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World's Fair. Firestone Tire & Rubber Company Building at night II

World's Fair. Soviet Socialist Republics Building at night

World's Fair. Arctic Girl's tomb of ice II

Saying grace before the barbeque dinner at the Pie Town, New Mexico Fair

[The barker at the fair]

Affair of the Wmsbg Road or Fair Oaks No. 2, Oct. 26-27-28/64 /

Fair play on both sides. Mr. Wickliffe pleads the statute too!!! [Kentucky] August 5, 1822.

The magnificent building, for the World's Fair of 1851: built of iron and glass, in Hyde Park, London

The author of Vanity Fair

Fair at Mechanics' Hall. A fair in aid of the anti-slavery cause, will be held at the above Hall, commencing to-morrow, (Friday) Morning at 10 o'clock, and will remain open until 10 o'clock on Saturday evening ... December 30, 1841.

U.S. Agricultural Fair, Powelton, near Philadelphia - The cattle stands

The Alabama State Fair - the Amphitheatre

The water works at Fair Mount / eng. and coloured by R.H. Filbert.

Fair at Music Hall, Feb. 12, 13, 14, 1861. for the benefit of the Tremont Street Methodist Episcopal Church ... [Boston] Febuary 5, 1861.

Vanity Fair! 3rd volume, no. 63, for Saturday, March 9, 1861 / HLS [monogram] ; Wevill sc.

The Battle of Fair Oaks, Va. May 31st, 1862

Fair Oaks, Virginia (vicinity). Gen. George Stoneman and staff

Battery - 1st N.Y. Artillery Battalion near Fair Oaks, June 1862

Fair Oaks, Virginia (vicinity). Brigade officers of the Horse Artillery commanded by Lt. Col. William Hays

The battle of Fair Oaks, Va., 2nd Day's battle, Sunday June 1st, 1862

Fair Oaks, Virginia. House on Fair Oaks battlefield used as a hospital by Hooker's Division

Fair Oaks, Virginia. Rudoubt thrown up by Capt. Jeremiah McCarthy, 1st Pa. Artillery near the extreme front at the battle of Fair Oaks

Fair Oaks, Virginia. Rear view of old frame house, orchard, and well at Seven Pines. Over 400 soldiers were buried here after the battle of Fair Oaks

Sketch in the Road in front of Hookers division scene of the Battle on Wednesday nr Fair Oaks

Fair Oaks, Virginia (vicinity). Gen. John C. Caldwell and staff

Benson's Horse Battery (M. 2d U.S. Art'y) near Fair Oaks, Va., June 1862

Inflation of the balloon Intrepid to reconnoiter the Battle of Fair Oaks

Fair Oaks, Virginia (vicinity). Gen. George Stoneman, U.S.A.

Battery B, 2d U.S. Artillery near Fair Oaks, Va., June, 1862

Fair Oaks, Virginia. Old frame house on Fair Oaks battlefield used by Hooker's Division as a hospital

Fair Oaks, Virginia (vicinity). Brigade officers of the Horse Artillery commanded by Lt. Col. William Hays

Fort Sumner - Fair Oaks, Va.

Fair Oaks Station, Va.

Barbara Frietchie / photographed by Brady & Co., 352 Penna. Ave., Washington, for the Great National Fair.

Battle of Fair Oaks, Va. May 31st 1862

Philadelphia Ladies Fair to Abraham Lincoln, November 1862 (List of contributors)

The Battle of Fair Oaks, Va. Fought 31st May 1862.

Professor Lowe dictating a dispatch to Gen. McClellan during the battle at Fair Oaks

Isaac N. Arnold to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, October 13, 1863 (Requests original draft of Emancipation Proclamation for benefit of North-Western Sanitary Fair)

L. J. Cist to Henry T. Blow, Monday, May 09, 1864 (Autographs for St. Louis Sanitary Fair)

Costume of ladies' at the Normandy stand, Metropolitan Fair, April 1864 / Gurney & Son.

Irish National Fair, January 1864 (Printed circular)

[View on 14th St., Metropolitan Fair, New York City]

Brooklyn Sanitary Fair, 1864 Interior view of the Academy of Music, as seen from the dress circle / / Lith. of A. Brown & Co. 47 Nassau St. N.Y.

At any time within twelve months from the date hereof, [blank] promise to deliver to the order of D. Rodney King, Chairman of the Committee on Florists and Horticulture of the Great Central Fair … 1864.

Irish National Fair, February 1864 (Printed Advertisement)

The donation to the Great Central Fair of [blank] by [blank] is hereby thankfully acknowledged by the committee on [blank] chairman, Philadelphia [blank] 1864.

Buildings of the Great Central Fair, in aid of the U.S. Sanitary Commission, Logan Square, Philadelphia, June 1864 / drawn from nature & on stone by James Queen ; printed in oil colors by P.S. Duval & Son, Philad.

[The Hartford table, Metropolitan Fair, New York City]

[East corridor, Metropolitan Fair, New York City]

Hamburg Germany Fair Committee, Wednesday, March 09, 1864 (Printed circular)

The Metropolitan Sanitary Fair - the Indian Department [NYC. Indians dancing on stage]

[Knickerbocker parlor, Metropolitan Fair, New York City]

Teresa Viele to Abraham Lincoln, March 7 [1864] (Donation to Sanitary Fair)

Great Central Fair for the Sanitary Commis[sion]

Relics of Andersonville Prison from the collection brought from there by Miss Clara Barton and Dorence Atwater, August, 1865, and photographed by Brady & Co. for the great National Fair, Washington, June, 1866.

James P. Root to Abraham Lincoln, Thursday, March 09, 1865 (Request photograph for Chicago Sanitary Fair)

Fair, Hon. Jas. G. of Nevada, Senator

Views of Fair Mount Park Philadelphia

The celebrated trotting mare Huntress beating Dutchman's 3 mile time: 1872-Sept. 23rd Prospect Fair grounds L.I. purse $1,250 dash three miles, with $1000 added, to the horse beating Dutchmans time 7:32 1/2 $700 to first, $350 to second, $200 to third

After Donnybrook Fair / Melander, photographer.

Remarks of Senator Blaine at the Minneapolis Fair, Tuesday, Sept. 3, 1878.

Proposed site for World's Fair in 1883 : between 110th and 125th Streets, Morning Side and River Side Parks, N.Y. Area 300 acres.

"Our" Seventh - Fair financiering of the curled darlings

Fair specimens of Pimas / Buehman & Hartwell, Congress Street, Tucson, A.T.

Fair Eden land

Louisiana - the Nebraska exhibit at the World's Fair at New Orleans - a model, in cereals, of the Bartholdi statue

Sumner's march to reinforce Couch at Fair Oaks Station

Fair Haven, Vt.

Fair Haven, Vt.

The Wellsville Fair of 1883, [N.Y.?]

Foul! There's something wrong with this picture of a pair of freak fowl exhibited at Trenton Fair Poultry Show

Bluehill Fair, Bluehill, Maine

[Main Fair building, Nigni-Novgorod,(i.e., Nizhniĭ Novgorod), Russia]

World's Fair dedication / J.W. Taylor, Chicago.

Manufacturus [sic] and Liberal Arts building, Worlds Fair, Chicago, U.S.A.

[Constructing frame for Mines Building, World's Fair, Chicago]

[Exterior of Woman's Building, while under construction, at World's Fair, Chicago, Illinois]

Entering Midway Plaisance to the World's Fair Grounds, Chicago, Ill.

Opening of the World's Fair / The Knapp Co. lith., N.Y.

World's Fair, the great ferris wheel, 280 feet high, Chicago, Ill.

The World's Fair, East [i.e. west] entrance to Manufacturer's Building

[Ferris wheel at the Chicago World's Fair]

View of the World's Fair, from the Plaisance

The World's Fair load of logs, 36,055 feet

Agricultural & horticultural building, Cal. Midwinter Fair, 1894

Russian cloth market in "the Fair" of Nijni-Novgorod, Russia

Levant Fair, 1934, Tel Aviv

That Cosmopolitan Mart, "the Fair" at Nijni-Novgord, Russia

One of the busy streets of "the Fair" of Nijni-Novgorod, Russia

Levant Fair, 1934, Tel Aviv

[African Americans at sheltered outdoor market or fair]

Hope Farm Fair - Mrs. J.W. Gerard

Thos. Clark, Jr., with others, Hope Farm Fair

Racing - Westchester Co. Fair

[Minnesota State Fair: balloon vendor]

Westchester Co. Fair - Midway [booth of Wild Rose and Rattlesnake Joe, New York]

[Minnesota State Fair: children on small merry-go-round]

Mrs. Frank Gould, and unidentified gentleman, Hope Farm Fair

Mrs. Frank Carley, and others, at Hope Farm Fair