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[Exterior view of building with apparatus attached for experiment intended to create a vacuum by draining water from a globe attached to the top of the apparatus]

A south east view of Christ's [i.e., Christ] Church

A s.w. view of the Baptist Meeting House, Providence, R.I. / S. Hill sculp.

A view of houses in the city of Albany

N.W. view of the mansion of George Washington. Mount Vernon / lith. by P. Haas, Washington City.

Interior of the mosque of the Sultan El Ghoree / David Roberts, R.A.

Tombs of the khalifs, Cairo / David Roberts, R.A.

Mosque of Sultan Hassan from the Great Square of the Rumeyleh / David Roberts, R.A.

Gate of victory and minaret of the Mosque El Hakim / David Roberts, R.A.

Ruined mosques in the desert, west of the citadel / David Roberts, R.A.

Interior of the mosque of the Metwalys / David Roberts, R.A.

Mosque of Sultan Hassan, Cairo / David Roberts, R.A.

Bullack, Cairo / David Roberts, R.A.

Minaret of the principle mosque, Siout, Upper Egypt / David Roberts, R.A.

The minaret of the mosque El Rhamree / David Roberts, R.A.

Calvary Church, erected 1846-7

[Exterior view of masonry church with axial tower entrance and spire]

[Exterior view of stone church with 'stick style' bell tower] / Richard M. Upjohn, Architect.

Exterior. Theatre Herodes Atticus

Djirdjeh - mosquée en ruines sur le bord du Nil / Félix Teynard.

Le Kaire - mosquée du Sultan Haçan (le tombeau) / Félix Teynard.

[Palais de Luxembourg] / E. Baldus.

Boûlâk - Carrefour (Mosquée, café, &c.) / Félix Teynard.

Le Kaire - mosquée Nâcéryeh / Félix Teynard.

Le Kaire - Mosquées d'Iscander-Pacha et du Sultan Haçan / Félix Teynard.

Panorama de Constantinople, pris d'un des minarets de Ste. Sophie

Vue extérieure de la mosquée, prise de la cour du chadirvan

Nartex, ou porche

Vue de la mosquée, prise de Bab-Houmayoun

Vue des turbé, ou tombes impériales

L'extérieur de la mosquée, avant sa restauration

[Capitol exterior]

[Egypt - Karnak - Exterior of Great Hall]

A mansion of the olden time

Mosque of Omar. Jerusalem

Mosque of Asha. Jerusalem

[Exterior view of the Boston Public Library] / John Andrew.

[Exterior view of church, in the community around Fort Victoria on Vancouver Island, British Columbia]

[Holy Sepulchre, exterior] / W. Hammerschmidt.

[Exterior view of Messers. Chickering's Pianoforte Manufactory and 5 views of operations inside, Tremont Street, Boston, Mass.]

G. G. Evans's great gift book establishment, 439 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia: Exterior view

Cairo. Mosque of Mahmoudie and Emir Akhon

Tunis. La Mosquée Becquia / ND Phot.

[Mosque El Aksa] / P. Bergheim.

[United States Capitol (Washington, D.C.). Dome. Main ribs. Exterior brackets. Rendered plans, sections, elevations, perspectives, and details] / W.B. Franklin, capt. top engs. ; Tho. U. Walter, archt.

[United States Capitol (Washington, D.C.). Dome. Main ribs. Exterior brackets. Rendered plans, sections, elevations, perspectives, and details] / W.B. Franklin, capt. top engs. ; Tho. U. Walter, archt.

Cairo. Tombs of the Caliphs

Cairo. Mosque of Sultan Hassan / P. Bergheim.

Lee Mansion - exterior

Oran. Cour de la Mosquée du Pacha, (Djamâ-el-Bacha), rue Philippe / N.D. Phot.

Alger. Mosquée el-Djedid / ND. Phot.

Constantine. Mosquée de la Rue Nationale / ND Phot.

Tlemcen. Tour de Mansourah / ND. Phot.

Tlemcen. La grand Mosquée / ND. Phot.

Tunis. Une mosquée / ND Phot.

Constantinople. Mosque of Tophane

Constantinople. Mosque of St. Sophia

Constantinople. Mosque of Sultan Suleiman

Lee Mansion - exterior

Tlemcen. La Mosquée Abd-ul-Hassem / ND. Phot.

Oran. La Mosquée du Pacha / ND Phot.

Sidi-Bel-Abbès. La Mosquée / ND Phot.

Algeria. Algiers. Abder Rehaman - Mosque

[Cairo. Citadel and Mosque of Mohammet Ali]

[Mosque in Istanbul]

Constantinople. Mosque of Sultan Bayazid

[General view of the Haram or Moriah. El Aksa - Omar - Church of St. Anne]

[Golden Gate. Exterior] / P. Bergheim.

[Facade of Wallenstein Palace in Prague]

Tebessa. Mosquée de la Rue Caracalla / ND Phot.

Mostaganem. La Mosquée / ND Phot.

Tlemcen. Mosquée (Djama) Bab Zir / ND. Phot.

Tripoli Mosque

Cairo. Mosque of Sultan Darkhour

Cairo. Interior of Great Mosque

Tunis. Mosquée Sidi-ben-Ziaa / ND Phot.

Tlemcen. Portail du minaret de Mansourah / ND. Phot.

Africa. Tunis. Mosque

Cairo. Mosque of Kaget Bey, Arab village

Trieste. Palace of Miramar

[D.C. - Wash. - Post Office Dept. exterior]

Algeria. Oran

Tripoli Mosque

Exterior view of the gorge of Fort Sumter on the 14th April 1861 after its evacuation by Maj. Robert Anderson 1st Arty. U.S.A. Commdg showing that portion towards Cummings' Point, Morris' [i.e. Morris] Island

Fair at Music Hall, Feb. 12, 13, 14, 1861. for the benefit of the Tremont Street Methodist Episcopal Church ... [Boston] Febuary 5, 1861.

Exterior view of the gorge of Fort Sumter on the 14th, April 1861 after its evacuation by Maj. Robert Anderson, 1st Arty. U.S.A. Comdg showing that portion towards Fort Johnson, James Island

[Street view of a row of houses]

[Baptist Church, Fredericksburg, Virginia, from the backyard of the Sanitary Commission depot]

Exterior of the Haram-Ash-Shárif. Wailing place of the Jews / P. Bergheim, photo.

Obshchaia molitva v godovye prazdniki i dolzhnostnye litsa pri mechetiakh. Molitva v prazdnik Ramazana (Namazi Idi-Ramazan). V g. Tashkendie , v mecheti Sheikhantaura

Exterior of the Haram-Ash-Shárif. Golden Gate from the North East / J. McDonald, Sergt. R.E. photo.

Exterior views in April, 1865

Kokanskoe khanstvo. G. Andidzhak [sic]. Stroiushchiisia dvorets syna kokanskago khana (khan zade)

Methodist Church, Denver

Exterior of the Haram-Ash-Shárif. Detail of masonry at wailing place / P. Bergheim, photo.

Obshchaia molitva v godovye prazdniki i dolzhnostnyia litsa pri mecheti. Obshchaia molitva v prazdniki i Kurban Bairama, v Tashkendie

Samarkandskiia drevnosti. Medrese Bibi-Khanym. Minaret na sieverozapadnom uglie

Exterior view, April, 1865

Exterior of the Old Mission Church, Mission Dolores, dedicated in 1776

Exterior of Lawrence and Houseworth's Store - 317 and 319 Montgomery Street, San Francisco

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