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Sublime and beautiful reflections on the French revolution, or the man in the moon at large

The OP spectacles / Cruikshank del.

[Un officier allemand portant un drapeau, accompagné d'un tambour, d'un fifre et de deux soldats] / DH.

[Christ on the cross] / DH.

[The desperate man]

[The Virgin holding the child seated on a cloud]

[Landscape with church] / HSL.

[Wendelinus Dietterlin ...]


The fumbler's clubb

St. Christopher

Varie figure di Jacopo Callot, fecit

[The captain]

Bello Sguardo and Couiello--Balli di Sfessani, 1621

[Capricci di varie figure, no. 2] / di Jacopo Callot ... .

[Nude woman]

[The Holy Family at table] / Jac. Callot, in. et fec., Nancey.

[Rembrandt angry, bust]

[L'assaut général des Anglois à la citadelle]

[Vue du Louvre] / Callot, fec.

[Rembrandt with cap pulled forward]

[Rembrandt in a heavy fur cap] / [monogram] 1631.

S. Franciscus / Callot sc. ; Israel ex.

[Head of Rembrandt, beggars, etc.]

Evgentliche Abbildung ...

[Rembrandt in cap and scarf, dark face, bust] / Rembrandt, f. 1633.

[Flight into Egypt] / Rembrandt.

[Rembrandt with plumed cap and lowered sabre] / Rembrandt, 1634.

Christ driving the money changers from the temple

[Rembrandt and his wife Saskia] / Rembrandt.

[Rembrandt in flat cap and embroidered dress]

[Death of the Virgin]

[Rembrandt leaning on a stone sill] / Rembrandt, 1639.


[The raising of Lazarus, small plate] / Rembrandt 1642.

[St. Jerome in the cave] / F. Bol, fe.

[Rembrandt drawing by a window] / Rembrandt, 1648.

[St. Jerome beside a pollard willow] / Rembrandt.

[Flight into Egypt: night piece]

[Abraham entertaining the three angels]

Templi Concordie inter Capito. et forum R. reliquiae

[Jan Lutma, goldsmith] / Rembrandt, 1656.

Der K:M: von Schweden und dero armee wǔnderbarer zǔg zwölff Meilen über das gefrorne Meer nemlich aǔβJüttland in Fühnen und Seeland

A contented cuckold in the new fashion

Het lusthuys van Pater Peters, en de Jesuwijten en Munniken, ontdekt door / William Loggan fec. & Oxonia.

Arlequin sur l'Hippogryphe a la croisade Lojoliste Armée van den heylige lingue voor der jesuiten monarchy.

A prospect of Bridge Town in Barbados 1695 by Samuel Copen / I. Kip fecit London.

De ridder der Louisen doende de revu over zyne troupen / Schwalbach by Fredrich Goldsmit in de gekroonde Balans.

Louis d'Or au soleil

Louis d'Or

The drunkard's coat of arms

Vue et description de la ville de Meaco capitale du Japon avec d'autres particularitez du pays

[Razullo with long stringed instrument and Cucurucu dancing]

By veele zit de kei in't Hooft om dat men in de Wind gelooft

Balli di Sfessania 'di Jacomo Callot / Jac. Callot, in., fe.

[Trastullo kneeling before Signorina Lucia]

Balli di Sfessania 'di Jacomo Callot

[Fracischina with tamborine dancing with Gian Farina who is holding sword]

A touch of the times

Monsieur Perrukesmore a French cavalier, & Sir Penitent Pig-back a Catalonian pilgrim

The twelve months represented by Lilliputian figures

Fee Simple, a councellor and Beau Bungey, a cringing courtier

El almirante Christoral Colon descubre la Isla Españ̃ola, iy haze poner una Cruz, etc. / P. B. Bouttats fec., Aqua forti.

Complexio Phlegmatica

Complexio Melancholico

[Williamsburg, Virginia, ca. 1740]

Franciscus Hals pictor / W. Baillie sculp. ; Seipse, pinxit.

[The barker at the fair]

[The portico with a lantern]

Ale Porte del Dolo / A. Canal. f.

[Village on the banks of a river] / A. Canal f.

[Imaginary view of S. Giacomo di Rialto]

Al Dolo / A. Canal. f.

Le Preston. V / A. Canal. f.

[Capriccio with reminiscences of Padua]

[Landscape with a pilgrim in prayer] / A. Canal. f.

[View of a city with the tomb of a bishop: large fragment]

[Mountain landscape with three bridges]

Characters & caricaturas / W. Hogarth fecit.

[Castle in ruins]

[Landscape, with urn in center, three figures to left making offering]

[Two thatched cottages on the edge of a river]

[The market at Dolo] / A. Canal., f.

[Landscape, with six women bathing]

[Landscape with rough terrain and waterfall]

Veduta dell' arco di Costantino, e dell' anfiteatro Flavio detto il colosseo

Veduta de Campo Vaccino

Veduta del tempio de Bacco

Porta S. Paolo ot. Trigemina / /G. Vasi dis. e inc.

Whipping John of Islington

Prospettiva della seconda macchina de fuochi d'artificio, rappresentante il rinomato Monte Vesuvio, alquale portato si Plinio seniore il filosofo, e celebre scrittore per of servarne troppo da vicino la natura, ... / Francesco Perziado Spagnolo inv., e dis. ; Michele Sorelló sculp.

Cavalcade de Masquea

To the tune of a cobler there was

A club of artist's

A reply, for the present, to the unknown authors of Villany detected, &c., 1754


The merry accident, or a print in the morning a chair, a chair, for the lady.

The Cato: of 1757. (No. 1) / L da Vinci, invt. et sculp.

Le transport du grand soleil

We are all a comeing or Scotch coal for ever / Sawney McAdam, invt. et fect.

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