man crushing grapes in vat with his feet]

[Viticultural scenes - grape vine]

Cessolis. Libro de giuocho di Scacchi. Firenze...1493

[Viticultural scenes - man making wine vats]

[Roman soldiers bearing the trophies in triumph]

[Viticultural scenes - man offering another a cup of wine]

[Viticultural scenes - man using two-pronged hoe in vineyard]

L'Aquatinta magnanimo duca

[Lion and bird]

[2 men standing beside woman scribe(?) seated at reading stand]

Herodotus. Historia. Venezia...1494

[Earth-centered universe, with orbits of moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and the firmament in concentric circles]

[Pietro da Montagnana, a Paduan medical teacher surrounded by Greek and Arabic medical books, and three patients waiting to have their urine examined]

[Remondino de Luzzi overseeing assistant in dissection of cadaver as students watch in an early fourteenth century anatomy class at Bologna]

Illus. of St. Dympna, 7th Century Irish princess who was martyred by resisting the incestuous designs of her pagan father

[Crowned Greek astronomer Ptolemy and his Renaissance translator Regiomontanus, seated beneath an armillary sphere and surrounded by decorated border]

[Composite of scene of Virgin Mary bathing]

[Virgin and Child with the Monkey]

The Last Supper

[Garden with people and apparatus for distilling a plant's medicinal essences]

Two nude men: one standing, one reclining / Micarino, fec.

[Christ bearing the cross]

[Plague victim in bed pointing out to three physicians the swell or boil under his armpit]

[Charles VII, king of France, 1403-1461, full, seated on throne, surrounded by court]

Simone, Sanese, Pittor, Simon Memmi / DL.

[Ferdinand II, King of Spain, pointing across Atlantic to where Columbus is landing with three ships amid large group of Indians]

[The Triumph of Time]

[Crucifixion study]

The Martyrdom of St. Erasmus

The Virgin and Child on a grassy bench

Typus arithmeticae

[Incunabula illustrations, 1505]

[Incunabula illustrations, 1505]

St. Christopher

[The visitation]

[Susanna and the elders]

The presentation of the Child Jesus

[St. Peter and a female saint (Religion?) in a sailboat]

[Knight in armor, with lower body of fish]

[The knight, Death, and the Devil] / AD [monogram].

Illus. of man slicing bread (making communion wafers?) and of a hawk, in Hortus sanitatis [minor], Dè grotè herbari (The great Herbarium), Antwerpen, Gheprint bi C. de Graue, 1514

The bagpiper

[Dancing peasant couple] / AD [monogram].

[Blood-letting guide, with phases of moon and points from which blood is to be let keyed to nude figure]

Full page with illus. of man painting madonna and another making engraving]

[Shepherd with bagpipes gazing at heavens, with sheepdogs, sheep and wolf]

[Incunabula illus. of woman (St. Bridget) in prayer]

[Illus. poem showing mountain landslide threatening 3 horsemen]

[Deposition from the Cross]

[Actors portraying Jupiter and Alcmena in a stage setting]

[Several scenes from the New Testament]