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The sacrifice

[Title page of Witelo, De Natura, illus. with composite of various phenomena of natural science: mirror; man wading in water to show refracted light; box balanced at fulcrum on another box; sunlight shining through glass to start fire; rainbow]

[Cannons shooting fire tubes to frighten charging cavalry troops who are shown retreating]

[Indigenous people in domestic activities, one of whom is making a fire]

Mutius Scaevola

[Title page illustration for La pyrotechnie showing columns, arches, a huge fire emanating from a cauldron, cannons and cannon barrels of various sizes, as well as flaming cannon balls]

[Men operating water pumps during building fire]

Boston. March 22. 1672/3 The Deputy Covernour and magistrates adjacent being assembled in Council, to consider of the late awful hand of God, consuming our Castle by fire the one and twentieth of this instant, thereby taking away that part of ou

[The miner's friend, a pump using steam to create a vacuum to draw water from flooded mines; known as "Mr. Savery's engine for raising water by the help of fire"]

A Plan for rebuilding the City of London after the Great Fire in 1666; Designed by that Great Architect Dr. Chris'r Wren & approved by King & Parliament but unhappily defeated by Faction

Cambridge, 21st August, 1775. Wanted for the Continental army. One million of bricks. Three thousand cords of fire wood. Two hundred thousand and bushels of charcoal. One hundred and fifty tons of English hay. Twelve hundred bushels of Indian co

In Provincial Congress. New-York, August 29th 1775. Whereas the Commander of his Majesty's Ship Asia, under pretence of protecting the King's Property, did in the dead of the night of the 23d instant, most unwarrantably fire on the south part of

The Phoenix and the Rose engaged by the enemy's fire ships and galleys on the 16 Augst. 1776 / engrav'd from the original picture by S. Serres from a sketch of Sir James Wallace's.

[Old woman scouring a cooking pot in front of large kitchen fire. Lady handing menu(?) to cook]

All on fire, or the doctors disappointed, a view taken in Lord Foleys Garden, Sep. 29, 1784

An east view of the meeting house in Hollis Street, Boston, now erecting on the ruins of one lately destroyed by fire / C. Bulfinch delin. ; Vallance sc.

A view of a saw mill and block house upon Fort Anne Creek ...which on Gen. Burgoyne's army advancing was set fire to by the Americans

A view of the saw-mill & block house upon Fort Anne Creek, the property of Genl. Skeene, which on Genl. Burgoyne's army advancing, was set fire to, by the Americans


... An act for the remission of the duties on eleven hogsheads of coffee which have been destroyed by fire ... [Followed by] An act supplementary to "An act to provide for the defence of certain ports and harbors in the United States." [Philadel

[Indians dancing around two people at stake by fire] / S. Folwell, delt. ; P.R. Maverick, sct. N.Y.

[Allegorical family scene: man and woman huddled by fire; dead(?) child lying on floor]

... An act in addition to the "Act making further and more effectual provision for the protection of the frontiers of the United States ... [Followed by] An act for the remission of the duties on certain distilled spirits destroyed by fire. [Phi

Massachusetts mutual fire insurance company for insuring buildings against damage by fire. This policy of insurance witnesseth, that ... Witness our hands and common seal, this day of in the year of our Lord, one thousand seven hundred and ninet

[Three monks or travelers lighting a fire beneath a teapot]

Advantages of wearing muslin dresses! / Js. Gillray,inv: & ft.

The late theatre in Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. Destroy'd by Fire in 1820

Five hundred dollars reward. Proclamation, by the deputy-mayor of the City of New York. Whereas there is reason to apprehend that the fire on Wednesday night, the 1st instant, in Cheapside Street, was the effect of design ... offer a reward of f

U.S. Reports: Korn v. Mu. As. So., 10 U.S. (6 Cranch) 192 (1810)

[Cut] Theatre on fire. Awful calamity! A letter from Richmond, Virginia dated Dec. 27, says "Last night the theatre took fire and was consumed, together withe about 8- people, with the governor Smith- many were trampled to death under foot, othe

Proposals for insuring houses, buildings, stores, ships in harbour, and on the stocks, goods, wares, and merchandize, from loss or damage by fire ... Middletown, October 1, 1813.

U.S. Reports: Boyce vs. Anderson, 27 U.S. (2 Pet.) 150 (1829)

U.S. Reports: The Patapsco Insurance Company vs. Coulter, 28 U.S. (3 Pet.) 222 (1830)

Fireman's quick march: Composed & respectfully dedicated to Albert Richards Esqr. Officers & members of the Troy Fire Company, by John C. Adrews

U.S. Reports: Columbia Insurance Company of Alexandria v. Lawrence, 35 U.S. (10 Pet.) 507 (1836)

Lines, on the death of Asa L. Payne, aged 20 years, who lost his life in attempting to give the alarm of fire by ringing the bell at Waterville, Oneida County, N. Y. Dec. 22, 1838, written by a witness of the scene.

[Three hunters by a camp fire]

Members of the Perseverance fire company, of Washington - for 1840. Gideon printer, Ninth street.

Fire! fire! There will be a meeting of the members of the New Fire comp'y! held at the room now occupied by the City Council this evening, at 7 o'clock, for the purpose of organizing said company. A general attendance is requested. [Alton? Ill.]

Pioneer fire company attention!! An adjourned meeting of the ‘Pioneer fire company,' will be held at the New court room this evening!! at seven o'clock -- for the purpose of electing officers, and for the transaction of such other business as ma

List of members of the Howard Fire Company for 1841. Bull & Tuttle, Job printers No. 7 North Gay Street.

[Front page of the Illustrated London news, illustrated with view of London from waterfront, and view of the destruction of the city of Hamburg by fire]

Annual report of the Illinois mutual fire insurance company. Office Ill's mutual fire insur. co. Alton, April 11th, 1843.


Notice the directors of the Medina County Fire insurance company, have levied the following assessments upon the premium notes of the members of said Company, to wit ... which notes of the assessments are made payable September 15, 1849. ... Med

Monument of the New York Fire Department

U.S. Reports: Tayloe v. Merchants' Fire Ins. Co. (NOTE: also see dissentient opinion in appendix), 50 U.S. (9 How.) 390 (1850)

U.S. Reports: Clark et al. v. Manufacturers' Ins. Co., 49 U.S. (8 How.) 235 (1850)

U.S. Reports: Hogg et al. v. Emerson, 52 U.S. (11 How.) 587 (1850)

Fire! Fire!

[Thomas Carlyle, author]

Slavery! Wanted immediately, 300 able-bodied laborers! Above the age of 25 years to assist the present fire department in working their several machines, for which a liberal compensation will be allowed for their services. Those from the County

Washington, August 14, 1852. Sir: In accordance with an invitation from the corporate authorities of this City, and at the request of numerous citizens, Professor Boynton, of New York, will deliver a lecture upon the subject of Phillips' fire an

Indians set fire to their village at the approach of de Soto / J.W. Orr, N.Y.

Explosion of a steam fire engine, Cincinnati

The great fire at Philadelphia: Front page, illustration only

U.S. Reports: Garrison et al v. Memphis Insurance Company, 60 U.S. (19 How.) 312 (1857)

Hunkers, attend! Fire away!! The above is a true likeness of "ten cent Jimmy" Buchanan, the "damed-black-rat's" candidate for president ... P. S. "Jimmy" you cannot win! Freedom's Office, Fremont's Peak, Rocky Mountains [1856?].

The great fire at Philadelphia: Entire front page

[Design drawing showing Dove and tongues of Fire with text "The Holy Spirit, Hope]

Grand Celebration of the Cincinnati Steam Fire Dept. in honor of the opening of the Ohio and Mississippi Railroad. "A Steamer" of the fire dept. of Cincinnati turning out to a fire; Procession of the steam fire-engines of the Cincinnati Fire Dept., on the occasion of the Opening of the ... Railroad

[Firehouse scene showing firemen leaving firehouse pulling a hand-drawn fire engine]

Grand Celebration of the Cincinnati Steam Fire Dept. in honor of the opening of the Ohio and Mississippi Railroad. Trial of all the steam engines of Cincinnati on the occasion of the opening of the ...Railroad

U.S. Reports: Richardson et al. v. Goddard et al., 64 U.S. (23 How.) 28 (1860)

Certificate of honorary membership of the Weccacoe Fire Company, Philadelphia / des. & lith. by Jas. Queen ; printed in oil colors by P.S. Duval & Son, Pha.

Topographical sketch near Fort Staunton from points not under fire of its guns : [Washington D.C.].

Pioneers, woods on fire, Indians, 7 going [...] in the woods

Fire next door to Willard's Hotel, Washington, D.C. Ellsworth's New York fire Zouaves extinguishing the flames / / from a sketch by our special artist.

The Bivouac fire at the outposts of our army on the Potomac

E.E. Ellsworth, late colonel of N.Y Fire Zouaves / E. & H.T. Anthony (Firm), 501 Broadway, N.Y.

The departure of Col. Ellsworth's Zouaves from New York, escorted by the fire department

In memory of Col. Ellsworth, fire Zouaves. Assassinated May 24th, 1861. Johnson, Song Publisher No. 7 N. 10th, Street, [Philadelphia.]

Colonel Ellsworth's New York Fire Zouaves

Banner gas burner!! Consumes all the gases! Ventilates the room. Keeps fire through the entire season without rekindling ... For sale by Thomas A. Westscott, 16, 17, 18 & 19 Marshall, corner of Union Streets, Boston [1861].

The Bivouac Fire at the Outposts of our Army of the Potomac

Charles F. Holloway to Abraham Lincoln, Wednesday, November 06, 1861 (Telegram regarding plan for a steam fire department in Washington)

[James River, Va. Deck of iron-clad gunboat Galena, showing stack damaged by fire from Fort Darling, May 15, 1862]

The Moore House, near Yorktown, Va., showing effect of fire from Confederate batteries

City of Boston. All persons within the City of Boston having gunpowder or fireworks on their premises contrary to the laws of the Commonwealth, and the rules and regulations of the Board of Engineers of the Boston Fire Department are hereby noti

The Battle of Pittsburg Landing [Shiloh, Tenn., April 1862]: The woods on fire...Sunday, Apr. 6; 44th Regt, Indian Volunteers engaged

U.S. Fire Department, Alexandria, Va., with steam fire engines, July, 1863

A complete map of Richmond and its fortifications within a circle of 12 miles showing the numerous forts, batteries and the range of their fire, and the various obstacles that impede the approach of the Federal army, also, the principal towns & plantations, in the immediate vicinity of Richmond, together with several of the battle fields of 1862.

New map of Charleston Harbor, showing the scene of the great naval contest between the iron clad monitors and the Rebel batteries, also the lines of fire, forts, obstructions, inlets, princl. plantations, & e.t.c.

[Studio portraits of a Japanese officer, a doctor in traveling dress, man in fire fighting outfit, and a Japanese army surgeon with fan]

Grants' Great Campaign-the New York 14th Heavy Artilery crossing Chesterfield Bridge, on the North Anna, under a heavy artillery fire.

Carrying the powder down the covered way to the mine under fire

[Calendar for 1866 - advertisement for Phoenix Insurance Company, Hartford, Conn., illustrated with horse-drawn fire engines, building on fire and steamboat on fire]

O'Connor House, where the Union Officers were imprisoned, under fire, on Broad St. near the Ashley Road, Charleston, S.C.

Trees shattered by artillery fire on south side of Plank Road near where Gen. Stonewall Jackson was shot

[Fire Department of Philadelphia mourning announcement.]

Preamble & resolutions adopted by the Fire Department of Philadelphia, April 20th, 1865, expressive of regret of the death of our late President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln

Trees shattered by artillery fire on south side of Plank Road

[View in the "Burnt District," Richmond, Va., showing two women dressed in black approaching shell of four-story building, gutted by fire]

Interior of the Roman Catholic Cathedral, St. John and St. Finbar, Broad Street, Charleston, S.C., destroyed by the great fire of 1861

View in water battery, James River, Va.--Ready to fire

Extra Wall Street Underwriter. Synopsis of the returns filed in the Massachusetts insurance dep't by the fire insurance companies of Massachusetts and other states, doing business in Massachusetts, having a specific capital, for the year ending

An appeal to the friends of science. For the second time, the Portland Society of National History has been visited by a destructive calamity. Its new hall, with the furniture and all its collections, have again been destroyed by fire ... [Portl

[A kiln or furnace with fire heating coal in a retort to the point of decomposition, the resulting gas passing through a pipe to a system of pipes used to illuminate the Boulton and Watt factory in Soho] / P. Broux.

Trial of breech-loading fire arms, at the city arsenal, corner of 35th St. and 7th Ave., N.Y.

Callao, after the fire of 15 August, 1868

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