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A view of Ohiopyle Falls, in Pennsylvania

Millers Falls, Mass.

Bond and appointment of Davis Floyd as pilot at the Falls of the Ohio

Lower Falls of Solomon's Creek [N.Y.?]

Upper Falls of Solomon's Creek

Buttermilk Falls [near Ithaca, N.Y.]

Rapids above Hadleys Falls / painted by W.G. Wall ; engraved by I. Hill.

Baker's Falls / painted by W.G. Wall ; engraved by I. Hill.

Hadley's Falls / painted by W.G. Wall ; engraved by J.R. Smith ; finished by J. Hill.

Glenns Falls / painted by W.G. Wall ; engraved by I. Hill.

Belvidere Bridge over Jones's Falls, Baltimore, Aug. 1828

Niagara Fälle--Les Chûtes du Niagara--Niagara Falls

Oldridges Balm of Columbia for restoring hair. View of the Falls of Niagara

[Railroad Scene, Little Falls (Valley of the Mohawk)]

Panoramic view of Niagara Falls, taken from the Clifton House, Canada side / [on] stone by A. Vaudricourt, from a daguerreotype by W.& F. Langenheim ; printed by F. Michelin.

Grand Falls at Niagara from near the Table Rock, Canada side, July 22, 1846

Grand Falls at Niagara from near the observatory, Goat Island, July 22, 1846

Niagara Falls. American falls (from table rock) / drawn from nature by Aug. Köllner ; lith. by Deroy ; printed by Cattier.

Niagara Falls. The rapids at Niagara / drawn from nature by Aug. Köllner ; lith. by Deroy ; printed by Cattier.

Niagara Falls Horseshoe Fall

Niagara Falls general view

The Niagara Falls suspension bridge. First opened: Aug. 1st. 1848

[Chinese and others on small bridge, with tower in background, Niagara Falls, N.Y.]

Henry C. Baker of Winchester, Virginia. The friends of the unfurtunate lady who disappeared at the Falls of Niagara on the night of the 26th of November last, and who then supposed to have committed suicide, have been, for three months, in a sta

Kaaterskill Falls. Catskill Mountains

Passaic Falls. Paterson, N.J.

The Horse Shoe Falls, Niagara, from the Canada side

The Three Sisters (three islands) from Great Island, Falls of Niagara

Indian Falls

Yo-semite Falls: California

Niagara Falls: from the Canada side

The new suspension bridge--Niagara Falls

Notice. Great Western and Michigan central railroads! The only route via Niagara Falls and suspension bridge ... Rutland, Vt. 1857.

Great Falls of the Spokane River, W.T. 30 miles below the Cour D'Alene Lake.

Falls near Gastein

Falls on the Colville (Mill River), 1860

The coming man's presidential career, a la Blondin [Cartoon of Lincoln dressed as the famous tight-rope walker Blondin, crossing Niagara Falls carrying black man on hisshoulders and "Constitution" as balancing pole]

Falls of Pissvache. Martigny

Falls of La Froda, Airolo

Schaffhausen. Falls

Falls of the Rhine

Falls on the Colville (Mill) River with the H. B. Co's. [i.e., Hudson's Bay Company's] mill, October 1860

Part of the Kettle Falls of the Columbia

Falls of Giesbach

Falls of the Inn, St. Moritz

Entrance to Washington Water Works, Great Falls, Potomac River

Fleet above the Falls in Red River - Mississippi River Fleet

Falls Church, Va.

Falls Church, Va.

Falls of the Potomac from Maryland Shore

United States army!! The undersigned has been commissioned by the Secretary of war, to raise a regiment of riflemen! to act as sharp-shooters!!! ... B. C. Butler. Glen's Falls, Sept. 1st, 1861.

Yosemite Falls, from the Sentinel Dome, Yosemite Valley, Mariposa Co.

The church. Falls Church, Va.

Taylor's Tavern, near Falls Church, Va.

M. N. Falls to Thomas A. Scott, Saturday, November 16, 1861 (Telegram pertaining to capture of Mason and Slidell)

Taylor's Tavern, near Falls Church, Va.

Map of Falls Church and vicinity of Lewinsville, Virginia : shewing [sic] Union picket lines October 30th 1862.

Washington, District of Columbia (vicinity). Great Falls, Potomac River

Washington, District of Columbia (vicinity). Great Falls, Potomac River

Washington, District of Columbia (vicinity). Great Falls, Potomac River

Tourists' tickets to Niagara Falls, Rapids of the St. Lawrence, Thousand Islands, Saratoga, Hudson River, and other popular resorts; or Round trips including all the above, at prices to suit the times ... Vt. Central R, R. Line. [Boston] Fred Ro

Sketch of the vicinity of the Falls of Caney Fork of Cumberland River, Ten. /

[The Secretary of State and the Diplomatic Corps at Trenton Falls, New York]

Falls in Red River, surveyed by L. G. De Russy.

Chattanooga, Tennessee (vicinity). Lulu Falls, Lookout Mt

To the loyal men of Herkimer County! It is well known to the Unionists of this County that there is to be an immense mass meeting at Herkimer, on Saturday, the 15th inst .... Seth M. Richmond, Pres. of Union Club. Little Falls, Oct. 10, 1864.

Abraham Lincoln to Horace Greeley, Friday, July 15, 1864 (Niagara Falls negotiations)

Abraham Lincoln to John Hay, Saturday, July 16, 1864 (Negotiations at Niagara Falls)

To whom it may concern. Big swindle. Whereas, certain self styled loyal merchants and business men of Little Falls, have determined to close their stores and places of business on Saturday the 15th inst., for the purpose of attending an abolitio

Abraham Lincoln to Horace Greeley, Saturday, July 09, 1864 (Niagara Falls negotiations)

Falls of Minne-ha-ha and rustic bridge / J. Carbutt, photographer, Chicago, Illinois..

Falls on the Yuba River, near Cisco, Placer County

Lake Tahoe, Calif. - Eagle Falls, Emerald Bay on western shore of the lake

Falls on the Yuba River, near Crystal Lake - Central Pacific Railroad

Topographical map of the Estate of Great Falls Manufacturing Company, Fairfax Co., Va.

View of Emerald Bay, from top of Eagle Falls, Lake Tahoe

Shoshone Falls, Idaho / T. H. O'Sullivan, phot.

Shoshone Falls, Idaho / T.H. O'Sullivan, phot.

View of the great dam, Holyoke, Mass. From South Hadley Falls / J. Bowker del.

Shoshone Falls, Idaho / T. H. O'Sullivan, phot.

Yosemite Falls, instantaneous view, Yosemite Valley, Mariposa co., Cal.

Freshets in the West--great jam of logs at Chippewa Falls boom, Wisconsin / Photographed by N.A. Preston.

[Industrial building by waterfall with covered bridge spanning the falls]

Globe reflection, Fort William Henry Hotel, Lake George / G. S. Irish, photographer, Glen's Falls, N.Y.

Sioux Falls, Dacota / by C.L. Hamilton, Sioux City, Iowa.

Vernal and Nevada Falls, from Glacier Point, Mt. Hoffman in distance

[Falls of the Limon River, Panama]

Dunn's Cliff from Triplet Falls

Crystal Falls, Cascade Creek, 84 Feet

Upper Falls of the Yellowstone, 115 Feet

Rapids above the Falls of the Yellowstone

Lower Falls of the Yellowstone, 350 Feet

[Upper Falls of the Yellowstone River]

Nevada Falls, 700 feet high

[Yellowstone River above the falls]

[Columns of volcanic breccia near Tower Falls, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming]

Map showing location of lands belonging to the Iowa Rail Road Land Company Iowa Falls, and Sioux City R.R. Land Company Sioux City, and Pacific Land Company & Elkhorn Land Company, J. T. McAlvin, Del. I.R.R. Land Department, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 1871.

Yosemite Falls, 2630 feet, Yosemite Valley, Mariposa County, Cal.

Yosemite Falls, 2630 feet, Yosemite Valley, Mariposa County, Cal.

Big Dowdy Falls (from just below falls)

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