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Asiento present hordenat a payon les responsions dels pezos e mezures : delahun boch al altre de tots los presents bochs nnomenats los quals son cap e regiment de la mercadoria hordenat : [Mediterraneo e Europa] /

[Portolan chart of the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, and the coasts of Europe and northwest Africa].

[The knight, Death, and the Devil] / AD [monogram].

[Chart of the Mediterranean, Black Sea, and the coasts of western Europe and northwest Africa] /


[A portolan chart of the Atlantic Ocean and adjacent continents].


Atlas portatif, ou, le nouveau theatre de la guerre en Europe : contenant les cartes geographiques, avec les plans des villes & forteresses les plus exposées aux revolutions presentes : accompagné d'une nouvellle methode pour apprendre facilement la geographie & la chronologie des potentats.

Eclipsis solis ad 25. Julii ao. 1748 in Europa a spectandae nova delineatio, qua praeter quantitatem, tempora incipientis mediae & finientis eclipsis, omnibus locis propria, nova omnino & nunquam edita methodo ostenduntur /

Passage de l'ombre de la Lune au travers de l'Europe dans l'éclipse de Soleil centrale et annulaire : qui s'observent le 1er avril 1764, depuis le Cap St. Vincent extrémité meridionale de l'Espagne, jusqu'au Cap Wardhus, dans la Mer Glaciale /

Carte d'Europe.

[A Native American presents map to Europe?] / R.R. inv & fect.

Interesting intelligence from Europe. Boston May 13, 1776 … [Boston. Printed by T. and J. Fleet 1776].

Europe, Asia, Africa and America bringing intelligence to the genius of the London Magazine / desd. drawn and engraved by Bonnor.

[Ornament for the title page of The European magazine showing the goddess Europe shining light on three figures representing America, Africa, and Asia] / Seally script. ; Bayly sculp.

Thomas Jefferson Ferdinand Grand, August 12, 1786, Memorandum on Finances for American Foreign Ministers in Europe

Thomas Jefferson, December 18, 1787, Lists of Taxes Received by Great Britain and Europe

[Two women standing on platform next to shield marked "America," "Europe," "Africa," and "Asia," with chains, keys and book opened to page titled "The Rights of Men" at base of platform] / C. Gullager, del. ; engrav'd by S. Hill.

L'enjambee imperiale

"Ancient of days" - frontispiece of Europe a Prophecy - Metal relief etching 1794

To the electors of the state of New-York. Friends and fellow-citizens. The impropriety of electing any man, however exalted he may stand in the public opinion, to the office of Governor who is absent in Europe, and whose return may depend upon u

A new and elegant imperial sheet atlas, comprehending general and particular maps of every part of the world : principally compiled from the great French atlas, and others of the most distinguished geographers in Europe, forming the completest collection of single sheet maps hitherto published and rendered particularly convenient by opening without folds.

William Prichard, 1811, Prospectus for Publication of a History of Modern Europe

Unparralleled victory [Cuts] The veteran and self-stiled invincibles of Europe biting the dust before the green back-woodsmen of America; and the laurels of the anticipated governor of Louisiana (Packingham,) blasted by the heat of the climate o

A happy dance for Europe

To the free voters of the State of Maryland. The present crisis of affairs as respects not only the United States, but the relative position of every potentate of Europe, calls loudly upon the inhabitants of the only Republic in the world to att

Circus. Monday evening, March 9, 1829. The managers have the honor to announce the engagement of Mr. Gaither, who, having astonished all Europe, with his wonderful feats, will appear before a Washington audience ... [Washington, 1829].

Map of Egypt



Royal mail steam ship, Europe


Col. Fremont's nondescript from California. This animal captured by Col. Fremont and his party, near the River Gila, New Mexico, after a chase of three days, has arrived in this city on its way to Europe, and is to be seen alive at 290 broadway,

Römisches reich zur zeit Constantin's des grossen / G. Heck, dirt. ; R. Schmidt sculp.

[Composite of European mining scenes and equipment] / A. Krausse sen. sculp.

Europa zur zeit Karl's des Grossen / G. Heck, dirt.

[Composite of European mining scenes and equipment] / A. Krausse sculp.

[Medieval costumes of Central Europe: fig. 1 Queen Clotilda; fig. 2 Maid of honor; fig. 3 Frankish leader; fig. 4 Frankish warriors; fig. 5 King Clovis; fig. 6, Charlemagne; fig. 7, 8 Prince & Princess; fig. 9, 10 Noble & wife; fig. 11 Leader under Charlemagne; fig. 12 Warriors; fig. 13 Bishop; fig. 14 common people; fig. 15-18 Frankish royal family; fig. 19, 20 Plebendary & nun; fig. 21 Citizen; fig. 22, 23 Norman king & queen; fig. 24-26 Norman nobles; fig. 27, 28 Norman citizen]

The American steamship Columbia, of New York for Europe

Lola coming! Europe farewell! America I come

One of the people's saints for the calendar of liberty 1852

Auswanderer-karte und wegweiser nach Nordamerika.


Villafranca. American fleet

Abraham Lincoln to United States Diplomatic Agents in Europe, Tuesday, January 22, 1861 (Letter on behalf of Charles M. Hardy)

Carte figurative et approximative des quantitiés de coton en laine importées en Europe en 1858 et en 1861 /

[Peasants going to work] / J.F. Millet.

[Woman with cart of flowers on cobblestone street, probably in Europe]

Geschäfts- und Reise-Karte von Europa : mit Angabe aller Eisenbahnen, Dampfschiffslinien und Haupt Poststrassen /

Commercial and geographical relation of New York to Europe and Asia, with views of Hong Kong, Honolulu, Aspinwall, Panama, and on the Pacific Railroad

Latest war map of Europe : as seen through French eyes /

Asher & Adams new topographical atlas and gazetteer of New York--Europe.

House with archway

In the narrow valley

Bosphore. Arnaoutkeuy (côte Europe.) et Candilli (côte d'Asie)

Coney Island and the crowned heads / F. Graetz.

Science, or sport? - A modern spectacle after an old model / J. Keppler.

The coming conflagration in the European forest / F. Graetz.

The Eastern question in Europe and Asia /

Das heutige Europa / T.B.

[Porters carrying trunks on their back on a street in La Paz, Bolivia]

The peace of Europe is assured / Keppler, Jr.

The "enfant ter[ri]ble" of Europe / J. Keppler.

America's proud "four hundred" and Europe's haughty "nobility" - and the ancestors they are always boasting of / F. Opper.

Rand, McNally & Co.'s map of Europe : compiled from the latest and most authentic sources.

Forced to peddle, though he is rich / Dalrymple.

Eisenbahn-Karte von Mittel-Europa : mit Angabe sämtlicher Bahnstationen, Hauptpost- und Dampfschiffahrts-Verbindungen /

The gay Lothario of Europe / C.J. Taylor.

The European "concert" / J.S. Pughe.

The American millionaire at home and abroad; or, why a great many of our rich men ought to refrain from "crossing the pond" / F. Opper and Ehrhart.


The three "grand old men" / Dalrymple.

Another revelation of strength / J.S. Pughe.

Satisfying their curiosity / J.S. Pughe.


Celebrating July 4th, 1898 - "the triumph of the American battle-ship" / Keppler.

State visit to Jerusalem of Wilhelm II of Germany in 1898. Emperor passing through arch; Hotel D'Europe in background.

The survival of the fittest / Keppler.

No chance to criticize / Dalrymple.

Ready for business / J.S. Pughe.

Putting his foot down / J.S. Pughe.

Futility / Keppler.

A peace dream of Eastertime / Keppler.

John Bull and his friends : a serio-comic map of Europe /

[Frances Benjamin Johnston photographing a group of people, mostly children, in Europe]

To save the American girl / Ehrhart.

[Hotel Pension la Tete Noire, somewhere in Europe, with horses and carriages in foreground]

Explanation wanted / Dalrymple.

Franklin's return from Europe

[Cityscape and waterfront, possibly in Europe]

Chola cook

The dog in the manger / J.S. Pughe.

His foresight / J.S. Pughe.

The Franzens-Ring,--considered one of the finest streets in Europe, Vienna, Austria

Figuring it out / Keppler.

Travel views of Europe

Travel views of Europe

Travel views of Europe

Travel views of Europe

Travel views of Europe