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[Symbolic picture in alchemical text showing crowned man standing on sun and crowned woman standing on moon joining flowers with descending dove, which represents marriage and the union of two substances]

Hiacinthus indicus tuberosa & bulbosa radice, odoratissimus; anemone maxima polientos calchedoni

[Alchemist and assistant in laboratory, with surrounding border of birds, flowers, and insects]

[Horse, rose, narcissus, etc.]

[Vorschrift] / Heinrich Rassmann, 1709.

[Vorschrift] / Heinrich Rassmann.

[Cat with black markings on its fur and a fragrant rose mallow]

[Ram and autumn mallow]


[Hanging poems on a cherry tree]

[Ito nishiki brocade, commonly called anhera-ori (weave)]

[Teapot with cherry or plum blossoms]

[Nishiki brocade with cherry blossoms and wave designs on red background]

[Kara nishiki (Chinese brocade) with red background] [Kinran (gold brocade) with hollyhock on blue background].

[Rinzu (figured satin)]

[Nishike brocade with paulownia arabesque, with red background]

[Blossoms from two kinds of hydrangea]

[Cockscomb and two kinds of amarantha]

[Violets, arrow arum(?), and primrose]

[Lotus plants in various stages of development]

[Japonica, bell flowers, and anemone]

[Lotus in the wind, with detail of lotus pod]

[Peony blossoms]

[Two kinds of pine needle flowers and a kind of anemone]

[The harmonic couple]

[Two women gathering lotus blossoms]

Yatsushi kikujidō



Satsuki hototogisu

Momo no eda to nigyō de asobu otokonoko

Yayoi asukayama hanami

Kaze ni nayamu tōka no onna

Baika no nijo

Ueno no hanami

Ouka no nibijin

Fujidana no sanbijin

[Youth seated amid trees and flowers; basket on branch and shovel on ground]

[Youth seated amid trees and flowers; basket on branch and shovel on ground]

Niwa no hanami

A sonata, sung by a number of young girls, dressed in white and decked with wreaths and chaplets of flowers, holding baskets of flowers in their hands as General Washington passed under the Triumphal arch raised on the bridge at Trenton, April 2

[Flower or vegetable in a flowerpot]

Shōgatsu chōjiya uchi karakoto

[Mikazuki ni ume(?)]


[Lace pattern with flowers]

[Squash vine with blossom, squash, and rainbow, with publisher seal in lower right]

[Vine with blossoms]

Autumn flowers

[Bird perched on a branch of a blossoming tree]

Flower with stem and blossoms

Akikusa no rikka

Catalogue of bulbous and tuberous rooted flowers, of the most choice and splendid varieties, cultivated for sale by John Burgis, seedsman, Guilford, Connecticut. [18--].

Gotenyama no umemi

Kaidō ni shōkin

Gotenyama no hanami migi

Gotenyama no hanami

Gotenyama no hanami hidari

Kuruwa no hana shin modorikago



Mimeguri no hanami

Paper hanging 43

Paper hanging 52

Yakusha no hanami

Nakanochō no hana

Fuji no hachiue

Hanashobu ni nadeshiko

[Cornucopia of flowers]

[Butterfly and flowers]

Sakura namiki zu

Woman selling flowers

Nakamura karoku no kinokuniya koharu

Benkeigani to tsubaki

Ajisai ni kawasemi

Secchū tsubaki ni suzume

[Large pink blossom on a stem with three additional buds]

[Three birds perched on branches, one with blossoms]

[Yellow blossom with bud on a stalk above leaves]

[Blue flower blossom and bud at the end of a stalk]


Sakura ni tsunagizaru

[Small red blossoms on a vine]

[Unidentified, possibly a tree branch with red star-shaped leaves or blossoms]

[Fruit tree branch with blossoms]

[Pink flower blossoms on low stalk and two on a tall stalk]

[Blue blossom at the end of a stem]

Ume ni onagadori

[A tree branch with blossoms]

Humming birds / from life & on stone by M.E.D. Brown ; his lith. No. 5 Library St. Phila.

Kaidō ni shōkin

Mukōjima hiraiwa

Gotenyama hanazakari

Shin-yoshiwara nakanochō haru no kei

Gotenyama hanazakari no zu

Poinsettia pulcherrima Holden delt. ; Smith sc

Koganeibashi no sekishō


Tsubaki ni uguisu

Sheet of flowers and leaves on stone by J. Ackerman